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This article is about anime epiosde. For manga chapter, see A Full Stomach.

A Full Stomach (腹いっぱい Haraippai, Funimation: Full Stomach) is the 13th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • In the anime, Rihito questioned Hina about why she called him "Licht" instead of "Rihito". This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • In the manga, Hina have a conversation with the others about which instructor will teach them in the canteen. In the anime, the conversation were take place in the classroom instead.
  • Chronological order of Gespenst asked Hina about if she's okay at studies at training school and Schmelman explained the rules of the school were swapped.
  • The scene where Alexandrov spying Hina's group were treated as a flashback instead.
  • The scene where Gespenst acknowledged Alexandrov is spying him and the others were skipped.
  • Alexandrov's conversation with Schmelman about changing classes to tech were skipped. However, Alexandrov suspecting Hina's group were keep remain untouched.
  • Class A's reaction about Alexandrov told Schmelman not to cause trouble were skipped.
  • When Schmelman told Rihito that he won't give any star to him, Schmelman gives him three days of time to stay at school. In the manga, Schmelman stated Rihito can only stay in the school until 18:00 PM.
  • Hina's conversation about Schmelman action were taken place in the room instead of classroom like in the manga.
  • Rihito conversation with Tokikaze about return home were treated as a flashback instead.
  • In the anime, Alexandrov asked Schmelman why didn't he gave any star to Rihito. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • The anime added a lot of extra scenes, such as:
    • Hina told Lyne and Mizuka to try their best to help Rihito.
    • The girls having bath at night.
    • Rihito peeping the woman's bath.
    • The girls wants to punish Rihito for peeping.
    • Taketora destroyed the school cabinet to steal stars and Saki suspecting Rihito must be the culprit.
    • Lyne, Hina and Gespenst gave their stars to other Class A students after Jail do the same thing.
  • Due to Taketora appeared much earlier in the anime, the scene where Tokikaze surprised at Taketora also staying in the same school as him were skipped.
  • Due to anime-original scenes on previous epiosde, after Jail called Taketora a scumbag, he also stated he will fight against Taketora seriously.
  • Most of Tokikaze's thought on how to get his stars from the others were skipped.
  • In the anime, Rihito suggest that everyone shouldn't graduate from school so that their family would have enough foods to eat. In the manga, Rihito only mentioned about Tokikaze's grandmother.
  • The scene where Tokikaze thanked Jail about the stars were skipped.


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