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This article is about the original person. For the clone created by Firenda, see Zwei.

Akui Genji (阿久井玄治 Akui Genji) is a character introduced in Plunderer manga series. He is one of the 13th Special Military Forces School's Class A trainee soldiers.




Past Events

Alexandrov "kills" Saki

Genji first appeared in Chapter 13, along with other people who wants to become soldier, he attended at the enrollment ceremony of the training school. When Schmelman Bach reading his storybook, along with Ichinose Saki and Suda Kyouhei, Genji laughed at him by saying they aren't kid so they don't need to listen a children story. Soon, Alexandrov Grigorovich took out his gun and "killed" them. After awhile, the three of them woke up and realized the blood on their faces was actually just a paint. Alexandrov reveals that the reason why they do this is so the newbies won't be scared at battlefield, which the trio apologies the instructors for their behavior earlier.

On the first day of school, every student received two stars and were told that: every day at 18:00 (6:00 PM) they should check the number of stars each students possessed. Any student with 10 stars is enlisted into the army and will receive extra payment/food rations, while those that have less than 10 stars would be expelled from the school. Every students of the Class A, with the exception of Sakai Rihito due to a special task, they all received their stars from their instructor Schmelman. During the class, Genji realized his stars was lost after Saki asked other students about her stars. Soon, it's revealed Douan Taketora stolen he and the other student's stars. Later on at 18:00 PM, along with other students, Genji regained his stars from Rihito who brought the stolen stars back from Taketora without him noticing.

Class A students as they heard Schmelman said the "Non-Killing Army"

A few weeks after the culprit of peeping incident was revealed to be Rihito and the class receives their first punishment, the Class A is still doing their punishment due to Rihito keep peeping the woman's bath. Because of this, Alexandrov stated he will give them a "prize" for doing their punishment everyday, which soon revealed to be Forest Survival trip. During the trip, Rihito asks everyone if they really wanted to become soldiers. Genji and the others stated that they must kill their enemies in order to protect their friends and family, or else their family members all died instead. Then, Schmelman appeared and said that they can form the "Non-Killing Army" while they can still becomes a soldier. While the Class A was happy, Saki asks him if that's even possible and he answers with yes, as long as Class A really want to do so. With this, Class A decide to form the "Non-Killing Army" under Schmelman's suggestion.

After the Forest Survival trip has ended, Class A's training is finally started. Schmelman stated that he won't train them as hard as Alexandrov and revealed that the culprit who peeped on women's bath on the first day, is actually not Rihito but Schmelman himself as he wanted to know their talent, which angered Saki and she was about to punch him before he dodged her punch. Soon, he gives Class A weapons that suit them. After the explanation, Schmelman told Class A try to hit him in a training battle. Although nobody except Lyne Mei able to hit him, the training has begun. Genji was encouraged by Schmelman to learn how to fight with lance, so that he and Kyouhei can protect their "princess" Saki.

Genji protects the girls from United Nations Force

Genji and other students keep doing their training for a few months, until Davi was killed by the terrorists. In the next day, Class A received news about Rihito will receives a surgery to gains superhuman strength. Saki is shocked at this news and worries about Rihito, because if the surgery failed he will die. After Schmelman's genes successful injected into Rihito's body, the Class A students was glad that the surgery went well. Soon, the training school received a surprise attack from United Nations Forces. The soldiers from United Nations Forces entered the school by force and tried to kill Saki and the other girls, but the girls was saved by Genji protect them by took several gunshots. Genji was soon saved by Hina after Jail Murdoch and Sakai Tokikaze deal with the soldiers who tried to rape the girls.

Later, as the enemies had taken over the courtyard, Tokikaze has no choice but to faces United Nations Forces while gives other students a chance to run away. Before they could do so, Saki was captured by the enemy sergeant. Because of this, Tokikaze and the others was all captured by the enemies as well. The sergeant realized that they're trainee soldiers and he found their fighting skills impressive. Due to this, the sergeant decided to become their "teacher" and teaches them what will happen when one of their friends killed in front of them. When the sergeant is about to kill Saki, Genji went to save her and begging him not to kill her, as he was in-love with her and wanted to become her knight to protect her. The sergeant "agreed" his request and attacked Genji instead, stated that he won't kill her until Genji died first.

