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Don't be stupid... Wouldn't it be too much of a shame to leave Charles's body in that castle? Instead, I'll turn it all into a funeral pyre, and the traitors with it~ Killing a child before my eyes...!

—Alexandrov Grigorovich being angered, Reunion (Chapter 39)

Alexandrov Grigorovich (アレクサンドロフ=グリゴローヴィッチ Arekusandorofu Gurigorōvicchi), nicknamed Alan (アラン Aran), is a character introduced in Plunderer. He is Jail Murdoch's foster-father and the Commander of the Althea Royal Guard. He is also one of the 7 Legendary Red Barons, known as the "Blast Baron" (爆撃の撃墜王 akugeki no Gekitsui-ō, Funimation: Ace of Explosive Strikes).

In the anime, sometimes his name is shortened to Alex (アレク Areku, Funimation: Alec).


Alexandrov is a middle-age man with a scar that goes across his face. He is wearing a military uniform. His black hair is slicked back in which some portion has turned white. He also wears a black glasses with red lens and flames on each of its frame, which corresponds to his epithet as "The Blast Baron". During his youth, he appears to be an attractive young man and has yet to wear a glasses.



Past Events

300 years ago, before Alexandrov joined the 13th Special Military Forces School, he was once a soldier of Russian Army. Alexandrov has two children whose age was below 8 and he loves them. One day, Alexandrov was ordered to go back to the headquarters of the Russian army, he had no choice but to leave his home from his children. Alexandrov's son told him that they will be fine so he shouldn't worry. To return his children's kindness, he decided to buy some candy and toys for them.

Alexandrov finds his children dead

However, when Alexandrov returned home, he saw that his children were killed and the food was taken away. Alexandrov was shocked and tries covering his children's corpses, as he started crying and he believed he heard their voices of wanted him back home. Being angered at his children's death, Alexandrov finds the murderer in the village and discovered that the murderer has a baby that's scrawny and small. After seeing that baby and murderer's tears, Alexandrov didn't kill him and realized it's the world's fault that they don't have enough foods to live.

Sometime after the death of his children, he left the Russian Army and moved to Japan.

Alexandrov "kills" Saki

Before the enrollment ceremony was started, Alexandrov noticed that Sakai Tokikaze and Jail Murdoch were fighting outside the school, so he told them to stop. During the ceremony, when Ichinose Saki and the others was laughing, Alexandrov took out his gun and "killed" them, causing the trainer to be to scared and run away. When he tries to kill Hina, she's saved by Tokikaze and he told Alexandrov that he shouldn't kill any person without any reason. Alexandrov then tell Tokikaze that's how soldiers used to be and kicks him. Then, Alexandrov wanted to kill Tokikaze as well. Before he can do so, it was stopped by Sakai Rihito, who tries to snap Schmelman Bach's neck. Soon after Firenda shown up to stop Schmelman, she and Alexandrov reveals that it's just acting and the bullets was actually paint. Alexandrov also reveals that the reason why they do this is so the newbies won't be scared at battlefield. After hearing Schmelman say he hasn't finished reading his storybook yet, Alexandrov tell him that they don't have much time to do it so the ceremony can ends here. After everyone went to eating lunch, Schmelman tells Alexandrov that there's "rare" warrior here, Alexandrov thought he was talking about Tokikaze, but he was actually referring Rihito. He then asks Schmelman what should he do now and he said that he wants to gives the newbies a fun school life.

During the launch time, Alexandrov said that Tokikaze and Jail has become friends real fast, which they disagreed with him. Pele Poporo asked Alexandrov that if the school has a computer room or not, he answers him with yes and they must not costs too much electrical. He then followed Jail and his friends to know their true identities. Hearing their conversation, Alexandrov found it strange that they know nothing about the computer and the modern stuffs and wonder where were they from. Before he could think more, Schmelman goes to see him for a "small" request, that they will exchange their classes for teaching. Alexandrov agrees with his request, and he was changed to teach the other class. When Alexandrov arrived in Class A, he told Lyne Mei to shorten her skirt so that she won't act too arrogant. Alexandrov introduces himself and reveals he was originally the one who would teach the class, but due to a request the job was changed to Schmelman instead. He then tells Schmelman that he will watch over him and asks him not to cause any messes.

