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Foolish Plan (愚帝 Gu Tei, lit. "Foolish King", Yen Press: Foolish Queen) is the 38th chapter of Plunderer manga.


Inside the royal capital, Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, the King of Althea, had just arrived on her throne. Together with Alexandrov Grigorovich and the Three Grand Generals, the king started their meeting to discuss if Althea Royal Guard should give their ballots to the Special Service.

Due to Alexandrov seemly disagree of this idea, the king asked the Three Grand Generals for their opinions instead. Freidkam Von Lightning, the "Thunder Emperor", supported the decision of giving Special Service their ballots, as Althing's support to keep Althea floating is slowly disappearing due to one of Special Service's Ballots was stolen 5 years ago. With the "Abyss Demon" incident that happened in Linden few months ago, it's only matter of time that Althea would fall into the ground so they must re-approve the support as soon as possible before it's too late. However, Robert Du Vanvich, the "Wind Emperor", he opposed this idea, because he believed it's Special Service's fault that they lost one of their Ballots and if they're insisted to do so, they should have gives their Ballots to the Royal Guards instead. Then, Yi Yan Xialou, the "Water Emperor", she stated if they do, it would cause the war between Special Service and Althea Royal Guard. Robert then stated they should have no problem to fight against them, as long as Robert releases his army to fight. Freidkam said there's no way they were able to defeat Special Service as the Royal Guard's forces are too weak to fight against them. Soon, Robert called Freidkam and Xialou as cowards because they feared the Special Service, which angered them. As they're arguing, the king felt annoyed at the Grand general's behavior and told them just to agree her decision already, saying that it doesn't matter which outcomes they choose to do as long as she's able to eat her favorite cakes afterwards.

Alexandrov explains to the King on how the creation of Althea was wrong

While listening the king's words, Alexandrov reminded what his foster-child Jail Murdoch once said to him before the meeting, that if he ever did something's wrong he will give him punishment and teach him the right path to go. Then, Alexandrov outright stated that the creation of Althea was wrong to begin with, says that while it's good for the king able to eat her favorite cakes whenever she likes, the cakes she always eaten was in fact stolen from the Abyss so she shouldn't enjoy it while the Abyss suffering from starvation. The king then, simply order the Three Grand Generals to leave in a angered tone. After the grand generals leave, the King acts more cheerful and childish towards Alexandrov and didn't give him the punishment he suppose to got. Alexandrov tries to tell Charles don't try to act childish as that kind of attitude doesn't suit her title as the king, but she says it doesn't matter as nobody is around right now. After Charles done playing around, she told Alexandrov to not give the ballots to the Special Service, as they cannot be trusted due to their bad sides especially nowadays. She actually agreed Alexandrov's thought that the creation of Althea was wrong and she has always been thinking about how to solve the salvation issues the Abyss had, while keeping both countries at peace at the same time to not cause any more war happen. Due to all those conditions, Charles says that it would be better if he gave their ballots to the "Flash Baron" instead, whom she believes his speed was fast enough to keep the ballots from being stolen by them. Then, after they gave the ballots to Licht Bach, she will continue to pretend as a foolish king in public, until when she become 14 years old so she could marry Alexandrov and promote him as the actual King of Althea while she would become the queen instead. Being shocked, Alexandrov only asked her what will she gonna to do if the war between Althea and Abyss begin before she turns 14 years old, and she says that she will accept her fate as the King of Althea and will take responsibility for everything after the war had ended. Soon, Charles went back to her room and tell him she wanted to shows him something.

Robert betrayed Althea Royal Guard

While waiting, Alexandrov is totally impressed how mature Charles thinks despite her young age and felt he has been "defeated" by her for her mature mindset. In the king's room, Charles tries to wear her wedding dress but the dress is too huge for her body size. Due to this, she is sadden as her body could't grow any faster. Soon, Charles overheard a sound on her bed, reveals to be a Special Service's spy hiding on the room. Alexandrov overheard the gunshot sounds from the king's room, it showed that the Special Service planned to kill Charles all along. As she's dying, Charles asked Alexandrov about if she looked good on weeding dress and told him not to speak formally, he then said that he has never meet such a beautiful woman like her before and that he will surely marries her once she become older. After the king's death, Alexandrov ordered the Three Grand Generals to find the culprit, while being angered. Soon, two of the grand generals was killed by Robert, revealing that he's actually a spy from Special Service and stated that he would used Alexandrov as a scapegoat for the king and grand general's death. Because of this, Alexandrov was accused of murdering Charles and then decided to run away in order to hides himself.

At the hotel, Licht and the others noticed the explosion coming from the royal capital and heard the soldier's words that Alexandrov "murdered" the King of Althea so they had to capture him. Not believing what the soldiers said, Jail decided to find Alexandrov and ask him what happened. Licht tried to stop Jail from going outside as they're also criminals as well but he didn't listen. As Jail running outside, both he and Jail was dragged into the alleyway by someone else, which soon revealed to be Alexandrov who tries to defends himself.


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