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My count is... My... count is... the number of times I kept walking... so that I could meet you! If you're ever crying... I'll be right there for you. If you're ever cold... I'll there to warm you. I will... I will never leave you... even if death... tries to split us apart... I will be by your side... as much as I can!

—Hina prepared to sacrifice herself, If My Beloved One Was Killed (Chapter 69)

Hina (陽菜 Hina) is the main female protagonist of Plunderer. She is a solitary girl who lived with her mom on the mountains, until her sudden demise. After her mother's death, she traveled for five years looking for the Legendary Red Baron.


Hina is a fairly petite and dainty girl in build with short aqua blue hair that transitions into purple then pink with bangs that are long enough to frame her face while there are short bangs hanging on the right side of her face and blue eyes.

She wears a pink shirt with a white cloak buttoning at her neck and trailing behind her. Her hat is black with a flat brim and a flower decorating the side of it with a red ribbon.


Hina is easily pinned for being naive. Sheltered as a child and only living with her mother at the time rendered her easily trusting others and being ignorant of the evils in the world. She is also slow to understanding social norms she was raised without.

Hina is a very whole-hearted girl who wishes to protect those her faith is in. She is devoid of cruelty and loathes seeing it and being unable to put a stop to it. Though she is physically unable to, her intention and willingness to put herself in harm's way to prevent others from getting hurt are exceedingly high.

She is very driven and once she puts her mind to something, she keeps to it. However, she is rather timid and gets flustered easily. Hina is very in touch with her emotions and cries freely despite what others may think. There is no shame in her being empathetic and sensitive, ultimately. She knows deep down what morals she holds onto.

Right before she left the past to come back to the present time, Hina first confessed her love by kissing a devastated Licht (his past self), and she then promised him, if he doesn't crumble down until they meet again (i.e. 300 years later) she would bear his children and never let him be alone. Back in the present, she started to openly show her love for him and become very adamant to fulfill the promise of bearing Licht's children, to the point that she uses almost every opportunity to try to seduce him, sometimes not even caring about her surroundings. She even tries to "attack" him on the toilet as it's the place where he's most defenseless.


Past Events

Hina watches her mother being absorbed into the Abyss

Hina lives in Fieni together with her mother as a child.[2] In Hina's childhood, she witnessed her mother absorbed into the Abyss. Before her mother was taken, she told Hina to find the Legendary Red Baron she chose and live together with him. Her mother also gives Hina a Ballot before she is gone.

After her mother's death, Hina eventually embarks her journey to find the Legendary Red Baron.

Story Events

Legendary Red Baron Arc

Licht "meet" Hina

Hina first appeared in Chapter 1. After 5 years of journey, she arrived at a city named Irinis. Hina tried to ask the citizen about the "Legendary Red Baron", but none of the citizen ever answers her question. As she continue for her searching, she heard someone called her out, revealed to be a masked man trying to see her panties. The masked man introduced himself and revealed his name is Licht Bach. He asks her for money to buy something else. With him bleeding, Licht stated that he can't hold on anymore and hoping Hina can give him her "money", while he touching her body. Hina was frightened and ran away, but Licht kept following her until he was slapped by Nana Bassler.

Nana wants to apologize for his behavior, Licht interrupts Nana asking about the food. Nana asks him where's the money she gave him to run errands and he doesn’t answer. Hina introduced herself to Nana which she was surprised at her name, as it's rare for someone at Althea to have a kanji name. She also stated she is searching for someone, under her mother's request who died five years ago. When Nana realized her mother fallen into the Abyss, Hina was confused and asks her about it, which Nana surprised as she can't believe Hina doesn't know anything about the count. Nana explained that everyone in Althea has their own count since birth and it's the life system to keep them alive. Soon, Licht tried to sneak food for himself, but he was punched by Nana instead. Hina reveals her count, Licht appears in front of her, trying to see her panties. Nana orders Licht to handstand until he dies, as an example of how count works in this world. Hina asks about the "Legendary Red Baron", Nana asks Licht that if he knew anything, but he was quick to shake his head.

