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Warning: This article covers information concerning the character's true identity. For information concerning the character in present time under her disguise, see here. Due to major spoilers, which are covered below, information about her true identity is restricted to this page only.

An entity disguise herself as a different person under the name Firenda (フィレンダ Firenda), also known as Nikola (ニコラ Nikora, Funimation: Nicola) under her disguise as a male soldier[1], is the true main antagonist introduced in Plunderer. Her true name is yet to be revealed so far.

She is first introduced under her disguise as Nikola, Davi's subordinate and a soldier of Althea Royal Guard. In fact, she is second lieutenant of Special Service and one of the instructors of the 13th Special Military Forces School 300 years ago.


As Firenda, she has ankle-length or floor-length pink hair that is tied in a ponytail-braid with bangs hanging on the right side while there is a single small wavy hair strand on the left side, blue eyes that are usually closed and a beauty mark on the bottom right side. She is wearing her military uniform.



Past Events

Firenda's past

She was born as a ugly child with no parents and lives in a poorhouse by her own. One day, she meet a beautiful young girl named Firenda, daughter of the millionaire that lives on happiness. As she's so jealous at that young girl able to live happily unlike herself, she ended up killing her and took her face as her own. As she killed that young girl, she disguises herself as Firenda and took her place as the daughter of the millionaire. At that time, Firenda realized that she can steal anything she likes whenever she wants something that she personally don't have with her unique ability.

After she killed the real Firenda, she keep stealing other people's resources and claims it as her own. As she grew older, Firenda no longer cares whether the things she owns really belongs to her or not, all she cares about is just stealing and bring destruction to the others as long as she feel happy about it.

Young Firenda fell in-love with Schmelman

Firenda was later hired by Schmelman Bach as the scientist for the "Aerial Ace Project", following the previous scientists of the project has all been fired by Schmelman for using children as genuine pigs. When Firenda first meet Schmelman, she instantly fell in-love with him in which she was upset at it. In order to "steal" Schmelman's heart, Firenda attempted to seduced Schmelman several times, to the point where she's even willing to shows her naked body in front of him, but none of her seduction ever works. Because Firenda couldn't steal Schmelman's heart, she decided to break his mind and makes him mentally unstable as a revenge that he "stolen" her heart.

Firenda first appeared in Chapter 13 in the past timeline where she is seen to be standing beside Alexandrov Grigorovich at the start of the enrollment ceremony. Later when Schmelman almost killed Sakai Rihito, Firenda stopped it and revealed that it was all an act.

During the peeping incident, Firenda is shown to be guarding the outside of the woman's bath.

The instructors having a meeting

A few weeks later, at midnight, Firenda has a meeting with other instructors. During the meeting, Schmelman asks Firenda if she was able to reproduce the Ballots or not. She explains she can't reproduce the voting power but she can reproduce the unknown power coming from the Althing. Later, Schmelman asks other instructors the progress of the "Aerial Ace Project", Firenda stated that the surgery is successful but for unknown reason the rats becomes more brutal. Firenda stated she wanted to test the project on a human but Schmelman denied it, as he doesn't like to see a children being used as a genuine pig. Soon, Schmelman gives that berserked rat a Ballot while caused it's strength increased rapidity. Schmelman then freezes the rat with his power and said it's amazing. While releasing his "evil" aura, he told Firenda keep her research and said they'll gives Class A students the surgery, once the "Aerial Ace Project" is completed.

At some point, Firenda overheard Schmelman's conversation with Rihito that he became his adoptive father. This makes Firenda felt jealously towards Rihito for being able to "steal" Schmelman's heart easily while she's not able to do so. This would leads Firenda torturing Licht's feeling and uses him to make Schmelman feel despair later on.

