13th Special Military Forces School (第13特設軍学校 Dai Jū San Tokusetsu-gun Gakkō, Funimation: Special Military School #13) is a military training school created in 300 years ago and it was located in Japan.

The school was eventually destroyed after Abandonment War has started.


Military TrainingEdit

Due to the looming threat of the upcoming war, one of the main focuses of the school seemed to be the training and teaching of its students into becoming soldiers. Specifically the instructors focused on training them in the battle styles of using swords, shields, hand used Projectiles, spears and blunt weapons used prior to the modern age due to the sheer lack of resources needed to mass produce Guns and other modern weaponry/tools for the upcoming war such as gunpowder and the ban placed the use of nukes for the war.

Additionally to this the students were also trained in the other basics of battle, such as hand to hand combat, first aid medical care, advanced medical care and advanced military combat tactics for the upcoming war. And despite the dwindling supply of bullets and gunpowder it was also optional to learn how to use and be trained on how to use guns, but this particular strand of training was rarely taken up by the students due to the lack of resources for such weapons.

Another training provided and taught by the school (specifically by Alan) is survival training, where a group of students would then be abandoned in a forest area and left to fend for themselves within the wilderness in a extended amount of time until they are retrieved by the school's instructors.

Scientific ResearchEdit

The 13th Military Forces school was also noted to have been the center point for the research into the "Althing" and the study of "Ballots" with Firenda, one of the school's instructors, being the main researcher in charge of its study and the potential uses of it in the upcoming war among other subjects.

"Aerial Ace Project"Edit

Firenda was also noted to have been involved in the study of Schmelman Bach's unique natural born superhuman abilities and its potential uses in artificially giving it to other soldiers, with Firenda having been researching and experimenting on mixing the power of the Ballots, Allthing and Schmelman's genes in order to create their "Aces" for the upcoming war.

Firenda predecessors initially experimented on orphaned children picked up and raised within the school as Guinea Pigs for the initial pseudo baron surgeries after their successfully figuring out that human's were capable of "connecting" to the "Althing" and obtain superhuman powers from it and as such needed to find the correct genetic markers needed to identify and possibly weaponize this mysterious resource, this experiment eventually ended with only a single test subject surviving, Nana Bassler who thus then became the first "Ace" of the project[1], having successfully developed her own superhuman ability of "Time Travel" and "Future Sight". However it was also then confirmed that the initial Baron Surgery was still incomplete due to the fact that there was the severe limitation on Nana's ability where she could not freely travel through time due to her losing her count every time she used her power and thus the Baron Surgery required more time,study and refinement in order to create a "Complete" Red Baron.

Although unknown when or how, its been implied by Schmelman Bach's that after learning of Firenda's predecessor's unethical use of children as human test dummies and disposable guinea pigs for experimentation the tests on live humans was completely halted and the scientists involved "removed" by Schmelman, where they were then replaced by Firenda who was then forced to then continue the project by experimenting on Rats and Mice despite the limitation slowing down the project due to her being explicitly forbidden/threatened by Schmelman from using live human beings for any experimental trials for the procedure's advancement until concrete data on the procedure can be obtained[2].

Eventually after seeing the results and analyzing the changes on Nana after her Pseudo Baron Surgery, Firenda successfully refined the Baron Surgery and perfected its procedure, having successfully creating the first "complete" Red Baron with non of the initial "defects" possessed by the first, Licht Bach, and after his successful operation, the Military then proceeded to successfully locate and operate on six other individuals who's genes also qualified for the operation.

Ballot Replica Edit

Firenda was also noted to have successfully created replica's of the "Allthing" and weaponized its mysterious properties into usable,specialized weapons for the Barons personal usage during the beginning of the Abandonment War. With Licht Bach's Odachi seemingly being the first and most powerful Ballot Replica created.

Upon the War's conclusion and the creation of Althea and the Abyss, the Ballot Replica technology was then further perfected from its initial development in the 13th Special Military School and the knowledge on creating Ballot Replica's was eventually passed on the to the Althea Royal Guard and the Special Service's for them to continue creating Ballots for their military for the next 300 Years.

Cloning Technology Edit

Firenda was also noted to have successfully completed the exact science and technology of Cloning during her time in the School. With her having successfully taken genetic materials from both the students and an instructor of the School to create clones of them as additional forces for their war efforts.

After the war's conclusion and the creation of Althea,the clones were then seemingly passed on to the Special Service's for their own uses and kept in stasis pods for the next 300 years until they were released by Schmelman Bach upon his new battle against his former students and colleagues.

Pharmaceutical Technology Edit

Also after the Baron's were successfully created and the Aerial Ace Project officially sent out into the battlefield,the military eventually became aware of the increased bloodthirst and mental instability of the Barons when accessing "Schmelman's Genes", the Military officially commissioned Firenda to also find a solution to maintain control of the Barons when Licht Bach began to gradually lose control of his actions and his sanity. This eventually lead to the creation of a specific specialized drug that not forcibly draws out Schmelma's Bloodlust, but also placed a Baron in a highly suggestive mental state that rendered them easy to influence and manipulate,successfully allowing them control of the Red Barons even if they lost themselves to their bloodthirst.

This Technology would then eventually passed on to the Special Service's upon the War's end and was notably used in controlling Sonohara Mizuka for the next 300 years and maintain her bloodthirsty persona loyal to the Special Services. Eventually the Special Services continued to study and refine this drug to the point that they successfully created an even more potent version of its capable of completely warping the mind of Sakai Tokikaze into their puppet.



Trainee SoldiersEdit



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