After both Nana and Licht said they doesn't anything about the Baron. she felt sadden and wants to leave the city. As she leaving, she meets a soldier named Davi and self-proclaimed as the "Legendary Red Baron", claiming that he must be the person she was looking for. Hina, being happy, stated that she finally found him after 5 years of searching. With the meeting, Davi decided to bring Hina to his Guardhouse along with his henchmen.

After a brief talk, Davi began touching Hina's body while asking her name and intention. However, soon after Hina brought the Ballot out, Davi and his henchmen became hostile and said he must take the Ballot from her. With this situation, Hina revealed her count to him and ordered him to not do anything against her. Davi then ignored her order and told her to "play" the game of "The Startheft Bout". While Hina had no idea about the game at all, she had no choice but to accept his challenge. Hina was soon easily overwhelmed and lost against Davi. After Hina's defeat, Davi mocked how her count reduced to only 1 while seeing her panties. Hina cried and wondered why did he do such thing, Davi apologized to her that he wasn't the real Legendary Red Baron. Davi also called Hina as an idiot for believing the Legendary Red Baron still exist, and that it was all her fault to get involved in this situation.

Licht revealed his true identity

Soon, Licht arrived at the Guardhouse to save Hina. Licht states that he will challenge Davi to a game of "The Startheft Bout" in Hina’s stead. Davi and his henchmen were laughing after seeing Licht's count, although his henchmen Nikola immediately realized something was wrong with Licht since he was not absorbed to the Abyss even after his count reached below zero. Licht tells Hina to stop finding the "Legendary Red Baron", as they are not heroes but murderers. Although he also stated that he will return Hina's counts back from Davi, and reveals his true identity that he is the "Legendary Red Baron". Once his true identity is revealed, the other soldiers’ attitude shifted to fear. Davi denied it and told his henchmen that Licht must be fake Baron, just like him. Licht tells Hina to close her eyes while attacks the Davi and the soldiers. When Licht jumps higher, he apologizes to Hina for all the violence. Hina told him to not get hurt and he promises her that he will return her counts back from Davi. Once Davi is defeated, Licht takes Hina's Ballot and told her that he will sell it for money. While Hina cries for him to not leave, he merely says he will give her his doll instead in exchange of Ballot. Hina exclaims that he isn't the hero that she's looking for.

Hina cries as Licht leave

Hina returned to Nana's mobile tavern and informs her about what happened after Davi invited her. Nana holding the doll Licht gave to Hina and discovers that her Ballot is hiding inside that doll. Hina wonder why is the Ballot inside the doll, and Nana explains that's how Licht's personality were. She explains to Hina that the reason Licht does this is because owning a Ballot is a crime, so he has to make an excuse to prevent Hina getting killed by the soldiers. After Hina discovered Licht's true intention, she went to find him, Hina explains to him that he should stay with her, and that she was happy that she met him. However, Licht didn't choose to stay with her and his first count was reduced to -1000, which she called him a liar. As Hina crying, she meets Nikola again and he told her that the Althea Royal Guard would capture the Flash Baron soon.

Jail destroys Nana's mobile tavern

After the fake Baron incident, Hina staying at Nana's mobile tavern and helping her in work. As Hina asking Nana when will they start finding Licht, Jail Murdoch and the Royal Guards appeared in the tavern. While nana trying to pretend she doesn't know Licht's whereabouts, Jail warmed her to not lie and locked her legs with his metal ability which Hina was worried at her. Then, Nana stated that all she knows is that Licht went to the East. Soon, Jail orders his army goes to the West and destroys Nana's mobile tavern. After the Royal Guards left the tavern, Hina asked what happened here and why does Jail can create metal, Nana explains that Jail is a Ballot Holder and his ability is obtained from his Ballot.

