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This article is about anime episode. For manga chapter, see Promise.

Promise (約束 Yakusoku) is the 22th episode of Plunderer anime.


While Hina and the others tries to leave the Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, Douan Taketora noticed that Hina's bag contains Ballot around. As he taking Hina's Ballot from the ground, Taketora thought they're collecting the original Ballots to make Althea fall into the group so he won't let them to stay alive.

Taketora tries to kill Lyne with rock projectiles

Lyne Mei tried to escape from Taketora's gravity but she can't move. As Lyne is struggle to move, both Hina and Pele Poporo tries their best to stop Tekatora so Lyne could had the chance to escape. Due to their actions, Lyne is able to escape by riding the horse outside the abandoned capital. As Lyne tries to escape, Taketora uses his gravity to makes the rocks floating and shooting at her, saying that nobody is able to escape his attacks once he declared that he will kill anyone who dared to run away. Although one of the rock projectiles injured Lyne, she has been successfully escaped from Taketora's hands. After Lyne had escaped, Hina tells Taketora that Licht Bach is actually still alive, as shown that his "corpse" looked too clean to actually being killed by him. Taketora doesn't believe what Hina said and claims that he already killed Licht earlier, Hina only ask him that if he actually check Licht's body first before he ordered his henchmen to catch them. Although Taketora was frustrated, he decided to keep all of them alive until the next morning to make Hina realizing how stupid she is for claiming Licht didn't died.

On the other side, Lyne has finally arrived at the place where Licht being killed off. Noticing how clean Licht's "corpse" was, Lyne reminded at what Nana Bassler said before in one of her videos, that how his heart suddenly stopped and then started jumping again 20 years later. Realizing that Licht might be still alive, Lyne tried her best to make him wake up but she is about to die due to her injury. As Lyne is about to die, she noticed the villagers from Hoemmh all appeared in front of her and covering her injured part with bandages. The Sister Greengrocer tells Lyne to reveal her true feeling to Licht, which she successfully confesses her love to him. Seeing Licht's eyes is still closed, Sister Greengrocer tries to slap him and tells him to stop sleeping like a coward. Sister Greengrocer also says that if he also loves Lyne too, he should just wake up and tell her that he also loves her too. As Licht is still remain unconscious, Sister Greengrocer continues to slap him but she was stopped by Lyne. Lyne says that she don't need to hear his answer as she already knew that Hina is the girl that he fell in-love with, she also tells him to not make Hina sad after once he awakened. As Lyne falls into the ground, Licht finally awakened and catch her from falling in which she cried afterwards.

Licht arrived to save Hina and the others

In the next morning, Taketora still haven't see Licht's arrival yet so he's done playing nice with Hina and the others and kill them. As Taketora preparing his attacks, Hina explains that the reason why he didn't just kill them off after Lyne's escape was all because he also doesn't want Licht died as well so he's hoping to see him again. Taketora denied what Hina said and decided to kill her first before the others. Before he could do so, Licht just arrived at the abandoned capital which makes Taketora angered. Before Taketora could attack Licht, he tell him to hold on for a moment as this is part of their promise, Taketora then says he will be waiting until Licht finished his stuffs. Soon, Licht tells Pele that he need to heal Lyne Mei's injury on the medical room hiding inside the capital. While the villagers of Hoemmh doesn't understand what's Licht talking about, Pele tries to claim he doesn't know how to use the medical room, only have Licht tells him stop acting as if he doesn't know anything as he knew that Pele can do surgery himself. Being serious, Pele bring Lyne to the medical room while claiming she's a dumbass.

Licht confesses his feeling to Hina

As Pele leaving, Licht went to talk with Hina, as he want to say something to her after he made a promise with Lyne earlier, that he's actually in-love with Hina since the beginning. Licht reveals the reason why he denied her feeling earlier, was mainly due to his guilty about him killed his adoptive brother, who's also Hina's father as well. Because of this, Licht tried to make several attempt to make her hate him so she won't came close with him, although it doesn't work as she still ended up being closer with him. Soon, Hina claims Licht is a idiot and kiss him. After the kiss, Hina reveals that while her mother does want her to find the Legendary Red Baron, the Baron she wanted her to find is the person who she chosen and fell in-love with. After the explanation, Hina wants Licht to promise her that he will never try to hide his emotions inside his mask and don't try to leave her alone again. After he promised her about what she said, Hina says that they can make baby now since they've officially become couple, Licht says that they can't as it's still too early for that. Soon, Hina wants Licht to promise her one more thing, that he had to solve everything first before they could make a baby and never try to fight alone. Licht then says she got one thing wrong, is that while he no longer working together with the Class A students after he started killing, he never fight his enemies alone and Taketora always help him in the battlefield.

Mizuka's bloodlust awakened once again

After Licht and Hina's conversation had ended, the fight between him and Taketora finally begin with Licht says it's time to end their conflict once and for all. Before they could continue, Licht was suddenly attacked by Sonohara Mizuka in her second personality. While everyone was shocked at Mizuka being controlled by the Special Service once again, Taketora says it's fine for her being controlled as long as she wasn't his enemy. With Mizuka's help, Licht was easily overwhelmed by her and Taketora's attacks. At the same time, Schmelman is reading his storybook in the church, wondering if Licht able to handling two Barons at the same time or not.

Differences in Adaptation

  • When Lyne tries to escape, Gespenst and Hina went to stop Taketora so that she can escape. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • The scenes where Mizuka rescues Hina's group and getting herself injected a drug by Taketora were skipped.
    • Due to this, several scenes featuring Mizuka, for example like she forces Hina's group to play the Russian Roulette, were either skipped or changed.
  • When Hina tells Lyne to escape, she already knew that Licht is still alive but just currently on sleeping. In the manga, Hina didn't aware at this until Mizuka told her and Lyne about it.
  • In the anime, when Lyne tries to run away, she was attacked and injured by Taketora's attack. In the manga, it was berserked Mizuka's bullet shoots that injured her.
  • The anime added several extra scenes about:
    • Hina believed Lyne won't dies from Taketora's attacks.
    • Hina's group sitting on a campfire together with Taketora.
    • Schmelman wondering if Licht is able to handle both Taketora and Mizuka at once.
  • In the anime, when Mizuka appeared on-screen, she's already been controlled by her bloodlust genes.
  • Unlike in the manga, Nana's hands were not handcuffed and she's staying in the room beside Hina's group.
  • The scene where Avsette and Licht cries when Lyne is about to die was skipped.
  • Jail didn't appear to save Hina's group from Taketora in the anime.
    • Due to this, some of Jail's role, mainly when he asks Taketora if he really sure that Licht is dead, was replaced by Hina instead.
  • In the anime, when Gespenst decided to bring Lyne to the medical room, Nana said she will help him as well. In the manga, Nana's staying on the field together with Hina.
  • When Licht's fight is about to start, he told Hina to help Gespenst and Nana to heals Lyne's wounds. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • Unlike in the manga, when the fight between Licht and Taketora begin, the hand of Althing didn't appear from the ground.
  • In the anime, Mizuka also joined part in the battle against Licht to help Taketora. In the manga, she only watches the fight as her sanity has returned back to normal thanks to Jail.


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  • In the Blu-Ray version of the episodes, most of Taketora's scenes and Licht's confession to Hina was redrawn to have more details and the characters stay on-model.