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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see Abyss Demon.

Abyss Demon (アビスの悪魔 Abisu no Akuma, Funimation: Demon of the Abyss) is the 8th episode of Plunderer anime.


Jail Murdoch and Lyne Mei tries to investigating what happened to Linden, only found out some strange marks around the city and the trees. Pele Poporo discovered the survivor so they asks him what happened.

"Abyss Demon", as described by the survivor

The survivor described that while he's doing his duty as a soldier earlier, the "Abyss Demon" suddenly appeared from the "black hole" in the middle of the city. He and the other soldiers tried their best to stop the demon but none of their attack work against it, which leads to the destruction of the land. Because of being traumatized by it, the survivor were so scared and claims that the demon will surely destroy the Althea. Jail doesn't believe what the survivor said due to he think it's ridiculous, therefore he angrily claims he was lying. The survivor states that he didn't lying and what he said are absolutely true. Believing what the survivor said was true, Jail thinks that this "Abyss Demon" might be a Ballot Holder with destructive power. However, his claim was disproved by the survivor who outright stated the "Abyss Demon" can fly. After the survivor fainted, Jail was shocked as there is no any creature beside birds can fly in this world. Without choice, Jail had to find "that guy" and ask him some questions, as he was the only person who can "fly".

On Anesis, Licht Bach and Hina going back to Nana Bassler's mobile tavern. As they walking on the street, Licht tries to tell Hina to put her hands down but she refused to do so, as she afraid he will run away from her again like how he did previously. When they returned, they noticed Jail and Lyne is also present on the tavern as well which shocks them. Jail explains that he was here because he wants to ask Licht some questions about the "Abyss Demon". Seeing Licht's reaction, Jail believes that Licht wasn't the culprit behind the destruction of Linden, while also believes that Licht might know something about it as his reaction seem unnatural. Crated an iron spike aiming at Licht's head, Jail says that he need to have a talk with him so he could solve the mystery behind the "Abyss Demon", and if Licht doesn't want to talk he will force him to reveal his information by using violence. As both of them are about to fight, Nana stops them by telling them stop acting childish and bring unnecessary trouble towards the citizens again like last time. To solve their personal hatred, she came out with the idea of having both of them doing a drinking competition, if one of them got drunk will consider lose and do what the winner tell him to.

Without choice, both Licht and Jail agreed to do the drinking competition. During the competition, Jail keep asking Licht about his identity and where did he came from, but Licht keep ignoring his questions which pissed him off. Both of them continues to drink their alcohols together in hopes one of them fall. Meanwhile, both Hina and Lyne sitting together and observes the competition. As Lyne felt bored, she tries to drink an alcohol but soon she can't handle it's liquor. Under the confusion, Hina tries to drink the alcohol for the first time but she also can't handle it as well. Knowing the girls can't drink, Nana drinks the entire bottle to showcase how a adult handle the liquor well, in which both girls was shocked. Soon, Nana was too excited from drank one bottle, so she interrupts the competition and force the mans to drink more alcohols. Seeing how everyone was having fun, Hina is shows to be happy while Lyne thinking if Hina is Licht's girlfriend or not. Realizing her face turned red, Lyne tries to drink a water to calm down but she accidentally drink the alcohol, which makes her drunk. As Lyne was drunk, she tells Hina that she won't lose to her, in which Hina was confused at her words.

Soon, a earthquake suddenly happened. Licht and others investigates what's happening and soon discovered there's a black hole looked similar to the one from Linden appeared in the town. While everyone was confused at that black hole, the survivor appear again and says the "Abyss Demon" is coming to destroy the town. Seeing how messy the situation is, Jail orders the soldiers to calm down and protect the citizens from the "Abyss Demon". As Licht trying to figure out the identity of the "Abyss Demon", he recognized the sound as he found it sounds familiar, so he told Jail and the Althea Royal Guards to call everyone stay back. Jail was angered and asked Licht about the true identity of the "Abyss Demon". Licht only wonders how comes "that thing" still can fly when it shouldn't be able to fly again after the end of Abandonment War. Soon, the rotorcraft with horizontally-spinning rotors on the top appears in front of Licht and Jail, which known as the "helicopter".

Differences in Adaptation

  • Due to the anime original story in the previous episode, the scene where Licht and Hina shocked at Jail's appearance were skipped.
  • In the anime, Lyne wears an apron and cooks some foods to eat. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • The anime added extra scenes of Lyne being drunk and how she won't "lose" against Hina.


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  • This episode is premiered in the same day where Chapter 59 released.