Schmelman attempt to freezes Firenda

Few months later, after Davi was killed by the terrorists, Firenda told Schmelman that it's time for them to execute the "Aerial Ace Project", which shocks him and Alexandrov as the project is still incomplete. After hearing Firenda's prediction that their projects might've be leaked, Schmelman asks her who will be chosen for the surgery and she responds with Rihito, as he is the perfect candidate. This angers Schmelman and he trys to freeze her, she then points out that the reason behind the rat's increased brutality is due to Schmelman's bloodlust gene, that he can't control. Firenda also states that they must experiment on humans now or she will abandoned the project which will mean the students will be killed by the terrorists, which leaves Schmelman no choice but to let her give Rihito the surgery.

Firenda explaining how Abandonment War begin earlier

In the next day, Firenda informs Class A students that she will give Rihito a surgery to gains superhuman strength, she also explains that if the surgery failed Rihito will die. This shocks the Class A students and asking Firenda why, and she explains they needed a "wizard" to overcome the possible war may happen soon. Soon, the surgery was started. As Schmelman's genes successful injected into Rihito's body, the Abandonment War was started by the school took a surprise attack. After the surprise attack, Alexandrov informs Firenda what happened outside the factory. Firenda stated that she predicted that this would happen and explains that the reason why Abandonment War begin earlier was because the other nations had used Althing to started the war earlier, without informing the Japan government about it. Then, Alexandrov shocked and wonder why is Firenda laughing but she said she didn't. Soon, after Alexandrov gave the phone to Jail Murdoch, Jail asks Firenda where is the exit but she stated the entrance has already blocked due to United Nations Force's attack earlier. She also stated that if this continue, Rihito will die from injecting too much Schmelman's genes. Firenda told Jail and the others that they must active the backup electrical switch in order to save Rihito.

The instructors uses Althing to create Althea

After the war started, along with Tsukina Farrow was served as the scientists of the Special Service. Firenda and Tsukina keep finding a solution to solves the lack of resources, and they discovered the unusual features all Barons had. Knowing all Barons can survive without eating and drinking, Firenda and Tsukina made a special drugs that can transforms anyone into a Baron. It's noted that Firenda had secretly created the clones of Schmelman and Class A students without Licht (Rihito) and the others noticed. On the last day of the war, after the Barons collected all seven original Ballots, the instructors uses Althing to approved the permanent banned of nuclear weapons and created a sky island named Althea. As Sakai Tokikaze steals one of original Ballot, Firenda releases Rihito to kill Tokikaze and take back the original Ballot.

After he successfully does so and returns to his normal consciousness, Ferinda personally travels down via flight harness in order to retrieve Licht after he successfully retrieves the Original Ballot, having gleefully forcibly dragged him back to Althea as he looked on in horror as the rest of Class A was abandoned in the newly dubbed "Abyss" as they looked at him in shocked horror and fear of his bloodthirsty actions.

Firenda torturing Schmelman after the end of Abandonment War

After the end of Abandonment War, Firenda changed her face and disguise herself as a soldier from Althea Royal Guard under the name "Nikola", while hiding her true identity. Nobody except both real and clone Schmelman knew Nikola's true identity. Firenda also keep torturing the real Schmelman and his feeling in his room on a daily basis.

5 years before the story begins, Firenda secretly reduced Tsukina's count to zero which would leads to her being absorbed into the Abyss. Tsukina's death was done in order to set up Hina's meeting with Licht and create the conflicts between them and the Special Service in the future.

Story Events

For her stroy events in present time, see Nikola#Plots.

Last War Arc

Three months later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun, with Nikola leading most of the Special Service troop against Jail.

Later after Licht and Jail discovered the fact that Schmelman in the present time is actually his clone, Nikola suddenly appeared behind Jail and praised him for able to figure it out. Nikola said that Jail's sense is the biggest reason why he ordered Gespenst Zerlegen to assassinate him in the first place. Being surprised, Jail tried to punch Nikola but he easily dodged his punch. Soon, Nikola went to kill Clone Schmelman as he no longer provide any useful for his plan. Clone Schmelman tried to protect himself with his ice wall but Nikola's flame easily melt down the ice and burns him. While Nikola uses both Tokikaze and Taketora's abilities for killing Clone Schmelman, he was slapped by Hina who told him even if it's clone he's still "her" children and he loves his "Mama" so much. However, Nikola responded with weaklings doesn't deserve to live, even if that person was his child.

