This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see Father.

Father (父親 Chichioya) is the 21th episode of Plunderer anime.


Differences in AdaptationEdit

  • The scenes where two of Royal Guard's soldiers complaining Jail's attitude and wanted him die was skipped.
  • Alexandrov's explaination that his children told him to not worry them from his flashback was skipped.
  • All mention of Russia was removed in the anime.
  • Due to the place changes in the previous episodes, when Jail stated Alexandrov already knew he is his future foster-child, he said the conversation is taken place in a factory instead of computer room.
  • The scenes where Taketora complains that Nana shouldn't use anymore of her ability to avoid her counts reach zero, and that he noticed Jail wasn't present here, was skipped.
  • One of Schmelman's henchman, the man with glasses, didn't appear in the anime.
  • Most of Lyne's roles during her scenes on Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, mainly when she asking Schmelman about why he betrayed Class A, were replaced by Hina instead.
  • The scene where Schmelman teleport back to his base was skipped. Instead, it was replaced by him simply walk away.
  • Unlike in the manga, Lyne was already affected by Taketora's gravity before she even able to ride the horse.


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