A few weeks later, there's peeping incident happened on the school and the culprit always peeping in woman's bath. Because of this, Alexandrov tries his best to capture that stalker without sleeping even once. During the investigation, Alexandrov captured Tokikaze who's being scapegoated by Rihito. Later on, Alexandrov also captured Rihito and Jail as well. Because of him captured the culprits, he punishing all Class A students by running outside. Without learning his lesson, during the night, Rihito sent a fake love letter to Alexandrov, so that he can peeps the woman's bath without being captured by Alan. Rihito also doing the same thing in the next few days too[1].

Few weeks after the culprit was revealed to be Rihito, Class A is still doing their punishment due to Rihito keep peeping the woman's bath. Because of this, Alexandrov stated he will give them a "prize" for doing their punishment everyday, which soon revealed to be Forest Survival trip. Schmelman asks Alexandrov where his students are, to which he only replies he "threw" them away, which makes Schmelman find them himself.

The instructors having a meeting

After three weeks, during midnight, Schmelman goes to a factory under the school, to have a meeting with other instructors. During the meeting, Schmelman asks Alexandrov if the upcoming war will happen or not, Alexandrov says that the war will most likely happen and Schmelman's prediction about the war being melee is also right. When Davi asks Schmelman if he still remembers the promise about taking him once they completed their "utopia", Alexandrov stated they will take Davi along once they completed the Clone Technology and cloned him if he was dead.

Later, when Jail's group watching the contents from Nana Bassler's memory card, they have caught by Alexandrov who sentences them to execution. Before he killing them, he tried to force them to shows Nana's videos to him but the files has already deleted by Pele. Then, Jail tried to fight against Alexandrov but he was easily defeated. After he defeated Jail, Alexandrov told him that he should at least try to make a friend first before fighting him. This reminded Jail of someone he knows and reveals his identity to Alexandrov. Soon, Alexandrov is shocked because he realized Jail is his foster-child from the future and that Nana used her ability to sent people back to the past.

Alexandrov cries due to the world gone mad

Alexandrov brought Jail's group into a citizens housing area for teaching them a lesson. When a child asks Lyne for the foods, she tried to gives a cookies to that child but it was stopped by Alexandorov, he told her doing so that child would ended up getting himself killed. With this, he told that child don't bring foods to his mother and keep it to himself instead, but the child cries and stated he won't ate any foods until his mother's stomach was full. After the citizens leave the area, Alexandrov asks Jail's group about what should they do if they don't know how to change the future, he also told them that they should not cease getting in the instructor's way, while he begins crying. The point he wants to proving was that they should not change the future, or else they will erased themselves and citizens of Althea from existence.

Alexandorv vs. Jail in a training battle

Sometimes later, Alexandrov having a hand to hand training with Jail, under his request and Schmelman's permission. Although he accepted Jail's request, Alexandrov was angered and asks him what does he wanted, Jail told him that there's "someone" in the future he must defeat so he must beat the current Alexandrov first. Being annoyed at Jail took his cigarette, Alexandrov told him that he's on serious mode now and that he will beat him up with his full strength.

Few months later, Davi is killed by the terrorists. After hearing Davi's last words, Alexandrov starts wondering what does Davi mean by "deceived" but the other instructors don't know what it's about. Firenda tells Schmelman that it's time for them to execute the "Aerial Ace Project", which shocks him and Alexandrov, as the project is still incomplete. After hearing Firenda's prediction that their project might've be leaked, Schmelman asks her who will be chosen for the surgery and she responds with Rihito, as he is the perfect candidate.