Nikola's true identity, Firenda

After Clone Schmelman's death, Hina figured out Nikola's true identity so she told him stop playing around. Nikola agreed with Hina's words so he reveals his past and how much he enjoyed stealing resources from the others, while he keep changing his faces to everyone who's around on the forest. After Nikola revealed his count stands for the number of times he steals, he revealed his true identity is Firenda while giving a odd smile.

After Firenda revealed herself, she find it odd that Light didn't try to peek under her skirt like he used to do 300 years ago. Licht asked Firenda that if she's the one who caused all those messes in the past 300 years, including if she's the one responsibility for Tsukina's death 5 years ago and also having Hina meet him later on, and Firenda answered him with yes. Firenda said all of these was done in order to tortures Schmelman's feeling, who she can't forgive him for "stolen" her heart. In order to torturing Schmelman, she had to gives Licht as much pains and despair as she can just so Schmelman would keep regretting that he could not able to save his adoptive son from her hands. Once Schmelman's mind has been borken, she would no longer need to steal his heart anymore. However, ever since Schmelman having a briefly conversation with Licht three months ago, he has been slowly regaining his emotions back which means it will undone Firenda's plan. Because of this, Firenda won't forgive Licht so she decided to kill him with freezing him by copying Schmelman's ability.

Firenda reveals her counts while freezing Licht

Once Licht has been frozen, Jail and Douan Taketora tried to save him but both of them were easily beaten by Firenda copying their abilities. Once everyone has been defeated, Firenda told Tokikaze that Eins is still trying to resists the drug to not lost her sanity even after 30 seconds has passed. In order to celebrate their relationship, Firenda said she will "rewards" him with create another clone of Eins so he would forever killing her over and over. This angered Tokikaze and he tried to attack Firenda, however, she managed to pulled his right eye out before he could even attack. Soon, Firenda tries to kill Lyne in front of Gespenst, as a punishment for him betrayed her earlier. Firenda said that after she killed Lyne, she will create a lot of Lyne's clones and torturing them in front of him to give him despair. As Lyne is about to be killed, she was saved by Licht who just managed to destroyed the ice. Firenda was shocked and wondering how did Licht free from her ice when her counts is way higher than him. Soon, Sonohara Mizuka shoots a bullet at Firenda and tells her that an heartless person like her would never able to defeat Licht, as he has a certain thing that she couldn't be messed with. However, Firenda doesn't understand what Mizuka is talking about and said that nobody can defeat her as she already "plundered" Schmelman and all seven Baron's abilities

Soon, Firenda used Jail's ability to create dual metal knifes to battle. Before she could move, Licht was already standing behind Firenda before she could even notice. Firenda tried to keep her distance far from Licht but he always moved behind her. Knowing she couldn't escape, Firenda choose to copy Licht's speed of flash ability in attempt to kill him. To counter her, Licht throws some sands at her which she finds ridiculous. However, the sands are somehow able to move faster than light and can injure Firenda like a machine gun's attacks. Firenda wonders how the sands can harm her, Licht explains that his "flashing strike" isn't about seeing everything slower but making himself and the things he touches move faster than light, so even sand could do the same amount of damage as bullet.

As she's thinking how to counter Licht's speed, Firenda realized something's odd about his sense, back when he uses his speed of flash ability for the first time in 300 years ago, he seems to able to use it just fine even though other people uses that kind of ability might not able to control properly at first without good eyesight. Soon, both Firenda and Alexandrov realized that Licht's superhuman reflexes wasn't something that he only obtained when he became Baron, but it was originally his natural ability obtained since his birth, just like how Firenda and Schmelman naturally born with their imitation and ice abilities. Combining both Licht's naturally born reaction speed and his enhanced movement speed received from the Baron's surgery, Licht can move and react even faster than Schmelman did without any problem. Once Firenda realized Licht's potentials as a warrior, she was easily beaten by Licht with his light speed. Before Licht end is fight with Firenda, he asks her why did she killed Clone Schmelman when he loves her so much, which she couldn't able to answer his question.

