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This article is about the sergeant of Althea Royal Guard. For second lieutenant, see Davi (Instructor).

Ah, right... Sorry... the fact that I'm the Red Baron... was a complete lie, you idiot!!

—Davi revealed his true identity to Hina, The Legendary Red Baron (Chapter 01)

Davi[1] (ダビ Dabi, Funimation: David) is the sergeant of Althea Royal Guard. He is is the first antagonist introduced in the Plunderer series.




Past Events

Davi is known for impersonating Legendary Red Baron to fool and do a lot of bad things to the girls.

Story Events

Legendary Red Baron Arc

Davi first appeared in Chapter 1. Knowing that Hina wanted to find the Legendary Red Baron, he and his henchmen went to meet her and Nana Bassler. He introduced himself as the Legendary Red Baron and remarked that he must be the person she was looking for. Hina, being happy, stated that she finally found him after 5 years of searching. With the meeting, Davi decided to bring Hina to his Guardhouse along with his henchmen.

After a brief talk, Davi began touching Hina's body while asking her name and intention. However, soon after Hina brought the Ballot out, Davi and his henchmen became hostile and said he must take the Ballot from her.

Davi reveals he is a fake Baron

With this situation, Hina revealed her count to him and ordered him to not do anything against her. Davi then ignored her order and told her to "play" the game of "The Startheft Bout". While Hina had no idea about the game at all, she had no choice but to accept his challenge. Hina was soon easily overwhelmed and lost against Davi. After Hina's defeat, Davi mocked how her count reduced to only 1 while seeing her panties. Hina cried and wondered why did he do such thing, Davi apologized to her that he wasn't the real Legendary Red Baron. Davi also called Hina as an idiot for believing the Legendary Red Baron still exist, and that it was all her fault to get involved into this situation.

Licht "teleport" behind Davi

Soon, Licht Bach arrived at the Guardhouse to save Hina. Davi and his henchmen were laughing after seeing Licht's count, although Nikola immediately realized something was wrong with Licht since he was not absorbed to the Abyss even after his count reached bellow zero. Licht then revealed his true count and that he is the real Legendary Red Baron to Hina and Davi. While his henchmen were afraid of Licht, Davi told them to calm down and that Licht must be a fake Baron just like him. Then, Licht took Hina's place to participate in a fight of "The Startheft Bout" against Davi, in order to retrive Hina's stolen counts from him. Davi was quickly defeated by Licht as he was completely no match against him. After his defeat, Davi's count was reduced to only one while Hina's count increased to 760.

Davi's fate remains unknown after his fight against Licht.

Abilities and Power

Davi's original count was 320, his count was later increased to 760 after he won the game of "The Startheft Bout" against Hina. After Davi lost against Licht, his count was dropped to only 1.

  • Master Swordsmanship: Davi claims himself to be the fastest swordsman in the army.


  • He shares the same name and facial appearance with Davi, although it's unknown if they're same character or not.
    • During the talk between Alexandrov Grigorovich, Schmelman Bach and Firenda where the three discussed the completion of Cloning Technology after Second Lieutenant Davi's death, they implied that they planned to clone Second Lieutenant Davi once again, implying that this Davi is the original's clone.[2]
  • In Funimation's official English translation, Davi's rank is sergeant-major. This is most likely a translation error as Davi's rank is sergeant in the original Japanese version.


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