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This article is about the clone created by Firenda. For the original, see Ichinose Saki.

...... Tokikaze... you told me... that we... are irreplaceable. But to him... we are just "things"... So please... let me die here... It's okay... I'll always... be there for you... and you... will always have me by your side.

—Eins tells Tokikaze before her sanity was consumed by bloodlust, Let Her Go (Chapter 70)

Eins (1号アインス Ainsu, lit. "One") is a character introduced in Plunderer manga series. She is the clone of Ichinose Saki created by Firenda 300 years ago.


Like her original, Eins has light brown hair and wears the military uniform. The noticeably difference is that Eins has a star under her left eye and reveals a bit of her breasts.


Similar to her fellow clones, Eins was shown to be incredibly sadistic, bloodthirsty, destructive and possibly perverted due to the psychological damage from her time being "raised" under the Special Service and the possible psychological abuse she suffered under Schmelman Bach. Like the other clones, Eins was also implied to hold some resentment due to her being kept in a test tube for over 300 years. Eins was also shown to be intelligent and cunning enough to use her physical appearance of the original Ichinose Saki to psychologically manipulate her intended targets, as seen where she had used this tactic against Licht Bach and used it under orders to manipulate Sakai Tokikaze.

Due to her time in the Special Service and being trained and raised by Schmelman, Eins, like her fellow clones have a strong fear of their "papa", due to him frequently threatening to have them once again put into test tubes or even worse punishment if they fail him.

Despite her violent and bloodthirsty demeanor, Eins has also shown to possess a few redeeming qualities to her, with her having shown genuine care and familial love for her fellow clones and was seen to show active worry for them when they are injured in battle.

Eins happily eating Tokikaze's onigiri

Later upon spending time with Tokikaze, despite initially disliking him due to his obvious mental instability, Eins eventually warmed up to him and become more kind hearted as she began accepting his onigiris. Having begun to slightly resemble the original Saki as she began considering him her friend. Later by the time of Licht and Tokikaze's battle, Eins was shown to have begun "remembering" the memories and feelings of the original Saki.


Special Service Arc

Along with other clones, Eins was first mentioned by Douan Taketora as the "original" Class A when he informs Licht's group about what he seen inside the Ende.

Eins first appeared at Chapter 39. When Alexandrov Grigorovich insisted of wanting the Special Service to bring him to see Schmelman Bach, along with other clones, Eins appeared in front of Alexandrov which shocks him.

The clones wasn't impressed at Darle and Riguel's counts

After Gespenst Zerlegen was revealed to be the seventh Baron, Licht and his Special Service group tries to fight against him. When Gespenst's henchmen was captured by Licht's Special Service, he orders the clones to kill all of them for him. Once the clones arrived, Eins cut off Herz Vaalheit's clothes with her rapier. Eins was a bit surprised at Herz didn't scream or attempt to cover her body, she soon realized that Herz was too scared to even embarrassed by it and told her to not worry as she would kill her soon. Licht tried to save Herz and grab Eins' neck, she manipulates him by imitating Saki's personality and stabs his stomach, while laughed at him for easily believing she's the original Saki. After Darle and Riguel told Herz to escape together with Licht's group, Eins was disappointed at them as their counts was too low to even need to fight them seriously.

When Gespenst was about to kill Darle and Riguel, Lyne Mei returned to the base and stop him from killing them. Once she arrived, Eins asks Gespenst if he allow her to kill Lyne and he said with yes. As he's about to warn the clones, Eins told the others to drops their Ballots as they believed Lyne was a weakling. However, when Lyne started to fight, she broke Eins' left arm which shocks her. Gespenst then stated that this is what happened when they take their enemies lightly, he explains that Lyne was the only person who ever managed to hit Schmelman in the past 300 years so she's far from being weak. Eins tried to told Vier to use her Ballot but it was too late as Vier has already beaten. Soon, Gespenst said he will challenge Lyne alone, which Eins claims it's too late for her to regret now as he's stronger than Licht, as showed how he effortlessly beat him earlier despite they didn't know anything about Gespenst's power. After Gespenst managed to beat Lyne by luck, along with the other clones was angrily kicking her broken arm as a paid back for what she done earlier. Soon, Gespenst ordered the clones to not kill Lyne, as she's a important "toy" for him to be used later on. After they went back to the main base, along with other clones, Eins uses the healing tank to heal their injury.

