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This article is about anime episode. For the manga chapter, see A War For Abandoning.

A War For Abandoning (廃棄するための戦争 Haiki Suru Tame no Sensō, Funimation: A War For Waste Disposal) is the 16th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • The scene where Lyne feel saddened at Rihito's words about become stronger were skipped.
  • After Rihito is confirmed will do the Baron surgery, Hina and the others have a conversation in the canteen about if they really don't want to change his future. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • The anime shown how the Baron surgery was done. Unlike in the manga, where the surgery were done off-scene.
  • The entire sequence of Taketora stolen Mizuka's stars and Jail told Mizuka to have her own conviction were supposed to happened before Davi's death.
  • In the manga, when Taketora stolen Mizuka's stars, Rihito and Lyne is present in the scene as well. In the anime, Jail is the only one that appeared on-screen.
    • Due to this, the scene where Mizuka tried to steals Lyne's stars and Jail stopped her from doing so were skipped.
  • When Taketora tried to explain his reason on why Mizuka use guns for training, he explained that he wants to save Mizuka's life by makes her expelled from school. This doesn't happen in the manga and his reason were only revealed later on during his fight against the clones.
  • The scenes where the enemy soldiers attempt to rape Saki and other two girls were skipped in the anime. Instead, it's replaced by the soldiers toying Saki's breasts with gun for a few seconds.
  • The chronological order of Genji protect Saki from gun shoot were supposed to happened right after the school were attacked.
  • The scene where the United Nations Force used nuclear bomb were skipped.
  • The scene where Alan told Class A to run out from the school safely were skipped.
  • In the anime, Saki and Asumi also joined the battlefield as well. In the manga, they didn't fight as they were traumatized from Genji's "death" and the attempt rape earlier.
  • In the manga, Hina was joined part with Jail's group to activate the backup electrical switch. In the anime, it was Tokikaze that joined part instead.
  • Alan being injured from rocket missile were supposed to happened before the Class A prepared to fight against the enemies.
  • In the manga, after Alan received his injury, he still stand up and fight against the enemy soldiers. In the anime, Alan fainted after Jail's group leave the area.
  • Alan's dialogue about he apologized the students for not able to protect them were skipped.
  • In the anime, the United Nations Force Sergeant tries to kill Hina. This doesn't happen in the manga.


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New Characters


  • The helicopters was made in CGI.