Licht lands his finishing blow at Firenda

When Firenda is about to be killed by Licht, he suddenly stopped his attack and look at other side. Firenda is curious what is he looking at and soon realized that Eins has finally gone berserked and started killing Hina. Firenda then kicked Licht out, she claimed that this is the victory of the Special Service and he already lose this war. Firenda explains that the drugs would rapidly increases the clone's strength to the point they could easily kill everyone in the field in less than few minutes, but like the Clone Schmelman said earlier, the drug would only last a short amount of time and they would be free from the drug's effect soon after. While Licht is worrying at everyone might be killed by the clones, Firenda uses this as a chance to copy his reaction speed and heal her injury.

Firenda successfully surpassed Licht's powers and dodged his slash

Once Licht had finally decided to kill Firenda, it's too late to kill her, as she has successfully copied his reflexes ability which allowed her to easily dodge his attack. Once Firenda dodged his finishing blow, she begins to uses her speed of flash ability to keep slashing Licht from every distance so that he couldn't able to dodge her attack. While Firenda attacking Licht, she asks him what he thought back when his mother abandoned him at the supermarket 300 years ago, and Licht only told her to shut up while being angered. Soon, Firenda hugs Licht and asks him what has she done wrong and why did she experienced such a horrible post when she's still a child. Firenda then created a metal chair for Licht to sit, she said that she can sympathizing Licht's feeling and felt that they can relate to each other, so she will give him a chance to save everyone from the clones under the cost of Hina's life. However, Licht refused to lost Hina and surrender in front of Firenda, which makes her angered and created a metal knifes. Firenda said that Licht is just as foolish as his adoptive father Schmelman did and she would make him regret and taste more despair for his decision.

Firenda is about to kill Licht and the others with giant iceberg enchanted by "Heavy"

Later after Firenda defeated Licht, she realized that Hina were planned to do something but failed. Firenda then thrown Licht into the ground and told Tokikaze that it's time to accept the fact that the clones must be sacrificed. However, Tokikaze said that Hina was right that he should never give up and will keep fighting until they found the chance to defeat Firenda, while Licht also agreed with what Tokikaze said as well. Firenda being frustrated, she said that she doesn't understand why Licht and the others refused to give up despite how hopeless their situation is. She also said that she has tired of the war so she decided to destroy the entire Earth together with them.

Firenda overwhelmingly beaten by the Legendary Red Barons

However, when Firenda is about to kill them, her iceberg has been destroyed by the "Pursuit" attacks. Firenda noticed the attacks wasn't fired by Mizuka but it was from someone else and soon discovered that the attacks was belongs to the original Class A. Upon their arrival, Firenda thought that she saw the illusion of them but it's shows that Class A is indeed still alive. After Class A explained that Hina changed their fate, Firenda begins to use "flashing strike" ability to beat all them but her movement was lock down by Taketora's gravity. Firenda tried to use ice to blow him up but it's stopped by Mizuka, which lead to her creating Jail's Iron Devil but it's easily destroyed by Jail. After Jail destroyed the golem, he said that while Firenda does have conviction, her conviction aren't strong enough to overcome the other Baron's strength. Then, Tokikaze appears behind Jail and attacks Firenda with his blink attack. As Firenda being attacked, she wonders how comes they knew about her actions and reacts immediately, which soon reveals that it's Gespenst who tries to read her mind and transfer her to the others. Firenda wonders how is this possible without the help from Erin, and Gespenst explains that what Erin did earlier is merely just a acting to trick her about his ability. Gespenst then thrown Firenda out with single hand while saying the biggest mistake she had done was attempting to kill Lyne in front of him.

