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This article is about anime episode. For the army that formed by Licht Bach, see Non-Killing Army.

Non-Killing Army (殺きない軍隊 Yaki nai Guntai, Funimation: The Army That Does Not Kill) is the 15th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • Jail's attempt to fight against Alexandrov and revealed his identity to him were happened in the factory. In the manga, these events were happened in the computer room instead.
  • Some of Alexandrov's dialogue during he teaches Hina's group a "special lesson", mainly about he and other instructors wanted to use Ballots to "save" the world were removed.
  • The entire sequence of Hina's group watching Nana's videos on the computer room were happened off-scene instead.
  • Chronological wise, the Class A's running "training" were supposed to happened right after the peeping incident as a punishment.
  • During the Class A's running "training", Firenda is shown to be watching them inside the school. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • In the manga, Jail asked Schmelman for his premission to fight against Alexandrov in the headmaster's room. In the anime, Jail asked Alexandrov about the fight directly.
  • Due to the anime-original scenes about Rihito peeping women's bath in Episode 13, Schmelman's explanation that he perked the women's bath to learn the girl's body feature were removed.
  • Schmelman's explanation that he wanted Hina to become a combat medic were removed. Instead, he stated that she should learn the medical stuffs due to she have a kind heart.
    • In the same scene, Hina was only told to learn medical stuffs. Unlike in the manga, where Schmelman told Hina learns how to use gun too.
  • The scene where Schmelman explained that the Earth don't have enough resources to create more guns and nuclear weapons were skipped.
  • The Class A's battle training against Schmelman were skipped.
  • After the training, Schmelman have a conversation with Firenda about the Class A students and "Aerial Ace Project". This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • The true purpose of Abandonment War were revealed much earlier than the manga. In the manga, it was revealed when the war suddenly started.
  • The scene where Class A students play beach volleyball were skipped.
  • The anime added anime-original scenes about all classes having the mock battle on beach. Although some scenes were adapted from the manga with different circumstances.
  • The scenes where Taketora steals Mizuka's stars again were skipped. Although Taketora claims that the idea of forming the Non-Killing Army is stupid were keep remain unchanged.
  • The scene where Alexandrov mentioned that the "Aerial Ace Project" is still incomplete were skipped.


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  • There's a animation error in this episode. In the Jail's fight against Alexandrov in his training, during one of those scenes, Jail's strip hair wasn't colored correctly which having same color as other part of his hair.