The next day, the surgery starts. As Schmelman's genes are successfully injected into Rihito's body, Alexandrov informs Class A about it. Soon, the helicopters from United Nations Force suddenly appeared in the school with a surprise attack. After the surprise attack, Alexandrov wonders how comes the war began so early when it should be taken place on next year. Soon, Alexandrov told the Class A hiding themselves from the enemies, he informs Firenda about what happened outside the school, she stated that she predicted that this and explains that the Abandonment War begin earlier because other nations used Althing to started the war without informing any Japan staffs. Then, Alexandrov shocked and wonder why is Firenda laughing but she said she didn't. As the girls were crying, Alexandrov told them not to worry and claims the reinforcement will arrive soon. However, the United Nations Force used nuclear bomb to destroys the garrison, so there won't be any reinforcement sent to help the school. When the enemy soldier uses rocket launcher to attack, Alexandrov protected the students from the attack and his face received a huge scar around, he stated that he glad the United Nations Force aren't good at using rocket launcher so that he could survived from the attack. Then, Alexandrov gave the phone to Jail and told him to lead Class A to exit, while he would trying his best to holding the enemies back. Later, when Alexandrov was almost killed by the enemies, he was saved by Jail's group, whom just returned from actives the backup electrical switch.

The instructors uses Althing to create Althea

During the Abandonment War, along with other Class A students went to request the instructors for the surgery, so that Licht (Rihito's current name) won't handling the war all by himself. Alexandrov is one of the five people chosen to become the Red Baron. On the last day of the war, after the Barons collected all seven original Ballots, the instructors use the Althing to approved the permanent ban of nuclear weapons and create the sky island known as Althea.

After the creation of Althea, Alexandrov founded the Althea Royal Guard with him as the Supreme Commander for over 300 years long.

On year 282, after Robert Du Vanvich's father were killed in the mission, along with his subordinate Avsette Vremya went to met Robert and his friend Erin in their parent's funeral. During the funeral. Alexandrov asks Robert and Erin about what they want to do. Erin stated she wanted to become a soldier for her revenge, while Robert stated he doesn't know what would he do since he is a weakling who doesn't know how to fight, as claimed by his father. Then, Alexandrov told Robert to fight him with a sword. Soon, Robert was easily defeated by Alexandrov. He claims that while Robert is indeed weak, he can still improve his skills if he set his conviction and trains more. After the funeral, Robert went through his training to become a soldier, under the guide from Avsette and Alexandrov himself.

Alexandrov meet Schmelman for the first time since the creation of Althea

Sometimes later, Alexandrov adopted Jail as his foster-child. When Jail first met Alexandrov, he said he didn't like him and tried to attack him, but was quickly stopped. Alexandrov told Jail that he should at least try to make a friend first before fighting him. Not long after he adopted Jail, Schmelman suddenly appeared in front of Alexandrov. He informed Alexandrov that one day Licht and the others will find a way to end all the endless wars and conflicts by their own hands, so until that day comes, Alexandrov shouldn't assist him in any battle and just keep observe him till the end. Schmelman also requested Alexandrov to save Firenda's broken mind when that time comes as well.

Story Events

Return to the Past Arc

See Past Events

Alexandrov first appeared at Chapter 12, he ordered Jail back to the royal capital of the army. As Jail arrived, Alexandrov tries to give him a hug but he avoid him, while told him to be serious. Soon, Jail reporting his encounter with the "strange group with black uniform" to Alexandrov, and asking him if they were part of the Royal Guard as well. Alexandrov explained that they aren't under his control and they were different faction that handling assassination, known as the "Special Service", he also told Jail to be careful as they're spying around everywhere and he would end if getting himself kill if he's not careful enough. Then, Jail asked Alexandrov about Licht and his true identity. Alexandrov explains that while he didn't know about the full details, the Red Barons was in fact created as "mass weapons" for the Abandonment War, with Licht as the commander of the troop. Jail finds this ridiculous and stated there's no way a human can lives for 300 years long, Alexandrov explained they stopped aging at a certain point due to their status as "mass weapons".