Firenda hugs Licht after he calm her mind down

After being overwhelmingly beaten by the other Barons, Firenda suddenly went crazy and claims that she will destroy everything and kill everyone who hates and abandons her, while she begins crying due to remembering her past. In order to stop her madness, Licht holding Hina's hand while increases his count to surpass her powers. As Licht successfully stopped Firenda's attack, he brought the metal chair she created earlier for her to sit and then hugs her, as he believes Firenda is how he would grown as a person if he never meet Tokikaze and his grandmother in the past. While hugging Firenda, Licht said that it's all fine and that he and his friends will stay together with her just so she realize that she also have friends as well. However, Firenda refused to accept Licht's kindness and claims that it's already too late to change anything at this point. She also claimed that he doesn't understand the amount of pains she has been through in the past 300 years, which she called him a child instead. Licht said that there's no reason for both of them keep fighting anymore but Firenda doesn't listen. Firenda then thrown Licht's Ballot to him and told him that he has only two options left to end this war; either he kill her or she will kill Hina instead.

Alexandrov stops Firenda from killing everyone

As Licht couldn't make any choice, Firenda decided to kill everyone beside him. She keep telling to stop acting like a child and be actually grown like a adult. Firenda then creating an attack that's said to be as strong as nuclear bomb, as a punishment for Licht didn't learn anything for past 300 years. As she's about to kill everyone, she was stopped by Alexandrov. While being chokehold by him, Firenda told him to get lost since he already gave his Ballot to Jail he has no special power anymore. However, Firenda couldn't able to free herself from him, as Alexandrov spotted her weakness aand caused her to not able to use her power properly. Alexandrov explains that Schmelman isn't totally invicinble as she believed, as there's one person no matter how Schmelman tries he always lose against him, and that person is Alexandrov himself. Firenda then realized that Alexandrov is actually the strongest one out of three instructors. She then asks him why didn't he save Jail from Robert back during their fight at royal capital, and Alexandrov explains that it's Schmelman's request for choosing not to help. He also stated that everything she done since the creation of Althea, including how she torturing Schmelman, were all planned by him all along. Firenda then realized that the emoless face Schmelman make after all these time were merely just an acting in attempt to trick her. Schmelman purposely getting himself tortured by her is to make her realize how wrongful her actions was. At first, Alexandrov thought of wanting to save Firenda. However, ever since she killed Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, a child in front of him at the royal capital, he won't forgive her for what she has done and he wants her to pay him with her own life.

After realizing what she had done, Firenda believes she's beyond redemption so she asks Alexandrov to kill her. Firenda told Licht that this is how an adult would acts in a sutiation like this, the adults always think wisely before doing anything and they won't hesitate at their decision. She stated that the moment the United Nations Force attacked the training school and killed almost all of Class C students, her mind has already been broken and couldn't think normally anymore. She began to regret that she couldn't let go her personal gauge towards Schmelman and save the students. Soon, Alexandrov tells Firenda that he once heard a Japanese story about if a child died before their parents does, their soul will sent into hell where the demons will torture them forever until their soul is perished. Since Alexandrov believes both of them would surely went into the hell for their crimes, he suggests that after they died, they will become the ghost guardians to protect their beloved students who were also sent into the hell from the demons so their souls won't be perished. He also belives the Class C students is waiting for her coming and reunion in the hell. Firenda then cried and claimed it was because of Alexandrov's kindness he and his wife ended up divorced back before he left Russian Army, he said that he just simply can't ignore a woman's tears.

Firenda's death

In the end, Firenda want Licht to promise her that he will create a world where the children won't ended up becoming like her. Although Licht think she doesn't need to die, he respects her decision and salutes at her. Soon, Firenda glad that Licht had finally become sightly mature and praises him for making right choice for once. She also gives him an advice, that he should never shows any kindness to a woman that he doesn't love, as doing so would only hurt them. After Firenda gave Licht her last request, Alexandrov snapped her neck and killed her.