"Old" Baron vs "New" Baron

Once their injury was healed, under Schmelman's order, the clones goes after Sonohara Mizuka and take Licht's original Ballot back. Eins used her "flashing strike" ability to instantly moved to Mizuka's behind and attack her. As Mizuka fall into the forest, Eins went to attack her but Mizuka put her gun on Eins' head by surprise and shoot her, Eins was surprised at this as she heard Mizuka is the most useless one out of all seven original Barons. Mizuka stated that she was indeed unless so that's why she wants to change by having her own conviction. Under the "Pursuit" ability, Mizuka fires several gunshots at Eins in which she has a hard time to dodge. When Eins is almost defeated by Mizuka, she was saved by Zwei who had just arrived, which Mizuka surprised. Mizuka tried to fires Zwei but it's showed that he's immune to the bullets. Once the other clones arrived, they all defeated Mizuka and ripped out her clothes, as they wanted to have some "fun".

The clones revealed their true counts

When Taketora arrived to save Mizuka and smashes Vier's head to the tree, Eins decided to goes after Mizuka but her movement was affected by his gravity ability, he claims that "Flash" is weak aganist "Heavy". Eins was annoyed at this as she believes his gravity would only works against Licht and not her. Soon, the clones revealed their count have 500000 and stated the new generation are several times much stronger than old generation. This caused Taketora to activate his bloodlust genes to increases his counts. He told the clones that the reason why he didn't rely on his bloodlust genes that much, was because the bloodlust would also ends up killing himself too. Because of how Taketora's bloodlust genes works, he wants the clones to die together with him.

Licht defeated the New Class A

When Taketora stopped using his gravity, Eins and the other clones thought that he was about to die so they went to attack him. However, Licht arrived the battlefield with his original Ballot which scares the clones due to the legend about him having fearsome counts on his Ballot. Once Licht's count revealed to be 300000, the clones was angered at him as they can't believe his count was actually that low compared to theirs. During the fight, the clones were completely no match against Licht and Taketora with some help from Mizuka. Taketora actives his bloodlust genes and uses his gravity ability on the clones, while Licht actives his bloodlust genes to increases his count so the gravity won't affect him, which shocks the clones as they can't believe him to be able to move in current state. Before Licht landing his finishing blows, he told that the clones that he was glad to meet them as their existence confirmed that original Class A no longer around and it's time for him to move on from his regret. Then, Licht and Taketora defeated the clones. After they defeated the clones, Taketora said the clones are like the rookies who uses the tanks for battle. He explains that while the clones have high counts, they're inexperience when comes to war and teamwork which leads their defeat.

Last War Arc

Tokikaze and the Class A "reunion"

After the clones was defeated, they went back to the Ende and heals their injury. When the clones returned to their main base, they discovered the healing tank was disabled. Schmelman then appeared behind them and told them that they've been abandoned due to their failures and behaviors of mishandling their enemies. The clones was scared and keep begging Schmelman to not seals them into the tubes to sleep for another 300 years. Then, Schmelman gives them one last chance and their new mission is to pretend themselves as "someone else". Soon, the brainwashed Sakai Tokikaze appeared and told the clones not to kill, as he mistakenly thought the Class A is still alive. Before Eins could tell him that she's a clone of Saki, it's interrupted by Schmelman telling Tokikaze that the Special Service are not his enemy. The clones now understands that Schmelman wanted them pretend themselves as the original Class A, so the Special Service are able to keep Tokikaze in control.

Tokikaze saves Eins from Schmelman's hand

Two months later, Tokikaze is still giving the clones some onigiri to eat, but Eins stopped him and told him they're not his real friends from 300 years ago. Soon, the clones was ordered by Schmelman to have battle training. As Schmelman trains the clones, he stated he is extremely disappointed that even after two months of training, the clones is still too weak and they barely improved themselves. With this, Eins claimed that Schmelman is a crazy madman for doing all these training, and asked him why didn't he kill the citizen of Althea before he ordered the air forces retreat. Schmelman explained he retreat because he has somehow being tricked by "someone", which Eins was confused at which person he mentioned. Then, Schmelman stated he now understand why the clones were so naive was due to he never kill them before. Soon, Schmelman choking Eins' neck and tried to kill her so the clones can improve their fighting skills, but it's interrupted by Tokikaze who went to save her. Despite Tokikaze saved Eins, Schmelman defeated him by just a single slash. While he felt disgusted at Tokikaze's action, he ordered Eins to brought him to the medical room, and he ordered the remaining clones keep continue their training.

