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I Hate You! (だいっきらい! Daikkirai!) is the second episode of Plunderer anime.


The chapter begins with the Legend of the Red Barons. It was said that there was the Abandonment War and the world was devastated until a group known as the Legendary Red Barons appeared. After the end of the Abandonment War, the Legendary Red Barons were disappeared from the world and never to be seen again.

Licht "teleport" behind Davi

Back in present time, it shows Licht Bach holding Hina in his hands and every soldiers were afraid at him due to him being a Baron. Davi told them to calm down and that Licht must be a fake Baron just like him. Then, three of the soldiers charged at him with rapiers, Licht disappeared and and caused all three soldiers to clash against the wall by walking. Licht begin to take Hina's place to participate in a fight of "The Startheft Bout" against Davi, in order to retrieve Hina's stolen counts from him. As Licht "teleport" behind Davi. Licht wonders what’s wrong with Davi and tell him that all he did was just "walk around". He also tells Davi that he must return Hina's count back to her.

On the other side, Nana Bassler and a old costumer saw the explosion from the Althea Royal Guard's base. The old costumer wonders what's happened there and Nana explains that Licht is known as the Flash Baron and his true count was 5700. The old costumer was confused at why does Licht has minus count when his second count has 5700, Nana didn't explain why does his first count has minus numbers but it was the number of girls that turned him down.

Davi being defeated

Davi is easily overwhelmed by Licht’s battle and combat prowess. When Licht jumps higher, he apologizes to Hina for all the violence. Hina told him to not get hurt and that she will prepare a launch for him to eat. Licht then promises her that he will launch together with her and that he will returns her counts back from Davi. Once Davi is defeated, Licht takes Hina's Ballot and told her that he will sell it for money. While Hina cries for him to not leave, he merely says he will give her his doll instead in exchange of Ballot. Hina exclaims that he isn't the hero that she's looking for.

Hina regains her Ballot

As Hina enters town, she cried to Nana about Licht taking her mother's Ballot and Nana inspects the doll, and hands it back to Hina, smiling. In Hina's hands the bear doll bursts into flowers and her Ballot was inside. Hina wonder why is the Ballot being put inside the doll, and Nana explains that's how Licht's personality were. She explains to Hina that the reason Licht does this is because owning a Ballot is a crime, so he has to make an excuse to prevent Hina getting killed by the soldiers. After Hina discovered Licht's true intention and went to find him, she found him sitting in a wagon and tells him that she was lonely all through childhood, and that Licht was the first to make her happy. Then, Hina asks him that he should stay together with her so that they could live happily. However, Licht didn't choose to stay with her and his first count was reduced to -1000, while Hina cries and shout "You Liar!" behind him.

Davi's henchman informs his real commander about the Flash Baron

Once Licht left the city, one of Davi's henchmen appears behind Hina and discovers that Licht already returned the Ballot back to her. This terrified Hina as she thought that henchmen might come back for the revenge. However, that henchmen claims that he had no interest at Hina's Ballot, in fact, he's more interested at Licht himself instead. That henchmen thanks Hina that he could finally discover Licht's whereabouts after all these times. Soon, that henchmen informs his "true" commander about Licht and says that that they will capture the Flash Baron.

Differences in Adaptation

Dragons, as seen in the Red Baron's legend on anime

  • In the Red Baron's legend, the dragons can be seen in the battlefield. In the manga, dragons doesn't exists and the legend never mention anything about the dragons.
  • Davi's thought about Licht's speed was removed in the anime.
  • The anime added Tsukina's flashback scenes right after Hina's count increased to 760.
  • The scene where Nikola gives Hina a gold was removed in the anime.


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  • This episode is first premiered in theaters in Shinjuku for a limited airing on December 8, 2019.
  • In one of Hina's scenes, when she's running while telling Licht about her thought, the background doesn't move.