After Rihito arrived and defeated the United Nations Force, Genji told everyone that he's still alive and felt sadden at how Saki ignored him even after he risked his own life to save her. Saki then apologies Genji for ignoring him and says she will shake his hand as a reward for saving her, which makes Genji happy. As Class A having their conversation, the enemies stand up and drops their clothes, which revealed they have explosives covering their body but Rihito destroyed the controller. Then, the enemy sergeant stated that they had placed a nuclear bomb in somewhere in the school (Although later it's revealed to be a lie). After the enemy sergeant finished the war teaching for the Class A, he stated he will activate the nuclear bomb in 10 seconds. Seeing how hopeless the situation was, Tokikaze decided to kill the soldiers by himself, but due to his grandmother's promise, Rihito stopped him and he killed the soldiers instead. As Rihito run away, Jail and the others told Class A that it's time for them go back to their future and disappeared.

During the Abandonment War, Genji and the other Class A students couldn't do anything but watching Licht (Rihito's current name) slowly losing his sanity due to his bloodlust. When Licht started wearing mask to hide his emotion, along with other Class A students went to request the instructors for the surgery, so that Licht won't handling the war all by himself. Although Genji himself wasn't chosen to become the Red Baron.

In the last day of the Abandonment War, the Class A has been abandoned by the instructors and make them stay on the land which later known as the "Abyss". Tokikaze tried to stolen a Ballot from them and find the Class A to inform them what's happening. However, the instructors sent Licht to kill Tokikaze and take back the Ballot. As Licht "killed" Tokikaze, he regained his sanity and feel despair, due to the fact he killed his adoptive brother by his own hands.

In the original timeline, after the end of the Abandonment War, Class A, including Genji himself, decided to commit suicide to support the children of the Abyss. Before they left, the Class A wrote a latter for unconscious Tokikaze that they will commit suicide so the children can fill their stomach, and that they need him to watch over the children once he finally awaken.

However, after Hina time traveled back to the past for one last time via Nana Bassler's ability, she changed the Class A's fate by having them eat the Red Baron's Drug so they won't commit suicide for the children and lived for over 300 years.

Story Events

Last War Arc

Due to Hina time travelled back to the past in attempt to change the future, along with the rest of original Class A were "revived".

Class A students returned from their death

When Firenda is about to kill everyone, along with other Class A students arrived at the battlefield to save Licht and the others from her finishing blow. After the Class A saved everyone, Licht thought he see the illusion of the Class A but Tokikaze stated they aren't illusion, he said that the Class A is actually still alive. After Class A successfully destroyed the iceberg, Saki blames both Genji and Kyouhei for being late and says if they haven't appear any sooner Licht and the others would surely been killed off by now. Genji and Kyouhei then said that there's nothing he can do since he haven't eat anything for 300 years long, although they were terrified at how the baker from Hoemmh reacts at them stealing breads. Licht cries and wonders how did they're still alive, and Saki explains that it was Hina changed their fate by giving them the Baron's drugs.

Genji and his clone punches each other

After their reunion, the Class A immediately went to fight against their clones and told the others to deal with Firenda from now on. When Saki is almost attacked by berserked Zwei, Genji saved her and complains that she really have to think first before doing anything as Schmelman once suggested before. While blocking Zwei's attack, Genji notices that Eins, who's Saki's clone, is in-love with Tokikaze and she is hugging Tokikaze, which make him jealous as not even Saki's clone care about Genji's feeling. Soon, Genji gave Zwei a headbutt, he said that he learned that it's Zwei that saved Eins so he shouldn't be easily consumed by bloodlust, as both him and Genji were the knights that protect Saki and Eins. Soon, all of the clones was defeated and their sanity returned back to normal. Genji was seen to be holding Zwei while watching the Barons deals with Firenda.

Abilities and Power

Genji's count is 500000. Genji was encouraged by Schmelman to learn how to use the lance.

  • Absolute Body: Like his clone, after Genji became the New Baron, he possess absolute physical capabilities and perfect bodily aspects.
  • Spear Proficiency: Genji is able to demonstrate a natural aptitude for the ways of the spear.