United Nation Forces begin their invasion at Japan

Abandonment War (廃棄戦争 Haiki Sensō, lit. "Abandoned War", Yen Press: Waste War) is a world war that happened 300 years ago. The War happened due to the lack of resources the Earth have now, in order to use all the resources, that humanity must be reduced as much as possible.



Abandonment War, as shown in the legend

According to the legend, the war was keep going for a long time that it almost devastated humanity. Until the Legendary Red Baron went to end the war with their superhuman powers. After the war had ended, the Red Barons disappeared from the world, never to be seen again.

It's later revealed that the Abandoment War was originally promised to happen one year later, but due to United Nation Forces secretly uses Ballots to approved the war it began earlier and allowed the uses of nuclear weapons, the war was started in half a year instead.

When the first day of the war started, United Nation Forces made a surprise attack on 13th Special Military Forces School and began their invasion on Japan. The United Nation Forces attacked the school to find the remaining Ballots.


After the war had ended, Althea and Abyss was created and the calendar named after Althea. Licht suffering from despair for over 300 years due to Althea's creation and he "killed" his adoptive brother, Nana has awaken from her long sleep and left Special Service together with Licht.

While Althea can live peacefully, people from Abyss and other countries (Such as Russia) is still suffering from the lack of resources and fighting each other. Due to Althea's existence, most of the resources available on the land will be forced to transfer to Althea.

In Abyss, Tokikaze becomes the King of Abyss and ruling the country for over 300 years. Along with villagers, Class A students committed suicide so that the children of Abyss have a enough food to eat.



  • It's not known when was the war take placed. Though according to Chapter 24, the war is first started at October 1, 20XX.


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