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This article is about anime epiosde. For manga chapter, see Enrollment Ceremony.

Enrollment Ceremony (入校式 Nyūkō Shiki, Funimation: Entrance Ceremony) is the 12th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • In the anime, Jail and the others questioned if Rihito is really the past Licht or not. This doesn't happen in the manga, as Rihito only appeared after the riot started and they don't have time for speculation.
  • In the anime, Tokikaze and Rihito went inside the school together. In the manga, Tokikaze went into the school by himself.
  • Taketora and few of Class A students appeared in the anime much earlier than in the manga.
  • The anime added extra scenes where Taketora tries to punch Jail and the girls: Taketora had clash with Tokikaze and Mizuka, Rihito flipping the girl's skirt, and Gespenst tried to find more information by searching Althing in the Wikipedia.
  • Firenda introduced herself much earlier than in the manga.
  • Rihito's "first" meeting with Hina is almost similar to their meeting from the Chapter 1.
  • The Nuclear War was explained much earlier than the manga. In the manga, the war was explained when Jail and the others found the information about what happened in the past 300 years ago in computer room. In the anime, Firenda explained the war during the ceremony.
  • In the anime, when Alexandrov said Schmelman's name, Hina is surprised at that name. In the manga, it was Jail who is surprised instead.
  • In the anime, when Alexandrov is about to kill Hina, Jail stated that a soldier won't allow to let his friend die. Jail never said this in the manga.
  • In the anime, after Rihito showed his magic, he is surprised that nobody laughed at him. In the manga, Rihito were scared after he showed his magic, as he doesn't know what to do against Schmelman.
  • In the anime, as Jail and Tokikaze arguing each other, Rihito said that both of them has become friends so quickly. In the manga, it was Alexandrov said it instead.
  • In the manga, Schmelman and Alexandrov's conversation about the rare warrior were take place in the ceremony. In the anime, the conversation were take place on Schmelman's room instead.
  • Many scenes from the manga that's supposed to be shown were skipped in the anime, these include:
    • Jail and the others confused at how different the building and ground compared to 300 years later.
    • Jail's fight against Tokikaze outside the school.
    • Jail and the others confused at why everyone in the ceremony were happy at the lunch time.
    • Schmelman asked Firenda and Alexandrov about he still wanted to continue reading his storybook.
    • Gespenst asked Alexandrov about the computer room.
    • Jail's attempt of using the computer.
    • Alexandrov's mistakenly thought Schmelman was talking about Tokikaze.
    • Most of Schmelman's explanation about how Rihito acts much earlier than Tokikaze.
    • Alexandrov asked Schmelman about how to treat the newbies soldiers.


By order of appearance:

New Characters


  • Some of the Nuclear War's images showed at ceremony is a references to the Korean War and Vietnam War respectively.
  • Taketora's school uniform is same as the one he wore in he and Mizuka's flashback from Chapter 52.
  • In the Blu-Ray version of the episode, the scene where Rihito flipped the girl's skirts was edited, which makes the panties a bit more revealing.