As the Royal Guards in their way goes to Hoemmh, both Hina and Nana eventually started to find Licht. However, due to Jail destroyed Nana's tavern earlier, Nana had to repair the tavern first before finding Licht so she told Hina to stays on a greenland and wait. As Hina waiting Nana, she coincidentally saw a girl named Pelmo in trouble. Hina tried to save Pelmo from the man with 656 counts but soon afraid of him, due to that man wants to have a Startheft Bout battle against her. Soon, both Hina and Nana were saved by Licht while he hides his face by wearing another mask. After that man runs away, Licht said that he would leave, but Hina keep holding his cape, as she immediately realized it was Licht that saved her. Soon, Pelmo thanked Licht and Hina for saving her and asked him if he could fly while touching his body. Soon, she revealed to them that she has done the aviation research since childhood. Hina finds Pelmo's research sounds interesting, so she supports her decision. As Pelmo prepared to upgrade her airplane, she told Licht and Hina to temporarily stay at outside.

While Pelmo was busying, Licht and Hina having a conversation about what happened back after he deal with Davi, which she called him a liar for brook his promise. Hina asked Licht about his purpose for travelling, but he ignored her question and went to see her panties instead. Although it's interrupted by Pelmo just finished upgraded her airplane. Pelmo later experimented her airplane, but was stopped by that man with 656 counts and the Royal Guards. Before they arrived, Licht destroyed Pelmo's airplane so they couldn't find any evidence that she's doing the aviation research. After the soldiers left, Pelmo's count was dropped to zero and sent into the Abyss. Before Pelmo is taken, she told Licht and Hina that she will be fine and she predicted that she would surely meet them again in the future. After Pelmo has sent into the Abyss, Hina asked Licht to heal her wound on her right hand, but he makes a strange face, which his left eye showed a code "001" around. He told Hina not to look at him, apologized her and stated that he can't see someone's blood. Soon, both Licht and Hina saw a smoke coming from Linden, which they wonders what's happening there.

Along with Licht, Hina went back to Nana's mobile tavern. As they returning, Licht tried to tell Hina to put her hand down but she doesn't listen, as she afraid he will run away for a second time. When they returned, they noticed Jail and Lyne Mei is also present on the tavern as well which shocks them. As Licht and Jail having their drinking competition, both Hina and Lyne drinking alcohol but they can't handle it. Soon, Nana drinks the entire bottle in front of Hina and Lyne, as to shows them how the adult drink alcohol. As everyone having fun around, an earthquake suddenly happened and discovered there's a black hole looked similar to the one from Linden.

When the "Abyss Demon" appeared, along with the rest of the citizens were confused at it. When the helicopter launch its attack, Jail create a huge iron wall to block the attack. After a while, Hina tried to ask the Royal Guards to help Licht to fight against the helicopter, but Jail stated that they can't help him as attacking the hands of Althing would result of them receive the death penalty. Then, Hina started crying and saying this situation is too cruel for Licht, as no matter how the Royal Guards wanted to help they can't do anything due to the death penalty. After hearing Hina's words, Jail and the Royal Guards decided to help Licht.

Soon, a mysterious girl appeared behind Jail and she "killed" him and destroyed the helicopter. The mysterious girl is revealed to be Sonohara Mizuka, the Pursuit Baron. After Mizuka introduced herself, along with the rest of the citizens were confused at her. Then, the mysterious group with black uniform known as Special Service appeared and killing the citizen. When Hina is almost killed by a spy of Special Service, she was saved by Licht. Licht tried to fight against Mizuka but he was soon defeated by her and captured along with the rest of the citizens. After Licht was angered at Mizuka, he saved Hina's group and the citizen from the hands of Special Service. After Hina was saved, Licht revealed to her and Jail that he is a plunderer and his true purpose is to steal everything from Althea.

After Licht revealed his true purpose, the fight between him and Mizuka begin once again. As they are fighting, Hina wonder if Licht can win or not since his counts (5700) is inferior compared to Mizuka's (32000), which Pele Poporo asks Nana some questions about the Barons. When Licht's count is increasing, Hina and the others were shocked at him. Nana explained that this is how the Barons originally looked like. Nana stated that he was trying to activate his bloodlust side, which is known as "Schmelman's bloodlust", this would allow Licht to increase his counts rapidly but the cost is that he would lose his sanity. After Hina heard Nana's words about the current Licht isn't the same man that she's familiar with, she immediately went to stop Licht's berserk state but he choked her neck instead. As Hina is about to be killed by Licht, she was saved by Mizuka who just regained her sanity. Later, after Jail defeated Licht and his original personality returned, Hina and the others showed to be happy and glad the battle is finally over.

