Just give it a rest already. My iron... is my conviction given form... If I had cut you down in Hoemmh... Then, right now, you would feel my conviction. My iron will cut your convictionless sword!

—Jail Murdoch when he blocking Licht's attack, Seriousness (Chapter 11)

Jail Murdoch (ジェイル=マードック Jeiru Mādokku) is the second male protagonist of Plunderer. He is a part of the Althea Royal Guard, having the rank of squad leader with the title of Lieutenant. He is also the commander of special troop, Gefängnis.


Jail has short blue hair and blue eyes. He is typically wearing his military uniform with his glasses and white gloves.


Jail is incredibly finicky, being very detail-oriented making him a potent soldier and a capable combatant. Jail's conviction being the key component of his personality ends up being a driving force of his character arc eventually leading him to make decisions in the story which would be based on his deep-seated sense of justice.

Jail appears to lack any form of sex drive, having looked directly at the naked body of female characters and simply having told them to "lose weight"[1], while this is only shown to be different shortly after the arc where they travel to the past with his reactions towards a single character.


Past EventsEdit

Jail was an orphan who has never once befriended anyone. He was later adopted by Alexandrov Grigorovich. When Jail first met Alexandrov, he said he didn't like him and tried to attack him, but was quickly stopped. Alexandrov told Jail that he should at least try to make a friend first before fighting him.

Story EventsEdit

Abilities and PowerEdit


Jail creates iron spikes

Jail's count is 900, his count stands for his piercing conviction. Jail maintains his true count hidden so as not to be promoted to a higher rank, so that he can continue with field missions. His original count is 12500, later decreasing to 12496, due to the events of the series. Later, it's revealed that Jail can increases his count to 45,000 by active his second glove, thus showing how great his conviction is. Later, after losing against Alexandrov in the game of "The Startheft Bout", Jail's count was reduced to only 1.[2] Jail's current count is 325000, after Alexandrov gave his Ballot to Jail.

Jail has a few powers, the most prominent ones being shown when the series began where his abilities to create iron constructs at will. In later chapters, he was shown being able to survive normally fatal wounds through will and conviction alone and eventually he was able to deflect bullets from people with less resolve than himself.



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