Legendary Red Baron (伝説の撃墜王 Densetsu no Gekitsui-ō, lit "Legendary Aerial Ace", Yen Press: Fabled Ace, Funimation: Legendary Ace) were the heroes of the Abandonment War 300 years ago.

Another type of Red Baron was created by eating the drugs created by Tsukina Farrow and Firenda, which known as the "New Generation Red Baron" (新型撃墜王 Shingata Gekitsui-ō). So far, the only successfully created Barons using this Drug are the Clones of Class A, dubbed the "New Class A".


The original Red Barons were created by injecting a person who is compatible with Schmelman Bach's genes, however, an experimental drug was created that when ingested can artificially create Barons.



Legendary Red Baron, as shown in the legend

According to the legend, the Red Barons are to serve their purpose to end the Abandonment War with their superhuman strength. After the war had ended, the Red Barons disappeared from the world, never to be seen again.

It is later revealed that the Red Barons were created before the Abandonment War even began, in an experiment known as the "Aerial Ace Project". The instructors of the 13th Special Military Forces School originally conducted experiments on animals to enhance their strength. Nana Bassler was the first person to become a Red Baron. While the surgery was successful, the operation was still imperfect and thus using her ability will cost Nana her count.

After the instructors did experiments on Nana, they continued to conduct experiments on animals until a day before the Abandonment War began. Licht Bach was chosen by Firenda to become a Red Baron. Unlike other Barons, Licht was injected too much of Schmelman's genes which caused him to slowly change his appearance and went berserk.

During the Abandonment War, the Class A students went to request the instructors for the surgery, so that Licht won't handle the war all by himself. The instructors accepted their request and chose five other people to become members of the Red Baron. Those five people would include Alexandrov Grigorovich, Sakai Tokikaze, Sonohara Mizuka, Douan Taketora, and Gespenst Zerlegen. Six of Red Barons served their purpose to join the war and fight against their enemy, while the remaining one founded the Special Service with the intention to assassinate the enemy leaders.

Known BaronsEdit

Old GenerationEdit

There are a total of seven Red Barons:

New GenerationEdit


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