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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see I Can't Help This Is My Uniform.

I Can't Help This Is My Uniform (制服だから仕方ない Seifukudakara Shikatanai, Funimation: The Unavoidable Uniform) is the third episode of Plunderer anime.


A soldier from the Althea Royal Guard asked Nana Bassler about Licht Bach's whereabouts. She explains that she haven't see him for a while and claims that she didn't know that he was the "Legendary Red Baron". The soldier then tell Nana if she found him, she must report it immediately as he is a criminal. After the soldier left the mobile tavern, Hina wonders if Licht is going to be fine and Nana says that he should be fine as that other soldier didn't report the Royal Guards about his whereabouts and keep it a secret, even though he knew exactly where he gone during his conversation with Hina earlier.

In the other side, there's a village called "Hoemmh" on the mountain, Lyne Mei, the sergeant major of the Royal Guards, had just done created her flyers about a children's playground. Her subordinate, Pele Poporo, entered her office to report a news from the Royal Guards. However, Lyne tell Pele to do their volunteer work before reporting, as she want to increase her count since her count goes up based on how many desperate people she helps. While doing the volunteer, Lyne finds the villagers is in trouble so she had to help them.

Licht as the "pudding"

After they finished their volunteer work, Pele informs Lyne about the report he received earlier. The Royal Guards ordered the soldiers to capture a criminal known as the "Legendary Red Baron". At first, Lyne was confused at the name as she never heard the legend before. Pele explains that the Legendary Red Baron were the hero from 300 years ago, which surprise her as she can't there is someone had a long life-spawn. Looking at the wanted image, Lyne wonder how they can recognize the criminal if he hiding his face with a mask. Soon, they found a masked man with pudding costume standing in front of them. Based on a description of the "Legendary Red Baron", Lyne apprehends a nearby masked man in attempt to capture him. That masked man claims that he wasn't Licht, but a certain "Pudding" with negative 1000 count and crying over the women who rejected him. Hearing Licht's reason, Pele suggests Lyne that they should help him, saying that this is the perfect opportunity for her to increase her count. Although Lyne disagreed with the idea, Licht agreed with it and want to date with her which make her had no choice but to help him.

As the "date" begins, Lyne and Licht hold their hands, sit together, drink together and walk on the bridge together under Pele's ideas. Their "date" eventually ends with Pele want them to do "that stuff" together, where Licht begin to sexually harassing her. While the count increasing, Lyne says that she doesn't want to do that as her mind isn'tready yet. Suddenly, Pele's attitude changed and says that he felt tired of fooling around. He points out that Licht's negative 1000 means he must be a Ballot Holder, as there's no way he would be still alive if his count was indeed negative 1000. Lyne then take Licht's mask and realize that he is indeed the "Legendary Red Baron" that was shown in the wanted poster. Pele calls Lyne stupid as it took her way too long to figured out, which make her angry afterwards.

Lyne as Licht "confesses" his ture feeling

Soon, Licht took Lyne's saber away and says that she can't do anything without her weapon. However, Lyne claims that he miscalculated the situation, as Lyne's signature move wasn't swordsmanship but her physical combat. This was proven to be true by Lyne broke a tree with just s single kick. She then says that she will begin capture him by kicking him until he surrendered. As she's kicking Lyne, Pele points out her panties is visible while she kicking around. which it embarrassed her. Seeing at her reaction, both Licht and Pele wonder why were she so surprised when she wears a miniskirt. Then, Licht "confessed" his love on Lyne by saying she "melted" his heart. Lyne was seen to be blushing after the confession, although Pele was unfazed by it. Lyne tells him she accepted his "proposal" and said she will surely marries him if he take his responsibility. Soon, Pele tells Lyne that Licht has already ran away, saying that his "proposal" are merely just to turn her off guard so he could escape, in which irritated her.

Jail destroys Nana's mobile tavern

On Irinis, Hina is doing her part-time job at Nana's mobile tavern. Hina asking Nana when will they start finding Licht, Nana says they won't need to rush as she's sure that he will gonna be fine. Soon, a lieutenant named Jail Murdoch interrogates Nana to learn Licht's whereabouts. Nana tried to pretend she doesn't know where Licht hone, but Jail warmed her to not lie and locked her legs with his metal ability, saying that he won't forgive any liar for tricking him. Nana tells Jail that all she knows is that he went to the east, although Jail claims that Licht actually went to the west and destroys her mobile tavern. Jail then went to his wagon and orders the soldiers to hunt Licht down.

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the beginning of the episode, the soldiers asked Nana about Licht and told her to inform them if she saw him. This scene doesn't happened in the manga.
  • The anime added a few more extra scenes on Lyne's helping villagers of Hoemmh.
  • The butcher and baker made their debut on anime much earlier than the manga. In the manga, they appeared when Avsette Vremya asked Lyne if Licht was her boyfriend on Chapter 4.
  • The anime added one more extra scenes on Licht and Lyne's date, where Gespenst told them to walk through the bridge.


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New Characters


Anime and Manga comparison of Licht's wanted posters

  • This episode is first premiered in theaters in Shinjuku for a limited airing on December 8, 2019.
  • Licht's wanted poster image is basically taken from the manga shot.
  • There's an animation error in this episode. Even though Licht took Lyne's saber away, in one of her kicking scenes, the saber is still attached on Lyne's skirt.