Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th

Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th (シャルル=テ=ベルクト=アルシア11世, Sharuru Te Berukuto Arushia Jū Ichi-sei) is a character introduced in Plunderer. She is the 11th King of Althea (Queen of Alcia in Yen Press' translation).


Charles was a young girl. She wore royal attire fitting her statues.



Past Events

Charles' father, the previous King of Althea, has been passed away from "disease" sometimes before her birth. Charles has always been suspecting her father was actually killed by the Special Service via assassination. After her mother, the Queen of Althea, died from illness, Charles was immediately crowned as the new King of Althea at very young age.

Story Events

Special Service Arc

Charles' arrive
Charles first appeared in the end of Chapter 37, she called out Alexandrov Grigorovich and the Three Grand Generals to meet her in the castle and discuss about giving the 3 Ballots to the Special Service.

After the conversation, Charles and two of the Grand Generals are killed by a spy.

Last War Arc

During the final war between Althea Royal Guard and Special Service, it's revealed by Erin that Charles isn't fully dead yet, as her corpse has been freeze by Schmelman Bach via "Frost Strike" to prevent her corpse to rot, while also find a way to resurrect her with advanced technology from Special Service.

Charles with her casual clothes in the epilogue
Thanks to Schmelman's power and Special Service's technology, Charles has been successfully "revived", she's currently living as a ordinary girl in Althea. It's revealed that Charles is extremely jealous at Erin due to her attractive appearance, although Charles knew that neither she and Erin had a chance to form a relationship with Alexandrov thanks to Firenda "plundered" his heart three years ago. Soon, Charles expressed a sad expression saying that while what Firenda done was bad, she was actually more of a victim from old era than a evil predator as the worldwide suggest to be. Charles also don't like the fact humanity had to sacrificed a victim's life to achieve the eternal peace.


  • Charles loves Alexandrov. She wants to marry him when she'll turn 14 in order for him to become the king.


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