Return to the Past Arc

Hina and the others time-travel back to the past

After the end of "Abyss Demon" incident, along with Licht's group were hiding somewhere in the forest. While hiding, the girls keep being sexual harasses by the hands of Althing, which Mizuka apologizing to everyone for it. After Jail returned from the royal capital and tries to capture Licht, Hina tried to stop Jail but he used his ability to bind her instead. After Nana successfully stopped Jail from capturing Licht, she reveals herself is an Baron and, with her time travel ability, sends Hina, Jail, Pele and Lyne to the past, begging them to change the past where she failed. After they were sent into the past, Jail was confused and wonders where are they and what's that huge building showed in front of them.

Upon confusion, Lyne and Pele also noticed the place looked way too different and the technology happens to be more advanced than in the present time. As everyone is looking at the huge building, they encountered a man with a wooden sword named Sakai Tokikaze, who told Hina and the others back home as becoming a soldier isn't a child's game, which offended Jail and caused both him and Tokikaze having a fight. The fight between Jail and Tokikaze were stopped by Alan, who's the instructor of the training school. Alan told them while they're allowed to fight, the enrollment ceremony was about to start so they had to stop their actions. Hina and the others only now realizes that huge building is a training school.

Tokikaze saves Hina

As Hina and the others entering the school, they're all got confused at the way the school looks like and meet the younger Mizuka inside the school. Once the enrollment ceremony begins, Alan doing his speech about what's the training school is all about to the newbie soldiers. During Schmelman Bach's speeches, Ichinose Saki and the others was laughed at the child story Schmelman reading. While they're laughing, Alan took out his gun and "killed" them, causing the trainer to be to scared and run away. Hina was so scared that she cried at the ceremony, which Alan stated he will kill her for acting like a crybaby. As Hina is about to be killed, she was saved by Tokikaze who told Alan that he shouldn't kill any person without a reason. When young Licht tries to stopping Schmelman, Hina and the others wonders if that person is really Licht as he looked way too different here compared to his present self. Once Licht said he will never kill a person, Hina and the others believes that he's indeed the same person they knew from the future.

After the enrollment ceremony had ended, along with the others having lunch in the canteen. During the launch time, Hina insisted to sit in the same table as Licht. While Jail and Tokikaze resumes their conflicts, Licht is shows to be happy for able to sit together with cute girls, although he was confused at how Hina knew him. In her first day on training school, Hina and Lyne got angry at Schmelman as he didn't give Licht any stars, although Licht stated he didn't care if he would be expelled from the school since his only purpose being there was to bring Tokikaze back home. Soon, Hina overheard Mizuka's scream so she went to find her, she found Douan Taketora was bullying Mizuka. Tokikaze explains that Taketora is a known bully that always causing trouble to everyone especially Mizuka. Later, when Licht managed to steal Taketora's stars and gives them back to Tokikaze and the other students, Hina was quite happy at him as he won't be expelled from the school.

A few weeks later, after the culprit of the peeping incident was revealed to be Licht and the class receives a punishment, the Class A is still doing their punishment due to Licht keep peeping the woman's bath. Because of this, Alan stated he will give them a "prize" for doing their punishment everyday, which soon revealed to be Forest Survival trip. During the trip, Hina shows her hunting skills which shocked the entire class at how good Hina was at hunting. When the girl watching a rabbit eating carrot, Hina plans to hunt that rabbit with her knife as well, although it was stopped by Tokikaze at the last minute before she killed that rabbit. After Schmelman appeared and suggested the Class A students to forms the "Non-Killing Army", both Hina and Lyne said that Schmelman is really a kind person, although Jail found him suspicious.

After the Forest Survival trip has ended, Class A's training is finally started. Schmelman stated that he won't train them as hard as Alan did. Hina was told by Schmelman to become a combat medicl, suggested her to learn medical stuffs and how to use gun at combat. During the training, Hina and the others discovered the reason why Abandonment War happened in the first place from the other students. Jail only wonder what's the purpose Nana brought them back to the past and how to change Licht's past.

