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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see Hunch.

Hunch ( Kan) is the 6th episode of Plunderer anime.


In the grassland, Licht Bach found out that he ran out of cash. Because of this, he afraid that he might not able to eat anything but grass anytime soon and panicked. At the same time, Hina found him by considerately and try to bring him back to the mobile tavern. Licht tried to called himself as the "Crow Man" and pretended he doesn't know Hina, but she immediacy knew he is indeed Licht and tell him that he can't trick her. Soon, Nana Bassler found both of them and call them to return to the mobile tavern.

At the mobile tavern, both Nana and Hina learned about what Licht has been doing since he left them, which Nana claims he caused some big troubles as all the roads have been blocked in attempt to capture him for what he has done earlier, while Hina is jealous at him meet another girl on a village and scolds him for leaving her behind.

Pelmo testing her "steel bird"

While Licht and Hina were alone, they saw a girl riding a huge "bird" at the area to experimenting something. When that girl almost falling to her death, Licht saved her with his speed of flash ability. After he saved her, that girl thanked them and asked Licht if he could fly while touching his body, in which he was embarrassed. Soon, that girl revealed her name is Pelmo, she introduced herself to them and revealed that she has been doing the aviation research since childhood. While her research always failed, she didn't give up her hope and kept on creating more "steel birds" until her research succeeded. Pelmo then asked both Licht and Hina for help. At first, he asked Pelmo that if she knew that the aviation research was forbidden and that it could to her received death penalty from the government. However, Pelmo stated that despite knowing the risk, she still want to archive her dream and don't want to give up just because of the punishment. After hearing what she said, Licht decided to help her by drawn the new parts on her "steel bird" sketch. After Pelmo saw his drawing, she realized that this missing part in the reason why her experiment always failed. She then asked Licht for his true identity but he ignored her question. As Pelmo prepared to upgrade her airplane, she told Licht and Hina to temporarily stay at outside.

While Pelmo was busying, Hina gives Licht a lunch to eat as what he promised her to do earlier, despite he broke his promise as soon as he helped her. Hina asked Licht about his purpose for travelling, but he ignored her question and went to see her panties instead. Although it's interrupted by Pelmo just finished upgraded her "steel bird". Seeing how both of them acts awkwardly, Pelmo wonder if she interrupted something but both of them denies her words.

She later experimented her "steel bird", but was stopped by the Althea Royal Guards suddenly appeared in the grassland. Both Pelmo and Hina want to hide the "steel bird" but they don't know how to hide it. Realizing the Royal Guards almost walked near them, Licht had no choice but destroyed the "steel bird" while apologies to Pelmo, in attempt to destroy the evidence that she is doing the aviation research. Once the Royal Guards arrived in the area, Pelmo asks them what are they looking for when she is just trying to replace the destroyed big fan on her house, which the soldiers realize that she didn't do aviation research and leave.

Pelmo's count dropped to zero

After the soldiers left, Licht apologies Pelmo again for what he done earlier, she said that it wasn't his fault and the situation is understandable as there's nothing he can do. Hina said that if Pelmo want to remade her "steel bird" again she will always be there to help her. However, Pelmo said it's impossible as her count was dropped to zero, which leads the black hands appearing to take her away. Licht tried to attack the black hands, but he was paralyzed by the hands and it awoke his past memories. Before Pelmo is taken, she said that she is glad that she's able to meet them and solved her problems. While they couldn't test the "steel bird" due to the Royal Guards, she believes that what Licht suggested for her research must work and the "steel bird" must be able to fly. Lastly, Pelmo told Licht and Hina that she will be fine and she predicted that she would surely meet them again in the future. Both Licht and Hina hopelessly watching Pelmo left the world and Hina was crying afterwards, despite she claims that she won't cries earlier.

After Pelmo has sent into the Abyss, Hina noticed that Licht doesn't feel well ever since he tried to slash the black hands. She found there's a code "001" showed on his left eye and wonder what's happened to him.

Differences in Adaptation

  • Licht wears different masks in the anime and manga. In the manga, he wore a mask that's look like a smiling devil. In the anime, he wore a crow mask.
  • Licht's meeting with Hina was different and happened much earlier in the anime. In the manga, he met Hina again when a man with 656 counts challenge her in the Startheft Bout game. In the anime, Licht met Hina again by coincidence.
  • In the anime, Licht asks Hina about how is she able to found him. This scene doesn't happened in the manga.
  • Nana appeared in this episode. In the manga, she only appeared in Hina's flashback, as she's repairing her mobile tavern in somewhere.
  • In the anime, Licht apologies his farewell to Hina earlier.
  • Hina gives Licht a bento box, due to the promise she made with him back during his fight against Davi.
  • The way Pelmo is introduced was different in the anime and manga. In the manga, she debuted when a man with 656 counts forcing her to marry him. In the anime, she debuted when she's experimenting her "steel bird".
  • All of the man with 656 count's screentime were removed in the anime.
  • In the anime, Licht explains the rule of aviation research being forbidden. In the manga, it was the Royal Guard's soldiers that explains that rule.
  • In the anime, as Licht talking with Hina, both of them blushes. In the manga, they didn't blush.
  • In the anime, there's a lot of soldiers went to capture Pelmo for her crimes. In the manga, there's only two soldiers doing that job.
  • As the soldiers coming, Hina tried to told Pelmo to fly and hiding herself. This doesn't happened in the manga, as Licht already destroyed the airplane before they even noticed that soldiers had arrived.
  • In the anime, when the Althing tried to launches it's second attack, Licht went to attacks the Althing but it awakened his memories from the past. This scene doesn't happened in the manga, as the Althing only launched one attack to stop Hina.
  • Both Sonohara Mizuka and Schmelman Bach made a cameo appearance in Licht's flashback scenes.
  • After Pelmo absorbed into the Abyss, Hina feel sadness and cries, despite she said she won't cry. In the manga, Hina didn't cry and she asked Licht to heals her wound instead.
  • In the anime, after Licht was attacked by the Althing, his left eye suddenly shown a number code "001". In the manga, the number code shown when Licht tries to heal Hina's wound.


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  • The absence of the man with 656 counts in the anime adaptation are most likely due to the setting changes of the Startheft Bout back in Episode 01, which would causes a plot hole if the story left unchanged.
    • Although one of the soldiers appeared in this episode looks similar to the man with 656 counts.