Firenda (フィレンダ Firenda) is a character introduced in Plunderer. She is one of the instructors of the 13th Special Military Forces School.


Firenda has pink hair that is tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She is wearing her military uniform.



Firenda first appeared in Chapter 13 in the past timeline, seen to be standing beside Alexandrov Grigorovich at the start of the enrollment ceremony. Later when Schmelman Bach almost killed Sakai Rihito, Firenda stopped it and revealed that it was all an act.

During the peeping incident, Firenda is shown to be guarding the outside of the woman's bath.


The instructors having a meeting

A few weeks later, at midnight, Firenda has a meeting with other instructors. During the meeting, Schmelman asks Firenda if she was able to reproduce the Ballots or not. She explains she can't but she can reproduce the unknown power coming from the Althing. Later, Schmelman asks other instructors the progress of the "Aerial Ace Project", Firenda stated that the surgery is successful but for unknown reason the rats becomes more brutal. Firenda stated she wanted to test the project on a human but Schmelman denied it. Soon, Schmelman gives that berserked rat a Ballot while caused it's strength increased rapidity. Schmelman then freezes the rat with his power and said it's amazing. While releasing his "evil" aura, he told Firenda keep her research and said they'll gives Class A students the surgery, once the "Aerial Ace Project" is completed.


Schmelman attempt to freezes Firenda

Few months later, after Davi was killed by the terrorists, Firenda told Schmelman that it's time for them to excuse the "Aerial Ace Project", which shocks him and Alexandrov as the project is still incomplete. After heard Firenda's prediction that their projects might be leaked, Schmelman asks her who will be chosen for do surgery and she said Rihito is the perfect candidate for this project. This angered Schmelman and tried to freeze her, she then points out that the reason why the rat's brutality increased is due to Schmelman's bloodlust gene that he can't control himself. Firenda also stated that they must experiments on human now or she will abandoned the project and letting the students killed by the terrorists, which Schmelman have no choice but give Rihito do surgery and stopped his action on freezing Firenda.


Firenda explaining how Abandonment War begin earlier

In the next day, Firenda informs Class A students that she will give Rihito a surgery to gains superhuman strength, she also explains that if the surgery failed Rihito will die. This shocks the Class A students and asking Firenda why, and she explains they needed a "magician" to overcome the possible war may happen soon. Soon, the surgery was started. As Schmelman's genes successful injected into Rihito's body, the Abandonment War is started by the school took a surprise attack. After the surprise attack, Alexandrov informs Firenda what happened outside the factory. Firenda stated that she predicted that this and explains that the Abandonment War begin earlier because other nations used Althing to started the war without informing any Japan staffs. Then, Alexandrov shocked and wonder why is Firenda laughing but she said she didn't. Soon, after Alexandrov gave the phone to Jail Murdoch, Jail asks Firenda where is the exit but she stated the entrance has already blocked due to United Nations Force's attack earlier. She also stated that if this continue, Rihito will die from injecting too much Schmelman's genes. Firenda told Jail and the others that they must active the backup electrical in order to save Rihito.


The instructors uses Althing to create Althea

After the war started, along with Tsukina Farrow was served as the scientists of the Special Service. Firenda and Tsukina keep finding a solution to solves the lack of resources, and they discovered the unusual feature all Barons have. Knowing all Barons can survive without eats and drinks, Firenda and Tsukina made a drugs that can transforms anyone into a Baron. It's noted that Firenda has secretly creating the clones of Class A students without Licht (Rihito) and the others noticed. On the last day of the war, after the Barons collected all seven original Ballots, the instructors uses Althing to approved the permanent banned of nuclear weapons and created a sky island named Althea. As Sakai Tokikaze steals one of original Ballot, Firenda releases Rihito to kill Tokikaze and take back the original Ballot.

After he successfully does so and returns to his normal consciousness, Ferinda personally travels down via flight harness in order to retrieve Licht after he successfully retrieves the Original Ballot, having gleefully forcibly dragged him back to Althea as he looked on in horror as the rest of Class A was abandoned in the newly dubbed "Abyss" as they looked at him in shocked horror and fear of his bloodthirsty actions.

