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Lyne Mei (リィン=メイ Ryin Mei, Yen Press: Lynn May) is secondary female character of Plunderer. She is a sergeant, who protects Hoemmh which is located at the side of a hill.


Lyne is dark haired and eyed. On either side of her head her hair is a light blue that pokes out from under her hat.

She is required to wear a uniform that rides up very high on her thighs. They do little to protect her modesty in battle, given her signature technique is kicking.

She is heavier than she looks, most likely brawny from her training.


Amiable to a fault, Lyne is always eager to help others and boosting her count is not the sole motivator. She is genuinely a good person, if not a little daft because of her sweet nature. She is easily mislead because of how quick she is to want to do good. Lyne is also short-tempered when anyone called her weight to be too heavy.

She is unafraid to use physical force to protect others and fulfill her duties as a soldier.


Past Events

Lyne was sent into Hoemmh by her superior to protect the village. Although in reality, she was sent to Hoemmh because the Althea Royal Guard find her useless so they "kicked" her out.

Despite her clumsy attitude, Lyne always tries her best to gives the villagers of Hoemmh happiness. She also always make sure that nobody seen her sad face, so she always hiding herself whenever something troubles her, even though the villagers knew that she was sad.

Story Events

Legendary Red Baron Arc

Lyne first appeared in Chapter 3 alongside with Pele Poporo in the town of Hoemmh. She is making a flyer to build a children's playground. While doing the volunteer work, Pele informs Lyne about the "Legendary Red Baron" that showed up on the wanted poster. Although Lyne doesn't know anything about the Baron's legend, she said she will capture that Baron when they saw him in the village. Soon, Lyne and Pele meet a man with a mask in a pudding costume, whom apparently named "Pudding" and self-proclaimed a man that's mostly hate by the women, while he being crying. Then, Pele told Lyne that they should help him, saying that this is the perfect time for her to increase her count, since her count is based on how many people she's helped. Under Pele's suggestions, Lyne was having a date with Licht as to make him happy.

Licht "confesses" his love on Lyne

After a while, Pele got tried of this "game" and told Lyne that Licht is indeed the "Legendary Red Baron" that was shown in the wanted poster. Soon, Licht took Lyne's saber away and stated that she can't do anything without her weapon. However, it's revealed that he miscalculate the situation, as Lyne's signature move wasn't swordsmanship but her physical combat. After Lyne realized that people can see her panties, both Licht and Pele wonder why were she so surprised when she wears a miniskirt. Then, Licht "confessed" his love on Lyne, which Lyne is seen to be blushing. Lyne stated she accepted his "proposal" and said she will surely marries him if he take his responsibility. Afterwards, Lyne realized that Licht has already run away, Pele told her that his "proposal" are merely just a excuse to turn her off guard so he could run away without her noticing, in which she was embarrassed.

In the next day, Lyne continues her volunteer work about children's playground together with her henchmen Pele. During the work, Lyne said that it's shamed that she let Licht ran away yesterday, as if she successful capturing him she will increased to lieutenant rank so she could change her "sexual harassment" uniform. Soon, Licht appeared and stated he will help her to do the volunteer work. Lyne realized that Licht appeared again and she went to capture him again. When the villagers of Hoemmh joined part with the running, Lyne stated that Licht is not her boyfriend. Then, Licht asks Lyne about why were she "showed" her panties yesterday if she's not his boyfriend. The villagers soon claimed that they always saw Lyne's panties everyday, which embarrassed her and stated that's why she wants to capture Licht. Before she could do so, Licht went to hiding himself again from her. After Licht "left" the area, the villagers requests Lyne to help them to solves their problems. After Licht discovered that Lyne is a kind person, he showed up to help her to fix the girl's doll, although she and the villagers went to capture him again. While they're running, it's showed that both Licht and Lyne were smiling together.

After a while, Licht noticed someone is coming so he protected Lyne from a attack. Licht was caught by a iron spike attack created by Lyne's superior, Jail Murdoch. Lyne was worries at Licht and angered at Jail's action. Soon, Jail orders the soldiers to surrounds Licht and tell him to stop acting like if he's injured. Then, Licht stated he had no choice but has to fight against them. Jail ordered Lyne to explains the stuffs about the Ballot Holder and Ballot's function, as to test her knowledge as a soldier.

When Licht fight against Jail, along with the villagers, Lyne is watching their fight and she stays in the same place until Jail decided to punish Licht. Just as he strikes Licht with his iron chain, Lyne comes in between them and gets hurt instead, she believed Licht to be not a bad man as he had helped her distribute flyers and helped repair a little girl's doll. Jail tears apart Lyne's flyers calling it "stupid" and calling Lyne "useless". Despite the protests of the townsmen, Lyne apologizes to Jail, only to hear Licht says don't apologize. When Jail and Licht attack each other again at their full strength, the ground shaking so both Lyne and Pele told the villagers to leave. As the villagers leaving, Lyne overheard Licht's words about how the town's peacefulness and governing is because of her, which caused Lyne completely fell in-love with him.

