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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see The Legendary Red Baron.

The Legendary Red Baron (伝説の撃墜王 Densetsu no Gekitsui-ō, lit. "The Legendary Aerial Ace", Funimation: The Legendary Ace) is the first episode of Plunderer anime.


The episode begins at young Hina watching her mother being absorbed in the mysterious black hole. Before her mother is taken, she requested from Hina to find a Legendary Red Baron and gave Hina a black orb. After her mother was taken, Hina cries out loud at her death.

Licht "meet" Hina

After 5 years of searching, Hina arrived in a town named Irinis. The citizen of Irinis talks with Hina, she reveals that her hometown was in Fieni and she is searching for someone. Suddenly, a masked man shows up in front Hina which causes the other girls run away. The masked man asks Hina for money to buy something else. With him bleeding, the masked man stated that he can't hold on anymore and hoping Hina can give him her "money", while he touching her body. Hina was frightened and ran away, but the masked kept following her. Soon, the masked man was slapped by a woman. The woman's name was Nana Bassler.

It was revealed that masked man's name was Licht Bach. Nana wants to apologize for his behavior, Licht interrupts Nana asking about the food. Nana asks him where's the money she gave him to run errands, Licht tried to ignore her question but she says she will give him a punishment for not doing his job properly. Because of the punishment he got, Hina was laughed at them, whivh Nana was confused. Hina introduced herself to Nana which she was surprised at her name, as it's rare for someone at Althea to have a kanji name. She also stated she is searching for someone, under her mother's request who died five years ago. When Nana realized her mother fallen into the Abyss, Hina was confused and asks her about it, which Nana surprised as she can't believe Hina doesn't know anything about the count. Nana explained that everyone in Althea has their own count since birth and it's the life system to keep them alive. Soon, Licht tried to sneak food for himself, but he was knocked by Nana instead which caused the other girls keep kicking him for sexual harassment. Hina reveals her count, Licht appears in front of her, trying to see her panties. Nana orders Licht to handstand until he dies, as an example of how count works in this world. Hina asks about the "Legendary Red Baron", Nana asks Licht that if he knew anything, but he was quick to shake his head.

Davi attempt to invite Hina to his guardhouse

After both Nana and Licht said they doesn't anything about the Baron. she felt sadden and wants to leave the city. As she leaving, she meets a soldier named Davi and self-proclaimed as the "Legendary Red Baron", claiming that he must be the person she was looking for. Hina, being happy, stated that she finally found him after 5 years of searching. With the meeting, Davi decided to bring Hina to his Guardhouse along with his henchmen. After Hina was invited by Davi, it was shown that Licht is drinking with his mask on. He then said that there's someone who tries to impersonating the "Legendary Red Baron" to swindle people and doing awful things to girls. Knowing this, Licht goes to find Hina and save her.

Davi challenges Hina in the "Startheft Bout" battle

After a brief talk, Davi began touching Hina's body while asking her name and intention. However, soon after Hina brought the Ballot out, Davi and his henchmen became hostile and said he must take the Ballot from her. With this situation, Hina revealed her count to him and ordered him to not do anything against her. Davi then ignored her order and told her to "play" the game of "The Startheft Bout". While Hina had no idea about the game at all, she had no choice but to accept his challenge. Hina was soon easily overwhelmed and lost against Davi. After Hina's defeat, Davi mocked how her count reduced to only 1 while seeing her panties. Hina cried and wondered why did he do such thing, Davi apologized to her that he wasn't the real Legendary Red Baron. Davi also called Hina as an idiot for believing the Legendary Red Baron still exist, and that it was all her fault to get involved in this situation.

Licht confronts Davi

Soon, Licht arrived at the Guardhouse to save Hina. Licht states that he will challenge Davi to a game of "The Startheft Bout" in Hina’s stead. Davi and his henchmen were laughing after seeing Licht's count, although his henchmen immediately realized something was wrong with Licht since he was not absorbed to the Abyss even after his count reached below zero. Licht tells Hina to stop finding the "Legendary Red Baron", as they are not heroes but murderers. Although he also stated that he will return Hina's counts back from Davi.

The episode ends at Licht reveals his true identity was the "Legendary Red Baron".

Differences in Adaptation

  • Hina is shown to be talking with other citizens in Irinis about the Legendary Red Baron. This scene doesn't exists in manga.
  • In the anime, Hina mentioned her hometown is Fieni. In the manga, the name of her hometown was never reveal.
  • The way Hina and Licht meets each other was different in anime. In the manga, Licht "meet" Hina in a street while looking at her panties. In the anime, however, Licht meet Hina in a river while scaring her and other girls.
  • The scene where Nana orders Licht to handstand until he dies was skipped in the anime. Instead, it's replaced by Licht being attacked by a brunch of girls due to sexual harassment.
  • The rules of the Startheft Bout was changed in the anime. In the manga, it's explained that anyone can starts the Startheft Bout whenever someone disobey their orders. In the anime, it's explained that only soldiers are allowed to starts the Startheft Bout.
  • Davi's name is mentioned in the anime. In the manga, he was simply called "Sergeant" and his name wasn't revealed until his character information released for Volume 1.
  • Although the full story wasn't revealed, the scenes of all seven Red Baron from the legend was shown earlier in the anime.
  • In the anime, all of Davi's subordinates points out about how Licht is still alive even with that low counts. In the manga, Nikola is the only one that mentioned about the issue.
  • The anime added Hina's narrative about how the Legendary Red Baron have a star around and how she's sure that Licht is the Red Baron.


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  • This episode is first premiered in theaters in Shinjuku for a limited airing on December 8, 2019.