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This article is about anime episode. For the manga chapter, see Flash Baron.

Flash Baron (閃撃の撃墜王 Sengeki no Gekitsui-ō, Funimation: Ace of Flashing Strikes) is the 17th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • The scenes where Genji tried to sacrifice himself to save Saki and other Class A students were skipped. However, the scene where Genji feel saddened at the fact Saki never thank him after risking his life were keep remain untouched.
  • The earthquake scenes and the United Nations Force realized that they're the ones on shaking were skipped.
  • In the anime, when the United Nations Force tries to shoots Rihito, Hina went to save him. In the manga, it was Saki that tried to save him.
  • The reason why Rihito was angry is different in anime and manga. In the anime, Rihito was angered due to Saki and Genji's injury. In the manga, Rihito was angered because the girl's clothes were stripped and they were traumatized by the attempt rape earlier.
  • Most of Saki's role and narrative were replaced by Hina instead.
  • In the anime, Davi appeared in Hina's flashback scene. In the manga, Davi never appear again after his defeat on Chapter 2, aside of single flashback on Chapter 6.
  • The girl's question about the nuclear weapons being unbanned were supposed to take place before Class A went to open the backup switch and save Rihito.
  • In the anime, after the United Nations Force revealed that they have the bombs on their body, Tokikaze is thinking about his grandmother.
  • The scene where the sergeant mentioned that he has a son who is around the same age as Rihito were skipped.
  • When Rihito thinking if he should kill the United Nations Force or not, the anime added a flashback about he claims that forming Non-Killing Army is possible.
  • Despite the anime skipped Taketora's claims that the war won't end until they kill their enemies in previous episode, the scene where Rihito claiming that Taketora didn't said anything wrong were keep remain untouched.


By order of appearance:


  • The first one minutes is a recap scenes from previous episode.