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Unforgivable (許さない Yurusanai) is the 23th episode of Plunderer anime.


The fight between Licht Bach and Douan Taketora was interrupted by berserked Sonohara Mizuka, who has been controlled by the Special Service once again. In the church, Schmelman wondering if Licht able to handling two Barons at the same time or not.

In the medical room, Pele Poporo tries his best to heal Lyne Mei's wounds with the help from Hina. As Pele tries to heal Lyne, he noticed that Hina is looking at him with serious face, which he's confused at her face.

Just like their previous fight on Anesis, Mizuka keep forcing Licht to kill her while fight against him with some help from Taketora. Licht tried to dodge Mizuka's bullets but his movement has been locked out by Taketora's gravity. With the combination of "Pursuit" and "Heavy", Licht is having a hard time with fight against them. As Mizuka keep repeating the same words over and over, Taketora asks Licht that if he ever know why is she so obsessed with him each time she activated her bloodlust genes, which Licht doesn't know the reason behind that. Taketora explains that the reason why she acts the way she is, was mainly due to him being the only one who actually cares and protect her in the past. Mizuka always idolizes Licht and always told Taketora that how good Licht as a person is since her middle school days, to the point that she wanted to go to the same military school as him to proving how good Licht was. Because of this, Mizuka developed a weak point where she will always relying Licht whenever something's happened to her or cries for not able to protect herself. Taketora blamed Licht for everything happened to Mizuka in those 300 years, claims that if not because of him returned the stars back to Mizuka, not only will she never became the Baron and she will also never join part into the battlefield as well.

Jail arrived at the abandoned capital

Both Mizuka and Taketora was prepared to deal their finishing blow on Licht. Without choice, Licht had to activate his bloodlust genes in order to win the fight, only being interrupted by Jail Murdoch who just arrived at the Abandoned Capital Hoffnung. Upon his arrival, Jail claims that Licht doesn't change much from the last time he fought him on Anesis despite how he claims he will never killing again previously. Licht was surprised at Jail and ask him why did he saved him, and Jail says he only save him due to his request earlier that he needs him to protect Hina and the others.

Mizuka regained her sanity

Both Jail and Licht works together to fight against Mizuka and Taketora. During Jail and Mizuka's fight, Nana Bassler noticed that Jail's count has reduced to only one and asks him why, with he only says something's happened earlier. Despite his low count, Jail is still have no trouble to deal with Mizuka by blocking her bullets with small piece of metals. While blocking her bullets, Jail claims that Mizuka has no conviction which angered her. Mizuka keep shooting her bullets at him but it doesn't even hurt him at all. Jail slowly walks into the front of her, he asked Mizuka if she still remember the things Jail told her in 300 years ago. Soon, Mizuka regained her sanity and revealed her conviction is that she won't kill Jail, while being crying.

After Jail and Mizuka's fight had ended, Taketora wonder why can't Licht understand the concept that they must kill their enemy in order to achieve their victory, Licht says that the mindset of killing and stealing by force will only create more wars than actually bring peace to the world, so he will reforms the "Non-Killing Army" and ends the war in a good way. After a while, Licht asks Taketora if he still remember the Abandonment War, Taketora said he will never forgot that war and that one time when he was works together with Licht, where Licht can't kill the children due to Schmelman's gene of loving children, Taketora comes to kill the children instead. Taketora only asking Licht that why must he destroy Althea so they would went through the same hell once again, and Licht explains that this is not the kind of future they should have so he will create the right path for humanity. Being frustrated, Taketora is done arguing with Licht so he will finish him once and for all.

Licht falls into the black hole

Taketora created several green orbs surrounding Licht, Licht doesn't know what's those orbs and the effects of them. Mizuka warns Licht to run away as soon as possible, as those green orbs was Taketora's ultimate attack. Taketora laughs and reminded that he never show his ultimate move to Licht before. When Taketora told him to die, Licht tries to jump into the sky while Taketora reveals those green orbs was actually the black hole, it tries to absorbs Licht into the black hole. Realized it's the black hole, Licht tried his best to leave but his movement was slowed down and he was slowly being absorbed into the black hole. After Licht was absorbed, the black hole transformed into small black orb. Taketora tells Licht to rest in peace and destroy the black orb with his hand. Everyone was shocked at how Licht has been disappeared in front of them.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The entire Licht's fight against Taketora and Mizuka is a anime-original scenes.
  • Taketora used his gravity ability to enchanted Mizuka's bullets. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • Unlike in the manga, Lyne's surgery were actually showed on-screen in the anime, despite Hina and Nana wasn't supposed to present on this scene.
  • In the anime, Mizuka's Baron surgery scenes were showed. In the manga, her surgery were happened off-scene and never shown in any flashbacks.
  • The scene where Taketora blames Licht for letting Mizuka staying on the school were supposed to take place during he and Licht's fight against the New Class A.
  • Taketora and Mizuka's flashback showed in this episode is a anime-original scenes.
  • In the anime, when Taketora blames Licht for everything he has done, he called him by his real name "Rihito" instead of "Cockroach" like he usually did. In the manga, he never call Licht by his real name.
  • Jail's entrance and him stopping Mizuka was supposed to take place before Licht's arrival to save Hina's group.
    • Due to the anime skipped Russian Roulette scenes, the way Jail arrived was different than the manga; Instead of saves Hina from the game, Jail saved Licht from Taketora and Mizuka's attacks.
  • The way Jail handling Mizuka's bullets was different in the anime and manga. In the manga, Jail defend himself by deflects Mizuka's bullets. In the anime, Jail defend himself by creates small piece of metals.
  • Nana noticed Jail's low count much earlier than in the manga. In the manga, she only noticed that after hearing Gespenst's conversation with Jail on how to take Althea Royal Guard back from the Special Service.
  • Taketora didn't refers Schmelman as a "Lolicon Bastard" like in the manga did during the flashback.
  • In the anime, after Licht revealed that Taketora has killed a lot of children, everyone was shocked at it. This doesn't happen in the manga.
  • After the conversation were finished, Licht and Taketora continued the fight with their powers again. In the manga, they're still fighting in a fist fight.
  • In the anime, Taketora created a black hole to absorb Licht into it. This doesn't happen in the manga.


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  • This episode can be considered as anime-exclusive episode, as most of the events happened in this episode, aside of Jail reverting Mizuka's sanity back to normal and the beginning part of Licht's fight against Taketora, were all anime-original scenes.