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Cheating (浮気 Uwaki) is the 19th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in Adaptation

  • The anime added extra scenes about Lyne eating foods while avoiding Nana and her alcohols, Gespenst making a sand castle, Hina tried to hunt but Nana stopped her, and Licht fall into several traps made by Hina.
  • In the manga, Mizuka explained that she ran away because she afraid the Althing will appear again, as her previous Startheft Bout battle against Licht is still left unfinished. In the anime, Mizuka explained she ran away because she's afraid of Nana.
  • Despite some of Nana's flashback were skipped in the previous episodes, the scenes where both kid and adult Nana wearing Special Service's uniforms is showed in this episode.
  • The scenes where Nana foresee Licht will be killed by Douan Taketora in her dream was skipped.
  • Due to anime-original episode, the scene Nana asked Lyne that if she can cook was skipped.
  • The scene where Licht peeping in a small river while Hina watching him was skipped.


By order of appearance:


  • The "cameo" appearance of Ikaros and Astraea from Sora no Otoshimono that's appeared in the manga version were removed in the anime.
  • The Blu-ray version of the episode fixed several animation errors, such as:
    • Hina's flashback scenes with Licht were zoomed out so it shows her and Licht's full appearance.
    • The scene where Hina took off her clothes in front of Licht is less censored so it shows a bit of her side breasts.
    • The scenes where everyone is watching at Licht apologising Nana is drawn sightly more detailed and less off-model.
    • Lyne's scene of showing her belly while wearing swimsuit is zoomed out and reanimated, which it shows her upper body instead of just her belly.