Alan attempt to kill Hina and the others

After Jail received the memory card from younger Nana, Hina and the others went to the computer room and watches all of Nana's videos. After they learned most of Nana's past, Jail told Pele and the others that they should let Licht watch these videos and kick him out from the school for Nana's sake. As Hina and the others were about to do that, they were all caught by Alexandrov who just found something's wrong about them. Alexandrov request Jail and the others to shows him Nana's videos so he could decide whether he would keep them alive or not. Before he could watch them, Pele secretly deleted the videos so he won't found out their identity. After Jail was defeated by Alan, he reveals his identity to Alan which shocked him because he realized Nana used her ability to sent people back to the past.

Alan later brought Jail's group into a citizens housing area for teaching them a lesson. When a child asks Lyne for the foods, she tried to gives a cookies to that child but it was stopped by Alan, he told her doing so that child would ended up getting himself killed. With this, he told that child don't bring foods to his mother and keep it to himself instead, but the child cries and stated he won't ate any foods until his mother's stomach was full. After the citizens leave the area, Alan asks Jail's group about what should they do if they don't know how to change the future, he also told them that they should not cease getting in the instructor's way, while he begins crying. The point he wants to proving was that they should not change the future, or else they will erased themselves and citizens of Althea from existence. Being learned what's Alan trying to teach them, Jail decided that he won't change Licht's past and told everyone to do the same as well.

Few months later, while the surgery for turning Licht into the Red Baron has finally begun, Hina keep thinking about the solution to change Licht's future without erasing citizens of Althea. During her conversation with Jail and the others, she suggested that the best way to change Licht's future is to not have him killing any people, so that he could still stay together with Class A students without abandon them. Jail thought that her plan might work so he will follows her solution on prevent Licht to kill people once he become the Baron. Soon, the helicopters from United Nations Force suddenly appeared in the school with a surprise attack, which the Abandonment War begins. With this situation, Alan told everyone to hiding inside the school. While the enemies still launch their attacks, Alan gave the phone to Jail and told him to guild the Class A to exit, while he would trying his best to holding the enemies back. While the Class A trying to escape, Jail asks Firenda where is the exit but she stated the entrance has already blocked due to United Nations Force's attack earlier. She also stated that if this continue, Licht will die from injecting too much Schmelman's genes. Firenda told Hina and the others that they must activate the backup electrical switch in order to save Licht. With this, Hina and his group went to save Licht by activate the backup electrical switch. When Alan was almost killed by the enemies, he was saved by Jail's group, whom just returned from activated the backup electrical switch.

Hina kisses Licht

Later after Hina and the others failed to change Licht's past, he runs away from everyone and went to vomit, disturbed that had just killed human beings. Hina followed him and told him that it wasn't his fault. He claims Taketora was right, that he must kill his enemy to end the war. Despite this, Licht stated that he was glad that he's the one that killed the people. Knowing other Class A students will still able to form the "Non-Killing Army", he set his count for how many people he has killed in place of his friends and loved ones. As Hina disappearing, due to forced return to her own timeline, she cried at Licht's decision as the reason why he killed people wasn't because of regret, but because of his desire of protecting his friends and family, which she called him foolish. Soon, Hina kisses Licht and told him that she won't let him feel lonely anymore. She also told Licht to wait for her in the future and she would bear his children.

While returning to the present time, Pele took out his iPad and said they will finish watching the remaining Nana's videos. Jail was confused at how did her videos still around, and Pele explains that he was actually deleting the other files to trick Alan. After they all finished watching all of Nana's videos, they've all returned to the present time in front of her.

After they returned to the present time, Hina went to find Licht and told him to continue their unfinished "business" from 300 years ago. Suddenly, Licht vomited and claims he wasn't a pedophilia so he won't do it. This pissed off Hina and she tried to claims she's around the same age as him, but he denied her and stated they aren't as he was 300 years older then her. Since then, Licht has been continuously getting harasses by Hina tries to force him to bear his children.