Alexandrov noticed Jail's behavior

Soon, Alexandrov noticed Jail's count has reduced to 12499, so he wonder if Jail hiding Licht from the army or not. While the count decreasing, Jail claimed that he didn't hiding Licht from anyone. This caused Alexandrov being upset at his action and told Jail to stop, but he didn't listen. Then, Alexandrov asked Jail if he acted against Althing which shocked Jail, he told Jail that he must capture Licht or he would ended up being killed by Special Service instead. Jail has no choice but was forced to capture Licht to the army.

Special Service Arc

Later, when Jail returned to the royal capital, he enters the commander's room by force. Alexandrov's head was hit by the door and he wondered if Jail know the difference between good and bad actions. After Jail salutes, Alexandrov told him that he will take care of his crime against Althing under Nana's request. He also stated a new war may happen soon so he told Jail that he and the Gefängnis members must prepared for the upcoming war. Soon, Alexandrov went to hugs Jail but he was surprised as Jail didn't avoid him like in the past. He realized that Jail has makes some friends but he told him not to befriend with Licht, as doing that means Jail would be target by the Special Service.

Alexandrov vs Jail in Startheft Bout battle

Jail stated he wanted to wager his stars against Alexandrov, said that he returns to the royal capital was to defeat him. Alexandrov accepted Jail's declaration of Startheft Bout, while refers him as "Shitty Four-eyes" like his past self. Thus, their fight begins with punches. During the fight, Alexandrov claims Jail never learn his lesson and his fighting pattern is too obvious. When Alexandrov land his kick, Jail dodged his kick and attacked his chin, which Alexandrov surprised that the reason why Jail fought him back in 300 years ago was to found his weakness for this fight.

The Iron Devil burns by fire

Jail claimed that his attack hit Alexandrov was not because of he's younger than him, but because he has a conviction of punishing evildoers. Then, Jail summoned his iron devil and asked Alexandrov why he betrayed Class A. However, Jail's iron devil is melting due to Alexandrov's power, while claiming that conviction doesn't matter as it stand no chance against the Blast Baron's flame. Soon, Jail was defeated and his count reduced to only 1.

Alexandrov looking at his family photo

After the fight, Alexandrov explains his past to Jail, about how his real children were killed and how the world gone "mad", he also told Jail to start his recruit to increase his count. Then, Jail stands up and said he wants to continue the fight, claiming that Alexandrov would never defeat him despite his power, which confused him. Jail asked Alexandrov why didn't he asks Nana to sent him back to the past to save his own children, Jail explains that he doesn't because Alexandrov afraid he would change the future and erased Jail from existence. Jail also asked Alexandrov why didn't he choose to save his real children, rather than his adoptive children who can't even make friends and be nice to the others. Alexandrov stated he didn't he didn't do that because he is sure that he has been destined to adopt Jail as his foster-child. Soon, Alexandrov fired Jail from the army and told him to never see him again. As Jail leaving the royal capital, Alexandrov ordered Erin to gives Jail his military uniform for one last time. Alexandrov then sitting at the commander room, saying he was proud at Jail and how he grew as a person, while looking at his family photo with his real and adoptive children.

Alexandrov explains how wrong Althea is to the King

Alexandrov was later attended in a meeting with the King of Althea, along with the Three Grand Generals to discuss about giving three Ballots to the Special Service. During the meeting, Alexandrov stated that the creation of Althea was wrong, he told the king that while it's good for her able to eat her favorite cakes whenever she likes, the cakes she always eaten was in fact stolen from the Abyss so she shouldn't enjoy it while the Abyss suffering from starvation. The king then, simply order the Three Grand Generals to leave. After the grand generals leave, Charles acts cheerful towards Alexandrov and explained that she actually supported his claims that the Althea was wrong. She stated that she was disgusted at the fact that her father is actually killed by the Special Service, and how strong the Special Service has become that not even the Royal Guard able to control them. Then, Charles told Alexandrov that he should give the three Ballots to Licht instead and that she will marry him when she became 14 years-old, so that she can promote him as the actual King of Althea. Soon, Charles went back to her room and stated she wanted to shows him something.