Firenda's fate remains unknown after the end of Abandonment War.

Abilities and PowerEdit

Not much known about Firenda's fighting skills. However, Firenda was known to have been one of the most advanced scientist in the entire world prior to the Abandonment War.

  • Scientific Abilities: As a scientist, Firenda has been personally responsible for the research on the Althing and Ballots and being the one of the prime researcher in developing the "Aerial Ace Project" and the one who studied Schmelman Bach's genes in order to create the Red Baron Procedure and later was implied to have been the one who developed the first Ballot Replica. After the War, Firenda was also noted to have assisted Tsukina Farrow in creating the Red Baron's Drug that can transform anyone into a Baron without the need of screening their genetics and operating on them for their transformation, further proving her immense knowledge and skill in various scientific fields.
    • Cloning Technology: Firenda was also shown to be an accomplished geneticist, being the one who was also responsible for altering the genetics of all seven of the Red Barons and figuring out the needed genetic components to know which person was compatible with Schmelman's genes. Later, it was also revealed that she was also immensely skilled in Science of Human Cloning, having successfully figured out the exact science & technology before the beginning of the war and was noted to have been the one who created the New Class A using the Genetic Material collected from the original Class A,complete with the originals fighting skills.
    • Pharmaceutical Technology: Firenda was also implied to have been the one who developed the drugs used to bring out Schmelman's bloodthirst from the Red Barons and send them into a homicidal rage and bring out their alternate bloodthirsty persona's that was used on Licht Bach, Sonohara Mizuka and Sakai Tokikaze to place them under the Special Service's Thrall and was noted to have assisted Tsukin Farrow in the research of creating the Red Baron's Drug that immediately transforms someone into a Baron without being affected by Schmelman's Bloodlust and automatically giving someone a count of 500000 maximum, a count superior to even that of the Three Grand Generals and that of the base Counts of the Legendary Red Barons.
      • Schmelman's Drug[citation needed]: During Licht's gradual descent into homicidal madness,Firenda had used a special drug created by her in order to fully bring out Licht's bloodlust via the Schmelman's Gene's transplanted into him,placing him in a highly mentally volatile state but directly under her direct control. This Serum was then noted to have been later used on Sonohara Mizuka to control her and keep her loyal to the Special Service for the next 300 years and was later further refined to a even more potent version in order to control Sakai Tokikaze.
  • Flight: In the flashback, after ordering Licht to kill Tokikaze and retrieve the Original Ballot, Firenda was shown having used the same Flight Harness utilized by Sonohara Mizuka to fly, showing enough skill in its usage to travel in high speeds in order to catch up to Licht and enough maneuverability in order to forcibly drag him to to Althea.
  • Combat Mastery: Firenda was noted to have been particularly skilled in the usage of various melee weapons and hand to hand combat due to her being a instructor and combat trainer for the 13th Special Military Forces School.
    • Teaching Skills: Firenda was one of the four primary instructors for the 13th Special Military Forces School tasked with teaching,training and preparing the students of Class C in combat, with her teaching method being her training her students in synchronicity with the usage of one weapon and fighting skill all at the same time.
      • Weapon Expert: Firenda was stated by her colleague Schmelman Bach to be immensely skilled in the usage of spears, swords and shields for battle, seeing as she was feared by Licht Bach when he learned that she was placed on guard protecting the women's bath and was seen having been armed with miniature flail, various swords and guns.
      • Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Firenda was seen having trained and taught her students of Class C on how to fight using hand to hand combat, with one of her students being Douan Taketora the physically strongest Legendary Red Barons, whose most preferred combat style being hand to hand combat, further alluding to Firenda skills in teaching it.


  • It's seem like Firenda never wear any panties under her skirt.
  • Firenda and Avsette Vremya shares a similar face. It's not known if they were actually related or not.
  • Firenda might be the true antagonist of the series, as she has been showed acting villainous and strangely throughout the series, even smiling and blushing as the school is viciously attacked. The anime adaptation even further showed these traits in some of the anime-original scenes.


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