Special Service Arc

Licht asks Hina if her mother's name was Tsukina Farrow

Sometimes after Hina and the others returned to the present time, she went out her way to looking at Licht while he's peeing at near the river. As Hina is harassing Licht, she asks him if he hates her and why is he keep trying to leave her alone. Before Licht reveal his reason, he asked Hina that if her mother is Tsukina or not. Soon, Hina was shocked as Licht knew her mother's name. Licht explains that Tsukina was people from 300 years ago, just like him. While explaining how he knew Tsukina's past, he mentions that he already knew Hina was her daughter way back when they first meet by learning her name and the fact her name was written in kanji, the writing system that should had been long abandoned in Althea. Just as Hina was shocked at how Licht knew so many stuffs, he reveals that her father was in fact, Tokikaze, the one who Licht murdered by his own hands and makes him felt despair for over 300 years long. After the reveal, Hina, Lyne, Pele and Nana all passed out from wine drugged by Licht, while says that he is leaving to defeat the Special Service.

After Hina and the others awakened, they immediately went to find Licht and only hopes something's bad won't happening. Once they arrived at the abandoned capital, they tried to find Licht and they found out that he was already dead. As everyone felt sadden at his death, the spy from the Special Service appeared to capture them.

After Hina and the others were captured, they were sent to the ruined building inside the Abandoned Capital Hoffnung. Hina and the others awakened and realized that they all has been handcuffed. Taketora wondering why does they appeared in his memory when they haven't born yet 300 years ago, although he soon realized it was Nana's time travel ability that changed his memory. He then asks Hina and the others where did Mizuka gone by using his gravity ability on them, in which they can't answer his question. When Schmelman arrived in front of them, they were all shocked at him showing himself. He told them that the existence of "Non-Killing Army" were merely nothing more than a experiment, where he would test if Class A deserve to become soldiers or not. Soon, Schmelman give them a "chance" by giving them a Baron's surgery. As he ordered his subordinate to gives the drugs to them, he stated that it doesn't need to check their genes as they will use the new drugs on them and then leaves.

As the soldier of Special Service tries to give Lyne the drug, Taketora kills that soldier out of anger, claiming that someone who never went through the Abandonment War shouldn't deserve to become a Baron. After he destroyed the mansion and killed several spies from Special Service, Taketora releases Hina and the others and told them to go away, due to he don't have a mood to kill them. As they leave, Taketora saw a Ballot dropped from Hina's bag. As he taking Hina's Ballot from the ground, Taketora thought they're collecting the original Ballots to make Althea fall into the ground so he will kill all of them. Hina and the others tried to escape but they can't move due to Taketora's gravity. As everyone is struggle to move, they're all saved by Mizuka who wants to told them something's odd about Licht's death and wants them to check his corpse.

After Lyne has successfully escaped, Mizuka forced everyone to play Russian Roulette while Douan Taketora watching over them. As Nana is scared, Hina took Mizuka's gun and point at her own head instead. After Hina completed her first route, Mizuka wanted Hina to continue play the game until she dies. Later when Hina almost killed from the Russian Roulette game, she was saved by Jail by threw the gun away while tries to restore Mizuka's sanity back.

Hina kisses Licht

When Licht "revived" and arrived at the abandoned capital, Licht went to talk with Hina, as he has something to tell her after he made a promise with Lyne earlier, which reveals he's actually in-love with Hina since the beginning. Licht reveals the reason why he denied her feeling earlier, was mainly due to his guilty about him killed his adoptive brother, who's also Hina's father as well. Because of this, Licht tried to make several attempt to make her hate him so she won't came close with him, although it doesn't work as she still ended up being closer with him. Soon, Hina claims Licht is a idiot and kiss him. After the kiss, Hina reveals that while her mother does want her to find the Legendary Red Baron, the Baron she wanted her to find is the person who she chosen and fell in-love with. After the explanation, Hina wants Licht to promise her that he will never try to hide his emotions inside his mask and don't try to leave her alone again. After he promised her about what she said, Hina says that they can make baby now since they've officially become couple, Licht says that they can't as it's still too early for that. Soon, Hina wants Licht to promise her one more thing, that he had to solve everything first before they could make a baby and never try to fight alone. Licht then says she got one thing wrong, is that while he's no longer working together with the Class A students after he started killing, he never fight his enemies alone and Taketora always help him in the battlefield.