Robert betrayed Althea Royal Guard

Soon, Alexandrov overheard the gunshot sounds from the king's room, revealed that the Special Service was planned to kill her all along. As she's dying, Charles asked Alexandrov about if she looked good on weeding dress and told him not to speak formally, he then said that he has never meet such a beautiful woman like her before and that he will surely marries him once she become older. After the king's death, Alexandrov ordered the Three Grand Generals to find the culprit, while being angered. Soon, two of the grand generals was "killed" by Robert, revealing that he's actually a spy from Special Service and stated that he would used Alexandrov as a scapegoat for the king and grand general's death. Because of this, Alexandrov was accused of murdering Charles and then decided to run away and hiding himself.

While Alexandrov hiding himself, he encountered Licht and Jail, whom also hiding themselves from Special Service's eyes. Jail asked Alexandrov why did he killed the king, he stated it was Robert that killed the king and took his commander position away, claiming that Special Service has taken control over the Royal Guards completely. Soon, Alexandrov gives the three Ballots to Licht under the request of Charles. Knowing that the stolen Ballot is in the hands of Licht, Alexandrov asked him if he wanted Althea to fall or create a new law. Licht, while saying that he doesn't know what to do, he stated that he will decide his decision together with everyone. Licht also stated that while the creation of Althea was wrong, at the very least the creation does stopped the war from continuing until the humanity were destroyed. Then, Licht revealed that his wish is to destroy the Althing and ends the war properly as the new Non-Killing Army. Hearing his answer, Alexandrov were shocked and said he can't believe how naive Licht are. Soon, he told Jail to reform the Gefängnis group, as to use them to fight against the Special Service, and after everything was solved he will gave Jail the commander position. Alexandrov also suggest Licht to regain his original Ballot from Special Service and let them tastes hia true strength. Jail, being confused, he asked Alexandrov if he decided to sacrifice himself to fight against the Special Service, Alexandrov then stated he want the Special Service to stay on hell together with him and Charles for their sins. As Licht's group leaving, he revealed some stuffs to Alexandrov that, after all these years the love latter he received is actually fake latter written by Licht himself. Because of this, Alexandrov were angered and tries to kill Licht.

Alexandrov faces the "Class A"

After Licht's group leave the city, he hope that Licht and his friends would able to fix all the problems that the adults can't to the world. Soon, the Special Service members arrived and surrounding Alexandrov. Alexandrov stated that if any of them doesn't want to be killed they should bring him to see Schmelman. Special Service stay away from him in which he confused. Then, the "Class A" students appeared in front of him, which he is shocked and wondering what's going on. The fight between him and the "Class A" happened off-screen. While the result is unknown, Alexandrov survived from the fight and hiding himself to avoid the Special Service knowing his whereabouts.

Last War Arc

Alexandrov returned to save Jail

Alexandrov later reappeared when Jail was almost defeated by Robert, along with Erin, he saved Jail and took Charles' corpse. Robert were shocked at his return and wonder if he will fight, but Alexandrov stated that he won't fight as he was already defeated, so he would just standing there watching while he gives Jail his Ballot. After Alexandrov gave his Ballot to Jail, he ordered Erin to uses her ability to let everyone watch the fight between Jail and Robert. When Jail was injured by Robert's attack, Alexandrov is shocked and wonder why didn't he use the flame ability. Robert explained to him that the Ballot owned by the Barons couldn't be used by other people, as Firenda set a limiter at their Ballots for security reasons. Robert also laughed at how Alexandrov didn't know about it when he was one of the seven Legendary Red Baron.

