Schmelman gives Licht his first Ballot Replica during the beginning of the Abandonment War

Ballot Replica (バロットの複製品 Barotto no Fukusei-hin, Funimation: Replica of a Ballot), simply referred to as Ballot, is a replica of the Ballot created as the main weapons mainly used for the Red Barons and Ballot Holders, which amplifies the user's power and give them a special ability. Ballot Replica will only active once the user set their count and what count did they stand for by saying "Count Authentication".

Technically, only Barons and high-rank soldiers (Lieutenant and above) are allowed to use Ballot Replica. So any non-soldiers who own a Ballot Replica or one of the Original Ballots will be considered a criminal and receive the Death Penalty.

Overview Edit

Each Ballot was created based on the "Althing" by Firenda, who after researching and analyzing the Original Ballots, successfully create copies of the originals with a two major differences that separate it from the originals; first is the fact that Firenda deemed it impossible to replicate the Ballot's ability to hold "votes" that can then affect and alter the world itself and the second being that she was only able to successfully replicate the Ballots "connection" to the energies of the "Althing"[1]. As such she was only able then to craft them into specific objects/weapons for battle, that when used by a person it seemingly grants them a wide variety of different powers such as the ability to control and create a seemingly endless supply of matter & energy from nothing (Iron, water, fire, lightning, force, poison, etc) or controlling preexisting matter or energy such as bullets, arrows, wind and gravity for specific purposes/attacks during battle[2].

While other Ballot Replica's are instead shown to give its users enhanced superhuman abilities such as immense speed, strength and reflexes, while others are shown to grant its users immense psychic based powers such as mind reading, precognition and memory reading.

Furthermore it's been shown by both Jail and Robert that is isn't impossible for one person to possess and use multiple ballots at once, as seen where Jail was able to own both his gloves and the ring Ballot he received from Alexandrov Grigorovich at once to create iron and fire and Robert was shown to utilize his own Ballot and the Ballots of Freidkam Von Lightning and Yi Yan Xialou to conjure wind, lightning and water.

Although it has been noted by Robert that in order to use other Ballots and develop multiple powers at once and utilize it as their own, the user must first put themselves through incredibly harsh training in order to fully utilize more than one Ballot.

Baron Operation Edit

The Baron surgery created by Firenda and the Original Ballot Replica's created by her for the Legendary Red Barons were all noted to have been specifically created to be only handled by its individual baron and they are the only ones capable of bringing out the Ballots full power and thanks to the surgery performed on them, the Barons also possess incredible synchronicity with their Ballots allowing them to better use them when compared to other users and draw out more power and spontaneously increase their Counts.

Known Ballot Replicas: Edit

Legendary Red Barons Edit

Althea Royal Guard Edit

Special Service Edit

  • Schmelman's Unnamed Personal Aid's Chakram
  • Darle's Boxing Gloves
  • Riguel's Bull Whip

New Class A Edit


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