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Plunderer (プランダラ Purandara) is the 9th episode of Plunderer anime.


After the "Abyss Demon" had appeared, the "demon" attacks the citizen with a huge missile, which Jail have to create a huge iron wall to protect them. As Jail Murdoch successfully blocked the missile, he was confused at the missile being powerful enough to destroyed half of the iron wall. Then, the "demon" launched an another missile at Jail and the Althea Royal Guards but it was soon stopped by Licht Bach. Licht tells Jail and the Royal Guard that they must work together to deal with the "Abyss Demon", which makes Jail frustrated and asks Licht about how much he knows about that "demon" and why should they follow his orders. Without choice, Licht had to his military rank as a colonel so he could take over the command. Soon, Licht went to fight against the "Abyss Demon", while Jail standing and finally realized that Licht is indeed the "Legendary Red Baron" as the superiors claimed to be.

While Licht tries to stop the "Abyss Demon", the hands of Althing suddenly appeared and stop him from reaching it. As a result, Licht has a trouble to fight. During the fight, Hina is shocked at the hands appearing again and wonders if something strange will happen again. Jail is curious at what Hina said and asks her about what she means by strange, she tells him that at one time when Licht tries to save her friend from the hands his right eye suddenly showed the number code written "001". After a while, Hina tries to ask the Royal Guards to help Licht to fight against the "Abyss Demon", but Jail stated that they can't help him, as Althing is the "god" of the Althea country so any attempt to stop the hands would result of them receive the death penalty. Then, Hina started crying and saying this situation is too cruel for Licht, as no matter how the Royal Guards wanted to help they can't do anything due to the rules set by the country's ruler.

After hearing Hina's words, Jail took off his glasses and asking everyone where did his glasses gone, while tries to attack the hands of Althing with his iron pillars. The soldiers from the Royal Guards soon realized what Jail wants to do so they all decided to help Licht. Jail and the soldiers throws at many stuffs as possible to make the hands grabbing the stuffs they thrown, just so the hands won't affect Licht's movement. Thanks to the Royal Guards, Licht is finally able to reach to the helicopter. As he tried to land his attack, he suddenly stopped his attack due to him saw something's unexpected inside the "Abyss Demon". Jail had no idea what did Licht saw so he went ahead to see the "thing" inside the "demon".

Sonohara Mizuka, the Pursuit Baron, suddenly appeared

Before Jail could do so, the "Abyss Demon" was suddenly shot down by an mysterious attack. Everyone looks at the sky and realized that there's a mysterious girl flying in the sky. Jail tried to ask who that mysterious girl is but he was attacked by her mysterious weapon aiming at his chest, which causes Jail being injured and fall from the roof afterwards. As Licht being worries at Jail, the mysterious girl went to hug him and says that it has a while since last time they meet each other. While Licht turns his head around, the mysterious girl was disappeared in front of him and flying at the sky again. The mysterious girl introduces herself as Sonohara Mizuka, one of the seven Legendary Red Barons known as the "Pursuit Baron", who's seem to be acting homicidally insane. She tells Licht that after 300 years, she can finally kill people without any problem so she should able to follow his orders by now. In attempt to shows her grow as a person, Mizuka tries to kill the citizens with her weapons known as guns. Licht tries to told her to stop but she doesn't listen, which he had no choice but to face her. This makes Mizuka happy as she believes this would give him a chance to kill her. As Licht tries to dodge Mizuka's bullets, the bullets keep following him as she has the ability to control her bullets to follow her target. Licht was soon defeated by Mizuka with her ability as a Baron.

Licht kills a one of Mizuka's henchmen instantly with his speed of flash

After Licht was defeated, along with Hina's group were all captured by the mysterious group with black uniform. Mizuka keep asking Licht to kill her but he keep said that he won't, so she decided to bring a kid around to shows him how the kid will die in front of him. Licht tried to told that child that he would save him, but that child cries and said he want to see his mother. Soon, a sound can be heard in front of everyone, everyone thought it was a gun's sound but it's actually Licht's killing sound in the speed of flash. Being angered, Licht saved Hina's group and the citizen from the hands of her troop, claiming that he would surely kill Mizuka just as she wished. Nana tries to stop him but Licht told her to shut up, while his left eye showed the code "001" once again. Soon, Licht wears his mask and tells Hina and Jail that his is a plunderer and his true purpose is to steal everything from Althea for his own purposes.

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the anime, after the helicopter appeared, the Royal Guards told the citizens to evacuate. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • In the anime, when Licht tried to attack the Althing, he was paralyzed and the code "001" was shown in his left eye once again like when he tried to save Pelmo. In the manga, Licht cuts the hands just fine.
  • In the anime, Jail asks Hina what she means by the number code. This doesn't happened in the manga.

    The scene where a children piloting the helicopter from the manga

  • The anime removed the scene where Jail saw the "thing" inside the helicopter.
  • The anime doesn't show the scenes where a child is piloting the helicopter. However, the anime kept the scene with Licht being shocked at the child untouched.
  • The chronological order of Mizuka attacking the helicopter and how she "killed" Jail were swapped.
  • In the anime, the Special Service appeared after Licht had been defeated. In the manga, they appear right after Mizuka "kills" Jail.
  • The Special Service's introduction and how they claim to be part of the Royal Guards was skipped.
  • Most of the Special Service's screen time where they killed the citizens was replaced by Mizuka killing them instead.
  • Some scenes of Licht rescuing citizens were skipped.


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New Characters


  • The helicopter was made with CGI.
  • The hands of Althing were made with CGI, despite it being displayed in 2D in the previous episodes.