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Bach (バッハ Bahha) is the 37th chapter of Plunderer manga.


Licht Bach is peeing in toilet, while having Hina watching him peeing and saying his private part looks like it's in good shape. Hina strips her clothes and says they will make a baby inside the toilet, which shocks him for her sexual harassment. He tried to claim that Tsukina Farrow would sad if she saw her daughter acted like a shameless pervert, Hina reveals that her mother taught her that if she finds a man she loves, she has to open her legs and not let him escape. As Licht was about to be "raped", it was interrupted by Nana Bassler and Jail Murdoch who wants to discuss their next move.

As the discussion begins, Jail asks Licht about what he wants to do, Licht reveals that he decide to collect some Ballots to approve a new rule so they could enter the "Wall of Paradise". Jail realized that Licht is still curious about what Douan Taketora said previously, Licht says that while there's might be a chance that Taketora only seen an illusion, but if the Class A is indeed still alive he wants to meet them once again. After hearing Licht's words, Jail realized that he want to steal the Ballots from the Althea Royal Guard, which means they will face against Alexandrov Grigorovich. He gives Licht a warning that battle against the Royal Guards won't be easy, as not only Alexandrov was there but there's also have Three Grand Generals which is considered as one of the strongest troops amongst the Royal Guards, what's even worse is the fact the army have over 5000 soldiers in total to back their arms. More importantly, there's security guards watching over the entrance to the Althea and they cannot fake their own identity due to the Ballots has a ability to check their identity. As the others has a hard time of figuring how to enter Althea, Nana figured out an "ancient" plan that could use against any man regardless of how many centuries has passed, which as the "horny trap" by her.

Licht as "Rihiko"

Once they had arrived on Althea, Licht disguised as a ugly woman who tries to seduces the security guards, Nana (As the owner of a brothel) says that they're planning to open a brothel in the Althea so she hope the security guards allow them to enter the city. However, the security guards doesn't fall into the trap due to the woman she had was ugly. Due to Licht's disguise doesn't work, Nana calls Jail out instead which he also dressed as a woman too. While Jail thought it was troublesome to deal with the security guards, they all has been fall into the trap which they believed Jail is a beauty so they gave Nana and the others a pass. As Nana and the others entered the Althea, the security guards was worried that they might be demoted for their actions earlier but they all felt their treatment was deserved, as long as the long haired "beauty" Jail is around. While entering the city, Nana was laughed at how perfect Jail's disguise was, to the point where Licht even tried to ask him if he wears woman's panties before he was punched by him.

After they found a hotel to stay, Nana said that they would two mans and two womans to sleeps on two different rooms. However, Hina disliked the idea so she choose to sleep together with Licht, while Nana would have to sleep with Jail instead. Once they stay inside the room, Hina intended to continue their unfinished business but she wants to ask him a question first before doing that. Hina asked Licht about what's exactly happened to Schmelman in these 300 years. Although she couldn't forgive him on the Class A being treated as test subjects, she also felt something's odds about him that doesn't match up with what he said before the Abandonment War. Licht reveals that his current last name "Bach" used since the Abandonment War, was in fact, Schmelman's last name. He explains that while he didn't told anybody about this, he became Schmelman's adoptive son sometimes before the war started.

Schmelman's hugged young Licht in the flashback

During his school time, Licht found Schmelman playing with dolls and asks him what he's doing, Schmelman claims that he isn't playing with dolls but he treating them as his children. Schmelman explains his past to Licht, about his mother hated him so much due to his father's divorce. His mother always got drunk and beat him for having the same eyes as his father. Schmelman, to prevent getting in trouble, tries to keep his eyes close so that his mother won't beat him. Then, eventually she grabs a knife to gouge them out, managing to get one. At that time, Schmelman's gene awoke, which caused him to kill his mother by accident. After that incident, Schmelman was sent to the orphanage. As he grew older, he became a soldier and married. His dream was to have a lovely family and reading a storybook to his child. One day, when Schmelman returns home, he discovers that his wife committed suicide. She leaves him a bunch of notes, apologizing for the fact she can't get pregnant and raise a child for him. Although it's revealed that Schmelman's body might have some problems that cause him to be infertile. Soon, Licht calls Schmelman "dad" and says Sakai Tokikaze's grandmother told him that he can find his own father. Schmelman, blushing, asks Rihito to call him "Papa" instead of "Dad". This shocked Rihito but he embarrassingly calls him "Papa" once anyway. Schmelman goes to hug Rihito and starts crying. After this, Rihito becomes Schmelman's adoptive son.

After hearing Schmelman's past, Hina was surprised at it. Licht said that she's right about something might had happened to Schmelman, claims that no matter how much his personality has changed he would never betray a children. His personality of loving children is also one of the reasons why Licht believes Taketora's words that the Class A may be still alive. Hina said that after everything was finished, she will make a baby with Licht and shows Schmelman his grandchildren in the future, which he fainted afterwards. At the same time, Jail wanted to sleep on living room as a man sleeping together with a woman doesn't feel right, Nana says that it's fine as she has been sleeping together with Licht on her mobile tavern for over 300 years old so she should be fine. Jail then went to his bed and sleeps, while Nana feeling nervous while sleeping together with him. As they're sleeping, Nana asks Jail if he's still awaken but he didn't respond, so she went to the living room instead.

The King of Althea's arrival

At the next day, Alexandrov and the Three Grand General's has been summoned by Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, the King of Althea, to have a meeting for giving three Ballots to the Special Service at the royal capital.

The chapter ends at the King just arrived at their meeting and asked Alexandrov if he supported her decision.


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