Eins cries as she hugging Tokikaze

As Eins brought Tokikaze to the medical room, she claimed his action was foolish and wondered why did he saved her, as she's just a merely clone created to served as a tool for Schmelman and doesn't understand the meaning of life. Soon, Tokikaze went to the kitchen and brought his onigiri to Eins again. While Eins was angered at him, Tokikaze stated that he already knew the clones aren't his real friends. Despite knowing Eins just merely a clone of Saki, he still wanted to save her from Schmelman's hands. As Tokikaze started crying, he stated he was traumatized by original Class A's death for over 300 years long, and that he doesn't want to see any more people die in front of him. He also apologized Eins for mistaken her for Saki earlier and hugged her. Then, Eins asked Tokikaze if he really gone berserked or not. Tokikaze said that he do went berserked but he can still keep some of his sanity around. Soon, Eins asked Tokikaze which person he want to kill, he only stated that Licht is not the person he wanted to kill. According to Eins' flashback, Tokikaze wanted to kill himself but he's unable to do so due to the effect of the drug, which she ended up hugging him and cries due to knowing he would sacrifice himself for Licht and Hina's sake.

One month later, the final battle between Althea Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun, Along with the Tokikaze and other clones, Eins went to fight against Licht's group. Before the fight begin, Zwei asked Eins that why is she eating the onigiri and she replies that she's simply hungry. As the fight between Sakai brothers is about to begin, Taketora uses his gravity ability to sent everyone out from battlefield as far as possible to avoid anyone getting killed by accidentally.

Eins kisses Tokikaze

Later, after the Sakai brothers went completely berserked, Jail Murdoch, Taketora and Hina tried their best to reach them but none of their plans works. After hearing Gespenst's explanation that only people with the same speed as Licht were able to dodge he and Tokikaze's slashes, Eins finally decided to help Hina to reaches the Sakai brothers, in hope to return their sanity back to normal. When berserked Tokikaze is about to kill Hina, Eins went to stop him and asks him if he seen her as his friend or not. While Tokikaze tries to kill Eins, his attacks always stops before her and none of his attacks ever harm her. Soon, Eins told Tokikaze to not be scared as his friend now comes to save him and kissed him. After the kiss, Tokikaze finally regained his sanity and dropped his Ballot.

Schmelman tries to brainwash Eins

After Tokikaze regained his sanity, he asked Eins why was she risked her life to save him, when there might be a chance that he won't able to stop his attack. Eins stated that risking her life is the only way to save him from fully consumed by bloodlust. Then, Tokikaze asked her if she ever think what would happen if he ended up killing his beloved one, which Eins was surprised at being referred as his lover and cried. As both of them hugging each other, they noticed Schmelman's presence and the fact he has already arrived in the forest. Zwei tried to beg Schmelman to forgive Eins and let her go, but Schmelman stated that he won't forgive any clones for betraying him. After Schmelman activated the switch, Eins felt something's wrong with her head. Schmelman explains that he gave the clones the exact same drug he used on Tokikaze and Licht before to brainwashes them. While the drug effect won't last as long as the old Barons did due to the fact they're the new generation, it do allows the clones to rapidly increases their strength to be at least as strong as the original seven Barons when they activated their bloodlust genes.

Eins' "farewell"

Before the clones completely lost their sanity, Eins told Tokikaze to kill her as soon as possible before it's too late. Eins said that she realized that she was created by the Special Service with the intention to make Tokikaze suffering in the first place, so she believes they're not allowed to live in this world. Soon, Eins thanked Tokikaze for told her that she's not a weapon and her existence are irreplaceable, and also said that she will forever staying together with him even after her death. Despite the drug, Eins is seems to resisting the drug's effect and she keeps her sanity long enough to know that Firenda is the one behind everything.

When Firenda is about to be killed by Licht, Eins has finally lost her sanity and she beings to kill Hina, which Firenda claims this is the victory of the Special Service. Tokikaze tried to take Eins out from chocking Hina's neck but Eins is too powerful for him to handle. Soon, Zwei took Eins out while he still trying to keep his sanity from being consumed by his bloodlust. After Zwei successfully stopped Eins, she immediately fainted afterward.


After the final war was ended, together with other clones and the original Class A, Eins moved to the Abyss and help the Abyss children to produce foods and resources.

On the day where Hina's child would born, Eins can be seen finding Tokikaze and wonder when did he gone.

Abilities and Power

Eins' count is 500000. According to Gespenst, Eins and the other clones obtained the Red Baron's powers, which makes them even stronger than the original 7 Red Barons. Later when the clones gone berserked via drug, Eins' count can't be shown properly as it's written on gibberish, presumably her count has became infinite in this state.

Saki's "true" speed of flash

  • Flashing Strike (閃撃 Sengeki): Just like Licht, Eins' ability as the new Red Baron was speed of flash.
    • Superhuman Speed: Eins can move much faster than light.
    • Supernatural Leap: The ability to leap to supernatural heights and distances.
  • Master Swordsmanship: Being a clone of original Saki, Eins obtains the swordsmanship skills from her original, except being more skillful and faster than her original.