Ballot (バロット Barotto), also known as "Original Ballot", are seven mysterious balls with numbers that said to be created by the "God".


It's not known how the Ballot was created, although it's said to be created by either someone with a supernatural power or an alien during the Nuclear War.

300 years ago, some nation used the Ballots to approve the use of nuclear weapons and begin the Abandonment War earlier, shown when the soldier started the war and used the nuclear bomb on Japan.

The instructors of 13th Special Military Forces School ordered the Red Barons to collects all seven Ballots to stop the war. After the Barons completed their mission, the instructors used the Ballots to create a sky island and stole food from all nations. Because of this, the Abandonment War finally ended and the sky island was named as Althea.

After the end of Abandonment War, four of the Ballots were kept at a Special Service faction and the other three in Alexandrov Grigorovich's hand. Although 5 years ago, one of the Ballots was stolen by Tsukina Farrow from Special Service and is now in Hina's hand.

During a coup d'etat, Alexandrov was accused of murdering Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, he gave all of his Ballots to Licht Bach. And then Sakai Tokikaze defeated Licht, took three Ballots from him and kidnapped Hina.


Ballot can be uses for approval of a new rule, which is known as "Althing" (議会アルシング Gikai (Arushingu), lit. "Parliament"). Althing can also allow people to grant one wish once they've collected all seven Ballots. People who receives majority votes from Althing will stop aging.

Althing is the most noble law in the world and nobody is allowed to against it's rules. If the soldiers stand against the Althing, they will receive the Death Penalty.


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