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By Change (たまたま Tamatama, Yen Press: Unlucky) is the 36th chapter of Plunderer manga.


Lyne Mei finally awoke from the surgery and only realized that she's half naked. As she tries to remembering what happened beforehand, Lyne reminded about her confession to Licht Bach and all villagers from Hoemmh knew that. Lyne then tries to claim it was dream in attempt to justify what she remembered, with only the villagers from Hoemmh congrats her for her confession. Lyne was surprised at their sudden appearance and realized that it wasn't a dream that she was rejected by Licht. The villagers was all angered and says they will give Licht a punishment for rejecting her confession, only leave Lyne in confusion. As the villagers cease after Licht, the Sister Greengrocer is talking with Jail Murdoch that he should comfort his subordinate from being rejected, although Jail claimed that he has no interest in love affair so he won't say anything to Lyne. Then, he asked Sister Greengrocer that how comes she knew Lyne is in danger, she didn't answer his question and claims it's merely just a women's intuition. While Jail doesn't care at her answer, he realized that he meet her once before in his childhood, the Sister Greengrocer told Jail to silence and explained that she's once a soldier of Althea Royal Guard but later deserted the army.

Pele confronts Licht

In the outside of the Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, Pele Poporo stares at "injured" Licht and wonders what's going on, Licht stated that he has been sexual harassing by Hina ever since their confession. While he tries to hiding himself from her, he saw a child girl who "confessed" her feeling to Licht, which makes him happy and goes out, only that he was suddenly attacked by the villagers from Hoemmh for unknown reason. As Licht cleaning all the messes, Pele wants to ask him a question. Licht tried to look at Pele but he was disappeared, only Pele suddenly appears behind him with his killing intent. Pele demands to know how Licht knew Pele could perform lifesaving surgery on Lyne, asking why he chosen him out of all people when he knew Hina has long learned the medical stuffs from the training school 300 years ago. In serious, Licht explains that he already knew that Pele was more than just a ordinary soldier since the "Abyss Demon" incident, specifically how he saves Lyne from the Special Service. Licht points out that since most of the Althea citizens doesn't know anything about the modern technology due to the fact such technology has been limited to only members from Special Service can use it, the handguns is also limited to only they aware and knew how it works. Back when Pele tries to save Lyne, his reaction towards the guns clearly isn't someone who had just see the gun for the first time, which implying that Pele might be a spy from the Special Service. Without choice, Pele attempt to cut Licht's head off from being risk at his true identity revealed, only stopped when Licht claims he is Lyne's friend so he won't see him as a enemy.

Pele tries to cheer Lyne

As Licht leaving, the Sister Greengrocer calls Pele out to comfort Lyne, claiming this is the best chance for him to confess his feeling to her. While Pele refused to do that, Sister Greengrocer pushes Pele into the medical room so he could have a conversation with Lyne. As Lyne crying, Pele states that he can't ignore her tears and leave her alone. Soon, Pele cocks some foods for Lyne to eat, which she claims his foods was delicious. As Lyne is eating, she asks Pele that if he is one of those people who will sad if something's bad happened to her, Pele only deny her words by saying he will never be worrying about her.


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