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My Red Baron (私の撃墜王 Watashi no Gekitsui-ō,, Funimation: My Ace) is the 24th episode and the last episode of Plunderer anime.


The Baron's masks tries to convince Licht to give up

Licht Bach awakens after he took an attack from Douan Taketora earlier, only realized that he is in a unknown place. Suddenly, Licht overheard Taketora's voice that said this is the "world of darkness" where he will dies here, reveals to be his mask talking with him. Other Baron's masks also appeared in this world as well, including Licht's own mask who keep blaming himself for the Abandonment War happened. Licht tried to cut off all the masks, but the masks automatic regenerate and can't be destroyed. All Baron's masks criticize Licht's actions and advise him to give up and die. Licht tries to explain how his past action was done for everyone's sake, but the masks said that what he did is absolutely selfish and explains how his action would only gave everyone sadness and despair. Hearing all their points, Licht finally realized his mindset about everyone but himself should not allowed to kill was completely wrong. As Licht lying down, he decided to give up and die in the "world of darkness".

In the outside world, Hina and the others asked Taketora where did Licht gone, and he explains that he has been absorbed into the gravity pit and he will never return again. As the others keep claiming that he will surely return, Taketora told them to stop dreaming and just accept the fact he would never return, but everyone denied it as Licht wasn't that kind of person that would easily give up. Taketora was frustrated at their words so he decided to kill all of them as well.

Taketora and Licht's promise in the flashback

As Licht was about to give up, he overheard the voices of Hina and the others from outside world, which gives him hope and the realization that he wasn't alone. Licht stands up and decides to return back to outside world, saying that he now remembered his promise with Hina and the others, that no matter how much pains he suffered they would forever stay together and share the same pain with him. With his belief, Licht successfully destroyed all the Baron masks and escape. As Licht returned to the outside world, Taketora tries to kill him by throw his gravity missile. However, Licht blocks Taketora's attack and tries to advise him to join his group and help him, as he need Taketora's power to achieve his goal. Soon, Licht knocked Taketora down with his fist. As Taketora was knocked down, he remembered Licht's tears from the past, and his promise with Licht that they would kill all their enemies so the Abandonment War could ended. After his defeat, Taketora returns the Ballot back to Hina and leave, saying that he would never surrender to Licht and help him.

Sometimes later, Lyne Mei finally awoke from the surgery and only realized that she's half naked. As she tries to remembering what happened beforehand, Lyne reminded about her confession to Licht and all villagers from Hoemmh knew that. Lyne then tries to claim it was dream in attempt to justify what she remembered, with only the villagers from Hoemmh congrats her for her confession. Lyne was surprised at their sudden appearance and realized that it wasn't a dream that she was rejected by Licht. The villagers was all angered and says they will give Licht a punishment for rejecting her confession, only leave Lyne in confusion. As the villagers cease after Licht, Nana Bassler is talking with Jail Murdoch about the their promise from 300 years ago, with Jail says that now he has returned to the present time he will surely play with her as much as she wants.

Pele confronts Licht

In the outside of the Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, Pele Poporo stares at "injured" Licht and wonders what's going on, Licht stated that he was suddenly attacked by the villagers from Hoemmh for unknown reason. As Licht cleaning all the messes, Pele wants to ask him a question. Licht tried to look at Pele but he was disappeared, only Pele suddenly appears behind him with his killing intent. Pele demands to know how Licht knew Pele could perform lifesaving surgery on Lyne, asking why he chosen him out of all people when he knew Hina has long learned the medical stuffs from the training school 300 years ago. In serious, Licht explains that he already knew that Pele was more than just a ordinary soldier since the "Abyss Demon" incident, specifically how he saves Lyne from the Special Service. Licht points out that his reaction towards the guns clearly isn't someone who had just see the gun for the first time, which implying that Pele might be a spy from the Special Service. Without choice, Pele attempt to cut Licht's head off from being risk at his true identity revealed, only stopped when Licht claims he is Lyne's friend so he won't see him as a enemy.

As Licht leaving, the Sister Greengrocer calls Pele out to comfort Lyne, claiming this is the best chance for him to confess his feeling to her. While Pele refused to do that, Sister Greengrocer pushes Pele into the medical room so he could have a conversation with Lyne. As Lyne crying, Pele states that he can't ignore her tears and leave her alone. Soon, Pele cocks some foods for Lyne to eat, which she claims his foods was delicious.

Meanwhile, Hina confronts Licht somewhere in the forest, she strips her clothes and Licht's pants so they could make a baby. Scared Licht tried to claim that Tsukina Farrow would sad if she saw her daughter acted like this, Hina reveals that her mother taught her that if she finds a man she loves, she has to open her legs and not let him escape. As Licht was about to be "raped", it was interrupted by Jail and the others who wants to discuss their next move. As the discussion begins, Jail asks Licht about what he wants to do, Licht reveals that he decide to collect all seven Ballots, not to destroy Althea, but to find a way for humanity to survive without Althing so the humanity will have a better future. Everyone supported Licht's idea and Sonohara Mizuka states that she will help him when he needs her in the future.

Schmelman talking with the "Class A"

In the Special Service's bases, Nikola informs Schmelman that the troop was prepared and they're ready to assassinate the King of Althea and take over the country. Schmelman only told Nikola to not rushing, as doing their mission without preparing properly would only leads to their defeat. As Nikola leaving, Schmelman talks with the mysterious troop, that naive people also had the chance to got themselves defeated as well. The back view of those figures apparently resembles the "Class A", the students that was supposedly died 300 years ago. Schmelman only stated that he's waiting for Licht's arrival.

The episode ends at Licht and Hina having lunch time, as they're travelling to the Althea.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The entire scenes of Licht staying on the "world of darkness" and talking with the masks, Hina's group believing Licht will return from the black hole, Hina thanked Licht for keeping their promise, and the ending of the episode, is all anime original scenes.
  • The scene where Taketora told Licht some information about Ende were skipped.
  • In the manga, when Lyne finally awakened, Jail is seen to be watching over her. In the anime, however, Jail wasn't around when she awakened.
  • In the manga, when the villagers of Hoemmh went to cease Licht, Avsette went to talk with Jail. In the anime, it was Nana that talking with Jail instead.
    • Due to this changes, the scene where it revealed a bit of Avsette's past were skipped.
  • Licht's explaination of how he was caught by Hina and the villagers of Hoemmh were skipped.
  • Some of Licht's explaination about how he knew Gespenst can do surgery were skipped.
  • The way Hina asks Licht for having sex is different in anime and manga. In the manga, Hina requests Licht to do that while he's peeing in a toilet. In the anime, she requests him to do that as a reward for keeping their promise in a grassland.
  • Due to Taketora's explaination were skipped earlier, the scene where Licht stated he will uses Althing to approve some rules and went inside the Ende were skipped. Instead, it was changed to Licht want to use Althing to change the future.
  • In the anime, Schmelman having a conversation with Nikola about taking over Althea. This happened off-scene in the manga.
  • The New Class A appeared in the anime much earlier than in the manga. In the manga, they first appeared after the King of Althea was killed.


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New Characters


  • This is the only episode directed by the main director Kanbe Hiroyuki himself.
  • In the last anime interview, Licht's seiyū revealed that Schmelman is Licht's adoptive father, despite the last episode has only adapted first 14 pages of Chapter 37[1].