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Rain ( Ame) is the 20th episode of Plunderer anime.


Licht Bach revealed that he knew Hina's mother's name was Tsukina Farrow, he explains that Tsukina was people from 300 years ago, just like him. While explaining how he knew Tsukina's past, he mentions that he already knew Hina was her daughter way back when they first meet by learning her name and the fact her name was written in kanji, the writing system that should had been long abandoned in Althea. Just as Hina was shocked at how Licht knew so many stuffs, he reveals that her father was in fact, Sakai Tokikaze, the one who Licht murdered by his own hands and makes him felt despair for over 300 years long. After the reveal, Hina, Lyne Mei, Pele Poporo and Nana Bassler all passed out from wine drugged by Licht, while says that he is leaving to defeat the Special Service. Just as Licht was about to leave, he overheard someone's voice who told him to stop, which revealed to be Jail Murdoch who resists the drug.

Meanwhile, the Special Service begin assassinating army commanders from Althea Royal Guard, in attempt to demand Alexandrov Grigorovich hand over the three Ballots he owns to them. As the secretary Erin discussing with him about the Ballots, Alexandrov notes that a lot of members from the Royal Guard has been dying from some strange "disease" lately, every time when they attempt to investigate the Special Service would always solved the cases immediately by claimed they all died from an accident. Erin suggests that if the members of the Royal Guard was really killed by them, Alexandrov need to hire more guards to protect him, just so the Special Service can't find their chance to kill him. However, Alexandorv stated he doesn't need one and if anything, it was the royal capital and the king that needs the protection from the army.

Alexandrov and Three Grand Generals discussing about the Original Ballots

Later on, Alexandrov summoned the Three Grand Generals to have a meeting, discussing if the Royal Guard should give their ballots to the Special Service. During the meeting, both Freidkam Von Lightning and Yi Yan Xialou supported the decision on giving their Balltos to them, as Althing's support to keep Althea floating is slowly disappearing, due to one of Special Service's Ballots was stolen 5 years ago. With the "Abyss Demon" incident that happened in Linden few months ago, it's only matter of times that Althea would fall into the ground so they must re-approve the support as soon as possible before it's too late. For Robert Du Vanvich, however, he opposed this idea, because he believed it's Special Service's fault that they lost one of their Ballots and if they're insisted to do so, they should have gives their Ballots to the Royal Guards instead. Xialou stated if they do, it would cause the war between Special Service and Althea Royal Guard. Robert then stated they should have no problem to fight against them, as long as Robert releases his army to fight. Freidkam said there's no way they were able to defeat Special Service as the Royal Guard's forces are too weak to fight against them. Soon, Robert called Freidkam and Xialou as cowards because they feared the Special Service, which angered them. As they're arguing, Alexandrov stops them and told them to control their anger. Realizing none of them know what to do, Alexandrov decided that they should have leave their decision on the hands of the king instead.

Back to the forest, both Licht and Jail arguing each other about what they're trying to do. Jail reminded what Licht said back then when he said he wants to steal everything from Althea, meaning that what Licht wants to do was to steal all Ballots from Special Service and Royal Guards to make Althea fall. As the soldier of the Royal Guards, Jail have to protects Althea from falling so he will stop Licht from doing so. However, Licht said that he's insisted to do so or else his fallen comrades won't forgive him for the creation of Althea. This only raised a question from Jail about why must Licht keep leaving his friends and comrades behind and doing all the stuffs alone, as he keeps doing that would only hurts them even further than before, as showed how his selfishness leads to his old comrades died 300 years ago. Even with all the points, Licht still believes leaving his friends alone would be way better choice so others don't have to kill. After they finished their arguments, Licht asked Jail to protect Hina and the others for him, but Jail refused and said Licht should have to do that job himself instead, which Licht stated that he can't. As Licht heading towards the Special Service's bases, he reveals that he wants to meet Hina again and stay together with her after everything was ended.

Taketora prepared to kill Licht

In the next morning, Schmelman informs his henchmen that Licht is coming near them. Nikola stated that they're ready to stop Licht once Schmelman gave them his order, but he said such order is unnecessary because he already sent one of the spy to do that job for him. In the forest, everyone recovers from the drug yesterday and only found out that both Licht and Jail wasn't around. After Hina explained Licht is most likely going to Althea alone, they immediately went to find him and only hopes something's bad won't happening. As Licht was about to leave Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, he noticed someone is coming and got pins down to the ground by the gravity. The gravity user reveals he is Licht's nature enemy and his "flashing strike" is weak against his gravity. The gravity user is soon revealed to be Douan Taketora, the Heavy Baron. Taketora uses his gravity to destroy the roof of a ruined house, which caused the rocks to crush Licht down. As the rocks falling, Taketora stated that he doesn't hate Licht's action but he won't allow him to make Althea falls to the ground so he needs to die.

The episode ends at Licht thinking about Hina and how he want to told her that he didn't hate her, before he was killed by Taketora.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The anime added a lot of extra scenes about Nikola's meeting with Schmelman, Lyne drinking alcohol while she worrying Hina, and several Royal Guard's soldiers being killed by Special Service.
  • The issue about Special Service is planning to take over the entire Royal Guard is addressed much earlier than in the manga.
  • Alexandrov's meeting with the Three Grand Generals was supposed to takes place after Alexandrov defeated Jail, and after Licht defeated Taketora at Abandoned Capital Hoffnung.
    • Unlike in the manga, Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th didn't appear in the anime during the meeting.
    • The Three Grand Generals is also made their appearance in the anime much earlier than in the manga.
  • Ende's name is mentioned much earlier than in the manga. In the manga, it's mentioned by Taketora when he revealed that the "Class A" is still "alive".
  • When Jail talking with Licht, he stated that he should be worrying his friend's feeling instead of ignoring their feeling and leave them behind. This wasn't stated in the manga.
  • In the manga, when Taketora killing Licht, it's raining. In the anime, however, it's sunny day.


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New Characters


  • The "Iron Jail Beam" and "Jail Conviction Beam" jokes on the preview, is a reference to the same beam joke Licht made from Episode 05's preview.
  • There's a animation error in this episode; in one of Gespenst's scene, when he walking while speaking with Lyne, the background doesn't move.
  • Including the manga, this episode is the first time where Kyouka and Asumi's names actually mentioned on-screen in the entire series.
  • In the Blu-Ray version of the episode, several scenes were either drawn in more details or completely reanimated.
    • Hina's expression during Licht revealed her mother's past were redrawn so her face wasn't off-model.
    • Lyne's eyes and mouth when she arguing with Pele were placed correctly.
    • The way Tokikaze attempt to attack Licht in the flashback was reanimated and the kanji word was placed properly.
    • The Three Grand General's face were redrawn so their face has more details.
    • The scene where Licht arguing with Jail, his Ballot were shaded properly.
    • When Nana asking Hina where did Licht gone, Lyne's right leg was positioned differently than the TV version.