After Taketora's defeat, he returns Hina's Ballot back to her. Before he leave, Taketora reveals some information about the "Wall of Paradise", a huge wall build with the usage of Ballots that nobody but those who used original Ballots can enter. He says that he saw the "Class A" students walking inside the wall two months ago, which everyone being surprise at it. As Taketora leaving, he wonders that if he really saw them inside the wall or if it's merely just his illusion. Being shocked, everyone can't believe what Taketora said while Licht thinking if they're really still alive or not.

Sometimes after Taketora left the abandoned capital, Licht is peeing in toilet, while having Hina watching him in the toilet and saying his private part looks like it's in good shape. Hina strips her clothes and says they will make a baby inside the toilet, which shocks him for her sexual harassment. He tried to claim that Tsukina would sad if she saw her daughter acted like a shameless pervert, Hina reveals that her mother taught her that if she finds a man she loves, she has to open her legs and not let him escape. As Licht was about to be "raped", it was interrupted by Nana and Jail who wants to discuss their next move.

During their discussion, Licht revealed that he want to enter the "Wall of Paradise" and steal the Ballots from Althea Royal Guards. After Jail said that it's impossible to enter ALthea to be their group being outnumbered by them, Hina suggested that why don't they just disguise themselves, and Jail stated that they cannot fake their own identity due to the Ballots has a ability to check their identity. As the others has a hard time of figuring how to enter Althea, Nana figured out an "ancient" plan that could use against any man regardless of how many centuries has passed, which as the "horny trap" by her.

After they successfully entered Althea, they found a hotel to stay. While staying in the hotel, Nana said that they would two mans and two woman to sleeps on two different rooms. However, Hina disliked the idea so she choose to sleep together with Licht, while Nana would have to sleep with Jail instead. Once they stay inside the room, Hina intended to continue their unfinished business but she wants to ask him a question first before doing that. Hina asked Licht about what's exactly happened to Schmelman in these 300 years. Although she couldn't forgive him on the Class A being treated as test subjects, she also felt something's odds about him that doesn't match up with what he said before the Abandonment War. Licht reveals that his current last name "Bach" used since the Abandonment War, was in fact, Schmelman's last name. He explains that while he didn't told anybody about this, he became Schmelman's adoptive son sometimes before the war started. After hearing Schmelman's past, Hina was surprised at it. Licht said that she's right about something might had happened to Schmelman, claims that no matter how much his personality has changed he would never betray a children. His personality of loving children is also one of the reasons why Licht believes Taketora's words that the Class A may be still alive. Hina said that after everything was finished, she will make a baby with Licht and shows Schmelman his grandchildren in the future, which he fainted afterwards.

Last War Arc

Appearance in Other Media

Special Booklet

Hina appeared in the special booklets that were released together with the anime's Blu-ray.

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Hina appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

In Cinderella part, Hina portrayed as Cinderella.

Abilities and Power

Hina's count was 441, which corresponds to how many hundreds of kilometers she walked[3], and how much she wants to meet her hero and share same pain as them[4]. In Chapter 2, Hina's count is increased to 760 after Licht wins the game of "The Startheft Bout" for her. Hina's current count is 763.

Hina with her knife in the anime adaptation

  • Hunting Intuition: As Hina has been living in the mountains for so long, she developed survival skills as seen during their Forest Survival trip with the class.
  • Gun Proficiency: Hina was encouraged by Schmelman Bach to learn how to use a handgun. Schmelman noted that it did not look good for Hina when she points a knife at people. Although she has yet to show her gunmanship in the series.
  • Medical Intuition: Hina was encouraged by Schmelman to become a combat medic and to study medical science.


  • Hina's name is actually based on her father's blade name, Hina.
  • Hina's face slightly resembles Nymph from Minazuki Suu's previous works, Sora no Otoshimono.
    • In the Animate version of Volume 2 cover, it's also shown Astraea wearing Hina's clothes with code "BAKA" on her right leg.[5]
  • Hina is the reason why Licht Bach was able to take off his mask and it is later been revealed that she first caught his attention because she resembled his dead childhood friend and his brother's wife who turns out to be Hina's mother.


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