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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see Ballot Holder.

Ballot Holder (違法所持者 バロットホルター Barotto Horutā, lit. Illegal Holder) is the 4th episode of Plunderer anime.


As Jail Murdoch moving towards to the west, Hina and Nana Bassler stand up from the ground with Hina asks Nana what just happened and what had Jail done. Nana explains that he must be a Ballot Holder, the kind of people who can grant their power from the Ballot directly. Ballot can give the user immense strength depends on how many counts do they have. The fact Ballot can give user any power is the reason why owning a Ballot is illegal, and also the reason why Licht Bach tried to protect Hina by pretending he stolen her Ballot earlier. After the explanation, Hina realized that amount of threats the Ballot could cause and learned the reason why the Althea Royal Guards acted hostile suddenly once she showed her Ballot earlier.

In Hoemmh, Lyne Mei doing her volunteer work while being disappointed at Licht escaped earlier. Pele Poporo asks Lyne what does she wants if she successfully captured Licht, and Lyne says she want to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant so that she could wear a better uniform rather than the "sexual harassment" one she currently wearing. Pele wonders if she will wearing waitress or dominatrix costumes but she insisted that she won't wear those type of clothes, what she wants is a long pants that could make her look cool. After the discussion about the uniforms ended, both Lyne and Pele continues their volunteer work but Pele went lazy in the middle of his job. Seeing Pele's attitude, Lyne had to find someone to help her instead. Soon, Licht reappears and says he will help her to continues their volunteer. Realizing that Licht is still around, Lyne chases him through the village where several misunderstandings lead the villagers to think she and Licht are having a lover's quarrel. As Lyne tries to deny that Licht being her boyfriend, he asks her why does she revealed her panties if he aren't her boyfriend, which the villagers all says that they've already seen her panties a lot of times on daily basics. Then, Licht escapes again when she complains about her uniform in front of the villagers.

In the other side, Hina decides she must warn Licht about Jail and goes to the west, but cannot as they must first rebuild Nana's wagon. Seeing Hina's attitude, Nana suggests her to become her employer after her wagon has rebuilt, not only Hina will work with Nana but she can also stay together with Licht as well once he returned. Hina accepted Nana's offer and said that she will try her best.

Back to Hoemmh, Licht wonders about the villagers who seem more interested in living peacefully than helping catch criminals. The villagers requests Lyne to help them to solves their problems. While helping the villagers, Lyne accidentally broke a girl's doll which makes her feel sadden. Seeing how Lyne tries hard to help the villagers, Licht realized that she is not a bad person and that she always tries her best to help them. Soon, Licht went to help Lyne to fix the girl's doll, although she and the villagers went to capture him again. While they're running, it's showed that both Licht and Lyne were smiling together.

In the forest, Nana opened her mobile tavern there with Hina doing her job for the first time. After Hina had done with sending foods and drinks, she tells Nana how awesome the shop is as people enjoyed Nana's foods so much that they eats and drinks happily. Soon, Hina received a new order so she had to bring the drinks to the costumers. While doing so, the costumers said that Hina is cute and very hardworking which makes her smile afterward.

Licht being caught by the Althea Royal Guard

Later on, Licht realized someone is coming so he protected Lyne from a attack. Licht was caught by a iron spike attack created by Jail. This makes Lyne being worry at Licht and feel anger at Jail's action. Jail then orders the soldiers to surround Licht and told him to stop acting like if he's injured. Then, Licht stated he had no choice but has to fight against them. While they fights, the soldier's attacks almost hit Lyne. Because of that, Licht had to defend her from being injured. After everyone realized that Licht is a Ballot Holder, Jail ordered the soldiers to stay back and stated he will handle it himself. Before doing so, he orders Lyne to explains the stuffs about the Ballot Holder and Ballot's function, as to test her knowledge as a soldier. Lyne explains that Ballot is the type of weapon that could empowers a user's combat ability and also gives them special abilities.

After Lyne's explanation on how Ballot works, Licht asked Jail that if he really want to fight him, given that his count is merely 900 compared to Licht's 5700 counts. Soon, Jail releases his attacks at Licht from the ground, which surprised him. Licht felt the fight was a bit troublesome so he tries to walk at the wall, but Jail's attack can also reach there as well. Then, Licht tries to move faster with his speed of flash ability in attempt to confuse Jail while escaping, which Pele was shocked at how ridiculously fast Licht could moves. As Licht tries to run away, Jail claims his speed was too slow and "teleport" to the front, while creates a iron pillar. As Licht fall into the ground, he wonder how comes Jail is that strong and able to move that fast, though he soon realized that Jail actually hiding his true count. Jail explains that he hide his count was due to one of his conviction to punish evildoer with his own hands, and that the rule from the army mentioned that someone with higher count must be promoted into higher ranks. Soon, Jail revealed his true count is actually 12500, which shocked Licht as he think it'll be troublesome to deal with.

Differences in Adaptation

  • When Hina asking Nana what's going one about Jail's attack earlier, Nana explains that he must be a Ballot Holder and his ability is the reason why owning a Ballot is illegal. In the manga, Nana just simply said that Jail is a Ballot Holder and that he used his ability to destroy her mobile tavern.
  • The anime added few more extra scenes about what kind of clothes should Lyne wears when she was promoted into higher rank.
  • The anime added original scenes about Hina asking Nana when will they start finding Licht, Nana hiring Hina as her employee, and Hina working on Nana's mobile tavern at the forrest. These scenes doesn't happened in the manga.


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  • Even though Avsette's name was already revealed in Chapter 57 by the time this episode aired, in the credits, her name is still listed as "Sister Greengrocer".
  • In the beginning of the epiosde, when Jail and his army went to Hoemmh, the background doesn't move.
  • Jail's iron pillars was made in CGI.