Firenda says her final farewell to Schmelman

Although Firenda is already dead by the time Schmelman challenged Licht, after Schmelman was defeated, he saw an illusion of Firenda appeared in front of him. Firenda said that Schmelman's kindness towards the children has always been his weakness, because he's way too focused on the children's problems he couldn't able to see what the others around him may struggled until it's too late. Then, before she left, Firenda also said that she had finally realized that she really hate Schmelman and his kindness a lot, while she's smiling and tried to hold his hand.

Abilities and Power

As Nikola, her count is 47, although it's fake since most of Special Service members' count are around 10000 or higher. It was later revealed her count is 10000000, her count stands for the number of time she plundered from the others[1]. Firenda was also known to have been one of the most advanced scientist in the entire world prior to the Abandonment War. During her fight against Licht's group, Firenda's count increased to 10000001 due to she plundered Licht's kindness.

Firenda tries to change her face

  • Imitation Manipulation: Firenda has a ability to manipulate imitations. She can manipulate any kind of imitations, copies and replications of anything, whether it be worlds, people, and powers.
    • Illusion Manipulation: Firenda has shown to have some illusionary abilities.
      • Face Alteration: Firenda has an ability to freely change his face: as shown when she disguises herself as her disguise Nikola, a different soldier and as Tsukina.
      • Illusionary Environment: The power to change the appearance of one's environment via illusions. Firenda does this when she "sent" Tokikaze into his memory world.
    • Ability Mimicry:

      Firenda created Jail's iron golem while it being enchanted by Taketora's "Heavy"