After learning that Firenda set a limiter on his Ballot, he told Robert to stop attack Jail, while being cries, but Robert doesn't listen and keep attacking Jail until he dies. As Robert keep attacking Jail, Alexandrov id crying and he screamed. When Jail wake up and uses flame ability, Alexandrov is shocked because he saw the souls of his long deceased children in Jail's right hand and started crying.

Jail promoted as the new Supreme Commander of the Royal Guards

After Jail defeated Robert and he revealed his conviction, both Alexandrov and Erin were surprised at Robert's conviction of become like the wind. After their conversation ended, both Alexandrov and Robert promoted Jail as the new Supreme Commander of the Royal Guard and told him to make his speeches, in order to grand trusts from the soldiers. When the soldiers were angered at Jail's speeches and acts rudely, Alexandrov was shocked and said he can't believe how Jail treated the Royal Guards like some sort of spoiled brats. Soon, Robert laughed at this but Alexandrov starts crying and wonder why he laughed.

Three months later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun. Along with Erin, Alexandrov is staying at somewhere at the mountain and watching the war. As Erin informed Alexandrov about Jail fight against the Special Service members all by himself, Alexandrov was shocked and asks Jail what's he doing, which he replies with he doesn't want to standing like a idiot. When Jail is completely surrounded by the Special Service, Alexandrov was worries at him and said he won't be able to survive in this situation. Jail claims that he being surrounded by them was part of his plan, as to let them fall into his trap so that he could give Asher Lyubov to aim her attack properly. After the Gefängnis killed majority of the Special Service, Alexandrov asked Jail if he wants to lead the Royal Guards to the "Wall of Paradise" and help Licht, Jail stated it's not necessary and he wants to make sure where did the enemies lieutenants gone, as all the soldiers he and the others fought here are merely just ordinary soldiers. Later on, during Licht's fight against Tokikaze, along with Jail and Erin had arrived in the forest nearby Ende. Once they arrived, Alexandrov orders Erin to uses her communication ability together with Gespenst's mind reading ability to let everyone around the forest to reads Licht and Tokikaze's minds, in order to find a solution to stop the fight between Sakai brothers.

Later after Firenda revealed herself and being beaten by Licht, Alexandrov remembered what Schmelman once told him about Licht being a rare warrior 300 years ago. Alexandrov realized that what Schmelman is implying back then wasn't about the way he thinks but about his naturally born superhuman reflexes. After being reminded, Alexandrov was surprised at Licht was already that strong even when he's still ordinary human and the Baron's surgery is merely just unlocked his potential to maximum, which means his current powers is several times way stronger than Schmelman himself.

Alexandrov stops Firenda from killing everyone

When Firenda decided to kill everyone beside Licht, Alexandrov went ahead to stop her by chokehold her. Firenda told him to get lost since he already gave his Ballot to Jail he has no special power anymore. However, Firenda couldn't able to free herself from him, as Alexandrov spotted her weakness aand caused her to not able to use her power properly. Alexandrov explains that Schmelman isn't totally invicinble as she believed, as there's one person no matter how Schmelman tries he always lose against him, and that person is Alexandrov himself. Firenda then realized that Alexandrov is actually the strongest one out of three instructors. She then asks him why didn't he save Jail from Robert Du Vanvich back during their fight at royal capital, and Alexandrov explains that it's Schmelman's request for choosing not to help. He also stated that everything she done since the creation of Althea, including how she torturing Schmelman, were all planned by him all along. Firenda then realized that the emoless face Schmelman make after all these time were merely just an acting in attempt to trick her. Schmelman purposely getting himself tortured by her is to make her realize how wrongful her actions was.

