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Herz Vaalheit (ハーズ=ヴァールハイト Hāzu Vuāruhaito, lit: Herz Wahrheit) is a character introduced in Plunderer manga series. She is the Captain of the Special Service.


Herz has long strawberry blond hair and green eyes. She is wearing her uniform.



Past Event

Young Herz watching her parents absorbed into the Abyss

In Herz's childhood, she gets her first mission on increasing her counts, but she have a very hard time to finish the mission. Because of this, it leads Herz's parents absorbed into the Abyss as a punishment. After the punishment, Herz set her count as for the number of times she wanted to commit suicide.

Ever since the incident, Herz keep thinking of either commits suicide or wants to be disappeared from the world, in order to increase her counts.

Story Event

Special Service Arc

Herz first appeared in Chapter 44, she and her forces tries to capture Licht Bach's group at Illusionary City Geist. Herz's henchmen was scared because aside of Herz herself, almost all of the leaders was defeated by Licht. Herz stated that they should not give up against Licht, although the forces was soon defeated.

After all of the henchmen was defeated, Herz prepared to fight against Licht one on one. Licht said he don't want to fight her due to he doesn't like to hurt a girl. Thought, as Herz started to attacks Licht, he's quite surprised at how fast her speed was. Although Licht soon holding Herz's neck and told her to surrender, and asked her to bring him to their headquarters so he can get back his original Ballot. Soon, Sonohara Mizuka showed up and attacks Licht. Licht trying his best to blocks Mizukia's bullets while protecting Herz.

Herz shows her consciousness

Later, Herz and her forces comes to meet Licht and they dropped their weapons, she requests him to rejoin Special Service once again in order to stop the Blink Baron, Sakai Tokikaze. Due to lack of forces to stop Tokikaze, Douan Taketora and Mizuka has been missing for a while, they had to request Licht to rejoin the Special Service forces in order to stop Tokikaze and re-approve the permanent ban of nuclear weapons. If Licht agreed with their request, they will return him his original Ballot that has been sealed for 300 years long. Nana Bassler stated this is ridiculous and told Licht to not trusts them, as they has been playing his feeling for so long that they no longer can be trusted. Without choice, Herz asked Nana to kill her for shows how serious about the situation. Nana then asked Herz why did they wanted Licht back when there's several members stronger than him, and Herz stated that everyone except her, Darle and Riguel has all been killed by Tokikaze. Soon, Licht accepted Herz's invite to rejoin the Special Service and said that she won't lie. Herz then bring them into their headquarters to heals Licht's injures.

Herz asks for shake hand

After Herz brought Licht and his groups to their headquarters, she asks Licht if he can shake hand with her. Herz stated that she have read Licht's history when he's part of Special Service during 300 years ago, she was impressed at how he took care the battle all by himself and how he hiding his face on a mask to not let other people worries at him.

Licht with Special Service suit

Herz also said that Licht was the hero she and other Special Service members admired. Soon, Licht shakes hand with Herz while told her that he didn't wash his hands earlier. Herz then stated that she will never taking a bath after this, although Lyne Mei told Herz that she should take a bath. After she brought Licht into the heath room, Herz brought the Special Service suit to him. Few hours later, along with other Special Service forces, was standing in outside their base and giving Licht his original Ballot back. Soon, Licht noticed that he has a more higher rank than the rest of Special Service forces included Herz as well, she stated since it was Licht rejoined the group they decided to promoted him into much higher rank than he was once before. Soon, Herz called Licht as the Colonel General and stated the forces was prepared to help him to stop Tokikaze.

Herz protects Licht from Gespenst

After the nuclear weapon has been banned, the White Special Service members suddenly appeared. Herz and the others was shocked at them and the White Special Service stated it's not surprise that they didn't know them, as they're high-division ranks and nobody except Schmelman and fellow White Special Service members knew their existence. Soon, after Pele revealed his true name was Gespenst Zerlegen and his true identity, he ordered Herz to kill Licht but she shoot Gespenst with her gun instead, she said that she won't take orders from anyone but her lord, Licht himself. Soon, Gespenst releases the stronger troop to fight against Herz's group. Eins went to cut off Herz's clothes, which scared her and she can't move. As Eins said she will kill Herz, Licht tried saves her from Eins but he was stabbed instead. After Darle and Riguel told Herz and the others run away, she told them to leave together but Darle stated they must hold the clones off for buying time to run away. Herz had no choice but bring Licht, Hina and Nana to leave together with other Special Service members. As the group entered the forest, Hina asks Herz was it okay to leave Darle and Riguel behind, but Herz cries and told Hina to forgive her action.

Last War Arc

Later after Licht and Taketora defeated the clones, along with other Special Service members, Herz was forced to drink beers together with Nana. As Nana worrying about "that man", Herz was interested at her words and asks Nana if "that man" is someone from the top-secret operation, which was soon revealed to be Jail Murdoch. Herz was later told to do some training from Taketora to make herself become stronger, as part of Gespenst's plan to defeat Special Service.

Two months later, after Herz finished her training, she and Taketora went to meet Licht somewhere in the forest. As they meet him, Herz suggested him to have a meeting with the Althea Royal Guard so they could work together and enhanced the army's strength. However, Gespenst stated such a meeting is unneeded, as they're the Royal Guard's trump card, so all Licht's group needed to do is entering Ende and to kill Schmelman in the upcoming war.

One month later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun. Along with Licht's group, Herz went to fight against Tokikaze and the clones. Later, when Jail and Taketora decided to end Sakai brother's fight once and for all, Herz and her henchmen protects Mizuka from the Sakai brother's attacks with the help from Gespenst's mind reading ability.

Abilities and Power

Herz's count is yet to be revealed, her count stands for number of times she wanted to commit suicide or disappeared.

  • Dual Wielding: Herz wields two knifes in combat.
  • Superhuman Speed: According to Licht, Herz's speed was almost as fast as Jail.


  • "Herz" meant "heart" in German.
  • According to Herz's name, she may be a German.