Lyne Mei (リィン=メイ Ryin Mei, Yen Press: Lynn May) is a character from Plunderer. She is a sergeant, who protects Hoemmh which located at the side of a hill.


Lyne is dark haired and eyed. On either side of her head her hair is a light blue that pokes out from under her hat.

She is required to wear a uniform that rides up very high on her thighs. They do little to protect her modesty in battle, given her signature technique is kicking.

She is heavier than she looks, most likely brawny from her training.


Amiable to a fault, Lyne is always eager to help others and boosting her count is not the sole motivator. She is genuinely a good person, if not a little daft because of her sweet nature. She is easily mislead because of how quick she is to want to do good.

She is unafraid to use physical force to protect others and fulfill her duties as a soldier.


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Lyne's heavy kick

Lyne's count is 410, her count stands for how many people she have helped. After taking Schmelman's evidences on trains hard, her speed now was as fast as Licht Bach. Lyne's current count is 472[1].

Lyne's signature move is using her legs, such as kicking the enemies. Her kick is strong enough to able to break a person's bones.


  • Lyne's face slightly resembles Ikaros from Minazuki Suu's previous works, Sora no Otoshimono.
  • Lyne has romantic feelings for Licht, although it changed from Licht to Gespenst in later chapters.


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