I won't let you be lonely! I won't even... give you time for that! I'll tag along no matter where you go... We'll make a family, no matter how many we are... Even when your life becomes a mess... I will never let you... be alone! Licht-san!!

—Hina confessed her true feeling, My Count Is... (Chapter 26)

Hina (陽菜 Hina) is the main female protagonist of Plunderer. She is a solitary girl who lived with her mom on the mountains, until her sudden demise. After her mother's death, she traveled for five years looking for the Legendary Red Baron.


Hina has short, aqua blue hair that transitions into purple then pink, and has blue eyes. However, both sides of her bangs are long enough that they frame her face. She is fairly petite and dainty in build. She wears a pink shirt with a white cloak buttoning at her neck and trailing behind her. Her hat is black with a flat brim and a flower decorating the side of it with a red ribbon.


Hina is easily pinned for being naive. Sheltered as a child and only living with her mother at the time rendered her easily trusting others and being ignorant of the evils in the world. She is also slow to understanding social norms she was raised without.

Hina is very whole-hearted and wishes to protect those her faith is in. She is devoid of cruelty and loathes seeing it and being unable to put a stop to it. Though she is physically unable to, her intention and willingness to put herself in harm's way to prevent others from getting hurt are exceedingly high.

She is very driven and once she puts her mind to something, she keeps to it. However, she is rather timid and gets flustered easily. Hina is very in touch with her emotions and cries freely despite what others may think. There is no shame in her being empathetic and sensitive, ultimately. She knows deep down what morals she holds onto.

Right before she left the past to come back to the present time, Hina first confessed her love by kissing a devastated Licht (his past self), and she then promised him, if he doesn't crumble down until they meet again (i.e. 300 years later) she would bear his children and never let him be alone. Back at the present, she started to openly show her love for him and become very adamant to fulfill the promise of bearing Licht's children, to the point that she uses almost every opportunity to try to seduce him, sometimes not even caring about her surroundings. She even tries to "attack" him on the toilet as it's the place where he's most defenseless.


Past Events


Hina saw her mother being absorbed into the Abyss

Hina lives in Fieni together with her mother as a child.[2] In Hina's childhood, she witnessed her mother absorbed into the Abyss. Before her mother was taken, she told Hina to find the Legendary Red Baron she chose and live together with him. Her mother also gives Hina a Ballot before she is gone.

After her mother's death, Hina eventually embarks her journey to find the Legendary Red Baron.

Story Events

Appearance in Other Media

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Hina appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

In Cinderella part, Hina portrayed as Cinderella.

Abilities and Power

Hina's count was 441, which corresponds to how many hundreds of kilometers she walked. In Chapter 2, Hina's count is increased to 760 after Licht wins the game of "The Startheft Bout" for her.


Hina with her knife in the anime adaptation

  • Hunting Intuition: As Hina has been living in the mountains for so long, she developed survival skills as seen during their Forest Survival trip with the class.
  • Gun Proficiency: Hina was encouraged by Schmelman Bach to learn how to use a handgun. Schmelman noted that it did not look good for Hina when she points a knife at people. Although she has yet to show her gunmanship in the series.
  • Medical Intuition: Hina was encouraged by Schmelman to become a combat medic and to study medical science.


  • Hina's name is actually based on her father's blade name, Hina.
  • Hina's face slightly resembles Nymph from Minazuki Suu's previous works, Sora no Otoshimono.
    • In the Animate version of Volume 2 cover, it's also shown Astraea wearing Hina's clothes with code "BAKA" on her right leg.[3]
  • Hina is the reason why Licht was able to take off his mask. It's later been revealed that she first caught his attention because she resembled his dead childhood friend and his brother's wife who turns out to be Hina's mother.
  • When Licht said that her mother would be sad about her aggressive behavior in trying to seduce him, Hina said that she actually told her if she finds a man she loves, she has to open her legs and not let him escape.


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