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It Was Delicious (美味かったよ Umakatta Yo) is the 7th episode of Plunderer anime.


In a camp, Licht Bach awakes from his sleep and look at Hina's face, while remembering what happened after Pelmo sent into the Abyss. He tried to hide what's happened back then in attempt not to make her feel worry at him. Licht considers leaving but decides to stay after Hina talks in her sleep asking him to stay. As he goes outside, Hina holding Licht's clothes and ask him if he will leave her alone again or not, and he answered her with no and that she shouldn't worry at that.

In the city, Lyne Mei and Pele Poporo investigating Licht's whereabouts as part of Jail Murdoch's team. They soon found Licht and Hina at the city and tries to arrest him, although she thanked him for saving her back in Hoemmh before doing so. Hina then stooped Lyne from taking Licht away from her, in which she confused at why did he has another girl stay with him. Both Lyne and Hina then arguing each other on how they know Licht and how much they like him. Nana Bassler soon meet them and found their conversation to be intersting, so she suggest them to have a "battle".

Hina, as she's hunting a bear

Soon, Nana arranges a cooking battle between Lyne and Hina to draw in customers, with Licht as the prize. Lyne buys vegetables in the city while Hina traps wild beasts in the forest, showing she is intimidatingly skilled at killing animals. Both of them managed to brought their materials back to the contest. While Lyne is cooking, Hina is cutting the bear's fresh with her knife which disgusted the crowds for how violence the process is, to the point where Nana even afraid at her and keep her distance far away from Hina.

In the end of the contest, Lynn created a vegetable stew while Hina created a meat stew with a deadly aura. Seeing how terrible Hina's cook looks like, he choose to taste Lyne's cook first before Hina. After done tasting the foods, Licht revealed that enjoys both. However, while he thought Hina's is clearly superior, hr is put on the spot when the crowd demands he choose a winner. Hina and Lyne is arguing each other again and keep asking Licht which one is the more superior one but he can't decide.

Licht fight against Jail for a second time

As Lyne and Hina arguing, Jail appeared in the contest and interrupted them, he mocks Lyne for how she doesn't do her job seriously and claims that he will capture Licht by himself, as they haven't finish their businesses properly yet back on Hoemmh. Licht agreed with Jail and said that they will fight for a second round. Before their fight begins, Licht thanked both girls for making delicious foods. During the second fight, Jail insisting Licht to show his full strength and don't holding back, but Licht still doesn't want to fight him seriously and shows that he would rather lose than fight in his full strength. As Jail stopped his attack after knowing Licht purposely lose to him, Nana stopped them and claims they're acting like children for damaging the town square. Both mans is overwhelmed by her forceful personality and does as she says. Soon, the rest of them do a party and drinks for entire night.

Linden after being destroyed

In the next morning, Jail, Lyne and Pele awaken and realized that Licht and the others has already left the city. As they chase them ,they come across an injured soldier from another town who told them something had happened in Linden. At the same time, Licht also noticed something's wrong at Linden as well. When they arrived at Linden, they found that the city was destroyed.

Differences in Adaptation

  • Except of Linden's scenes, none of the events on this episode actually happened in the manga.
  • Due to the anime original story, Hina, Lyne and Nana's meeting happened much earlier than the manga. In the manga, those three only met each other after Linden was attacked by the "Abyss Demon".
  • The event of Linden being attacked was supposed to take place right after Pelmo got absorbed into the Abyss.


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  • This is an anime-exclusive episode. Although some of the story idea were came from the author Minazuki Suu himself.[1]
    • According to the production team, the reason why this episode were made was to gave both Licht and Jail's party a proper meeting where they could have fun before serious stuffs happening[1].
  • Some of Licht and Jail's fighting scenes were reused the same animations and special effects from Episode 05 with different background.