      Firenda is able to mimic and replicate the powers of the others.
      • Flashing Strike (閃撃 Sengeki): Like Licht, Firenda is able to move at incredibly high speeds, which even faster than the light. She does this when she dodged Tokikaze's blink attack while attempt to brainwash him.
        • Superhuman Speed: The ability to move faster than light.
        • Superhuman Reflexes: Firenda is able to dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, as shown when she dodged Tokikaze's blink attack. Later when Firenda copied Licht's naturally born superhuman reflexes, her reaction speed has already surpassed even Licht's reaction speed who's already can reacts even faster than Schmelman.
      • Blast (爆撃 Bakugeki): Like Alexandrov, Firenda has a ability to control fire. The fire is strong enough to melt Schmelman's ice that's largely immune to Alexandrov's flame.
        • Causinomancy: The ability to burn an entire object or person with intense heat.
      • Blink Strike (瞬撃 Shungeki): Like Tokikaze, Firenda can draw her sword faster than light.
        • Speed Cutting: Firenda can draw her sword and attack in the speed of light.
      • Heavy Strike (重撃 Jūgeki): Like Taketora, Firenda is capable of manipulating the direction and intensity of gravity for both offensive and defensive means.
        • Gravitational Downforce: The ability to generate a crushing downforce of gravity in a certain area.
        • Object Enhancement: Firenda can enhance objects and their properties/qualities, making them more stronger. She uses this to enhances Iron Devil that she created via copying Jail's abilities.
      • Frost Strike[2] (氷撃 Kōrigeki): Like Schmelman, Firenda can create, shape and manipulate ice. It was stated that her ice is several times way stronger than Schmelman.
        • Freezing: Firenda is able to freeze anything. She tried to freezes Licht with this ability before he managed to destroyed the ices.
        • Iceberg Projection: Firenda can create a giant floating iceberg and then hurls it down on the area.
      • Iron Manipulation: Like Jail, Firenda can create iron constructs at will.
        • Iron Constructs: Firenda can turn any iron he created into tools, objects, weapons and semi-living constructs. She tried to created Jail's Iron Devil to defeat him.
      • Aerokinesis: Like Robert Du Vanvich, Firenda has the ability to manipulate wind as seen where she was able to conjure tornados.
  • Instantaneous Regeneration: When Firenda successfully "plundered" Licht's reaction speed, her injury are showed to be instantly healed while she tries to dodge his attacks. It's not known if this ability were copied from the others or if she always had this ability.
  • Master Spy: Being a long-time spy, Firenda is undoubtedly skilled with the art of espionage.
  • Scientific Abilities: As a scientist, Firenda has been personally responsible for the research on the Althing and Ballots and being the one of the prime researcher in developing the "Aerial Ace Project" and the one who studied Schmelman's genes in order to create the Red Baron Procedure and later was implied to have been the one who developed the first Ballot Replica. After the War, Firenda was also noted to have assisted Tsukina in creating the Red Baron's Drug that can transform anyone into a Baron without the need of screening their genetics and operating on them for their transformation, further proving her immense knowledge and skill in various scientific fields.
    • Genetic Technology: Firenda was also shown to be an accomplished geneticist, being the one who was also responsible for altering the genetics of all seven of the Red Barons and figuring out the needed genetic components to know which person was compatible with Schmelman's genes and from there, genetically graft them into their bodies, granting them access to Schmelman's superhuman physical abilities and granting them their unique supernatural abilities.
      • Cloning Technology: Later, it was also revealed that she was also immensely skilled in science of human cloning, having successfully figured out the exact science and technology before the beginning of the war and was noted to have been the one who created the New Class A using the genetic material collected from the original Class A, complete with the originals fighting skills. Later it would be revealed that Firenda had also created a clone of Schmelman himself, the clone being noted to be exceptionally powerful with strength rivaling the original and possessed all of the latter's abilities and was shown to be powerful enough to easily overpower several of the Red Barons and the New Class A with apparent ease.
    • Pharmaceutical Technology: Firenda was also implied to have been the one who developed the drugs used to bring out Schmelman's bloodthirst from the Red Barons and send them into a homicidal rage and bring out their alternate bloodthirsty persona's that was used on Licht, Mizuka and Tokikaze to place them under the Special Service's Thrall and was noted to have assisted Tsukin Farrow in the research of creating the Red Baron's Drug that immediately transforms someone into a Baron without being affected by Schmelman's Bloodlust and automatically giving someone a count of 500000 maximum, a count superior to even that of the Three Grand Generals and that of the base Counts of the Legendary Red Barons.
      • Schmelman's Drug[citation needed]: During Licht's gradual descent into homicidal madness,Firenda had used a special drug created by her in order to fully bring out Licht's bloodlust via the Schmelman's Gene's transplanted into him,placing him in a highly mentally volatile state but directly under her direct control. This Serum was then noted to have been later used on Mizuka to control her and keep her loyal to the Special Service for the next 300 years and was later further refined to a even more potent version in order to control Tokikaze and the New Class A.
  • Flight: In the flashback, after ordering Licht to kill Tokikaze and retrieve the Original Ballot, Firenda was shown having used the same Flight Harness utilized by Mizuka to fly, showing enough skill in its usage to travel in high speeds in order to catch up to Licht and enough maneuverability in order to forcibly drag him to Althea.
  • Combat Mastery: Firenda was noted to have been particularly skilled in the usage of various melee weapons and hand to hand combat due to her being a instructor and combat trainer for the 13th Special Military Forces School.
    • Teaching Skills: Firenda was one of the four primary instructors for the 13th Special Military Forces School tasked with teaching, training and preparing the students of Class C in combat, with her teaching method being her training her students in synchronicity with the usage of one weapon and fighting skill all at the same time.
      • Weapon Expert: Firenda was stated by her colleague Schmelman to be immensely skilled in the usage of spears, swords and shields for battle, seeing as she was feared by Licht when he learned that she was placed on guard protecting the women's bath and was seen having been armed with miniature flail, various swords and guns.
      • Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Firenda was seen having trained and taught her students of Class C on how to fight using hand to hand combat, with one of her students being Taketora the physically strongest Legendary Red Barons, whose most preferred combat style being hand to hand combat, further alluding to Firenda skills in teaching it.


  • In Volume 19's front cover and Volume 20's back cover, Firenda's name is spelled as "Firender", despite it was spelled as "Firenda" in the earlier volumes.
  • Firenda seems like she never wear any panties under her skirt.


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