After realizing what she had done, Firenda asks Alexandrov to kill her as she believes herself couldn't be redeemed due to her crimes. Firenda stated that the moment the United Nations Force attacked the training school and killed almost all of Class C students, her mind has already been broken and couldn't think normally anymore. She began to regret that she didn't try to save her students due to her personal gauge towards Schmelman. Soon, Alexandrov tells Firenda thaht he once heard a Japanese story about if a child died earlier, their soul will sent into hell and the demons will torture the child until their soul is perished. Since Alexandrov believes both of them would surely went into the hell for their crimes, he suggests that after they died, they will become the ghost guardians to protect their beloved students who were also sent into the hell from the demons so their souls won't be perished. Firenda then cried and claimed it was because of Alexandrov's kindness he and his wife ended up divorced back before he left Russian Army, he said that he just simply can't ignore a woman's sadness. After Firenda gave Licht her last request, Alexandrov snapped her neck and killed her. After Firenda's death, Alexandrov told Licht and others to meet Schmelman, and that once they arrived at Ende, they will eventually found out the reason why Schmelman abadoned them 300 years ago. While Licht and the others went towards to the Ende, Alexandrov took his time to heal the clones from their injuries earlier.

Appearance in Other Media


Blast Mask in the "world of darkness"

In the last episode of Plunderer anime, after Licht was absorbed into the black hole created by Taketora, seven Baron's masks was shows to be floating in the "world of darkness" and surrounding Licht. Alexandrov's mask is titled as the Blast Mask (爆撃面 Bakugeki-men, Funimation: Mask of Explosive Strikes).

The Baron's masks tries to convinces Licht to give up

Along with the other masks, the Blast Mask tries to criticize Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. However, after he remembered his promise with Hina and the others, Licht destroys all of the masks and successfully escape by splits the "world of darkness".

Abilities and Power

As a Legendary Red Baron, Alexandrov possesses powerful abilities. Alexandrov's count is 280000.[2][3] Later, Alexandrov's count increased to 324999, after he defeated Jail in Startheft Bout. Alexandrov's current count is unknown after he gave his Ballot to Jail.

Alexandrov turns his flame into explosion

  • Blast (爆撃 Bakugeki): This is Alexandrov's ability as a Baron, his body has been enhanced to be able to use special abilities.
    • Pyrokinesis: The ability to control fire.
    • Heat Manipulation: The ability to manipulate heat.
    • Causinomancy: The ability to burn an entire object or person with intense heat.
    • Explosive Fire Manipulation: The ability to control fire that explodes or turns anything that the fire burns into a ticking time bomb.
    • Fire Blast: The ability to release fire on a specific target area.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Alexandrov possesses the ability to increase his count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However, the higher the count, the higher chance he would lose his
  • Combat Mastery: As a soldier prior to the Abandonment War, Alexandrov is shown to be vastly experienced at combat. This is shown when he fight against Tokikaze at ceremony and against Jail on the computer lab in 300 years ago. Later during the final battle between Althea Royal Guards and Special Service, it's revealed that Alexandrov is the only person who Schmelman couldn't defeat even when he use his full strength, due to Alexandrov being able to spots his weakness.
    • Weak Point Sense: As a soldier prior to the Abandonment War, Alexandrov can easily sense the weak point of people.
    • Teaching Skills: Alexanderov was noted to have been exceptionally skilled in training, teaching and instructing people in the art of combat. Having been personally responsible for the initial training of the original Class A in the 13th Special Military Forces School and contributing for their growth as soldiers and upon Althea's founding, Alexanderov became one of the primary instructors in teaching and training its soldiers with some of the armies most powerful members being his students, such as Jail Murdoch, Robert Du Vanvich and Avsette Vremya.


  • Alexandrov may be a Russian since he and his children used to live in somewhere in Russia.
  • Alexandrov's younger facial appearance sightly resembles Zack Fair from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
  • In Yen Press's translation, Alexandrov's rank is Colonel General.


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