Licht saved Lyne from falling

Because of the power emitting from Jail and Licht, it results to the ground to break of the portion where Lyne was standing and she fall down, shocked by the sudden turn of events Jail and Licht rush forward to save her, but before Jail could, Licht reaches her in a blink of an eye and catches Lyne. As Licht saving Lyne, he told her that she's heavy and she need to diet, which of her being angered and his first count reduced to -1001. When Jail rushed down, Licht tosses Lyne towards him and saying how she is heavy so to be careful cheekily. Licht makes his escape by falling down. Jail stated he won't let him run away and tried to attack him, but he soon stopped his action and rushing back to Hoemmh.

Jail creates the playground with his iron

After Jail carries Lyne to safety, he tosses her to the ground as she was heavy. He then remembers the way Licht had defended Lyne and instantly build's a children's park. He then says he will staying on Hoemmh for 3 days and asks them to plaster the iron from the ground as his iron doesn't hold if he wasn't around, only after that he will go after Licht. He also asks Lyne to join him in the mission as well, which she agreed. Soon, Lyne told the villagers to gather some lumbers to builds the playground without the need of irons, while Jail's count goes from 12500 to 12499 due to his broken conviction.

Linden after being destroyed

After Lyne has done created the playground, Jail and Lyne continue their mission and went to capture Licht. As they arrived at Linden, they found that the city was destroyed. Jail and Lyne wonder what's happened and Pele soon found the only survivor. They asked the survivor about the situation, he then said that the "Abyss Demon" came to destroy the city. Jail don't believe what the survivor stated and tried to suspect that it must be done by the Ballot Holder. The survivor also stated that the "Abyss Demon" can fly too, which shocked Jail as there's no Ballot Holder that can fly.

Later, along with Jail, Lyne went to Nana Bassler's mobile tavern and wait Licht's return. As Licht and Jail having their drinking competition, both Lyne and Hina drinking alcohol but they can't handle it. Soon, Nana drinks the entire bottle in front of Hina and Lyne, as to shows them how the adult drink alcohol. As everyone having fun around, Lyne immediately thought that Hina is Licht's girlfriend and felt saddened. Soon, a earthquake suddenly happened and discovered there's a black hole looked similar to the one from Linden.

When the "Abyss Demon" appeared, along with the rest of the citizen were confused at it. When the helicopter launch it's attack, Jail create a huge iron wall to block the attack. After a while, Licht revealed his rank as a soldier and temporarily took control of the Royal Guard, in which Lyne and some people was surprised at it. When the hands of Althing appeared from the ground, Hina tried to ask the Royal Guards to helping Licht to fight against the helicopter, but Jail stated that they can't help him as attacking the hands of Althing would result of them receive death penalty. After hearing Hina's words, along with the rest of the soldiers, Lyne decided to help Licht against the Althing.

Pele saves Lyne from a Special Service's spy

Soon, a mysterious girl appeared behind Jail and she "killed" him and destroyed the helicopter. The mysterious girl is revealed to be Sonohara Mizuka, the Pursuit Baron. After Mizuka introduced herself, along with the rest of the citizen were confused at her. Then, the mysterious group with black uniform known as Special Service appeared and killing the citizen. When Lyne is almost killed by a spy of Special Service, she was saved by Pele but he was punched by the Special Service spy instead. Licht tried to fight against Mizuka but he was soon defeated by her and captured along with the rest of the citizen. After Licht was angered at Mizuka, he saved Hina's group and the citizen from the hands of Special Service.

After Licht revealed his true purpose, the fight bewteen him and Mizuka begin once again. As they fighting, Lyne believes that Licht can defeat Mizuka but Hina wonder if he really can win or not, since his counts (5700) is inferior compared to Mizuka's (32000). Soon, Pele asks Nana some questions about the Barons, as he found something's strange about Licht's strength based on his previous fight against Jail. When Licht's count is increasing, Lyne and the others were shocked and she wonders how comes he can increases his counts. Nana explained that this is how the Barons originally looked like. Nana stated that he was trying to activate his bloodlust side, which is known as "Schmelman's bloodlust", this would allow Licht to increase his counts rapidly but the cost is that he would lost his sanity. Later, after Jail defeated Licht and his original personality returned, Hina and the others showed to be happy and glad the battle is finally over.

Return to the Past Arc

Special Service Arc

Last War Arc

Appearance in Other Media

Special Booklet

Lyne appeared in the special booklets that's released together with the anime's Blu-ray.

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Lyne appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

In Cinderella part, Lyne portrayed as the Prince.

Abilities and Power

Lyne's count is 410, her count stands for how many people she has helped. Lyne's current count is 473[1].

Lyne kicks down a tree

  • Power Legs: Lyne's signature move, her kick is strong enough to break a tree. After taking Schmelman's advice, she trains hard, and her kick now is strong enough to break a person's bones.
  • Superhuman Speed: After taking Schmelman's advice, Lyne trains hard, and her speed is now as fast as Licht Bach, as noted by Gespenst.


  • Lyne's last name "Mei" means "beautiful" in Chinese.
  • Lyne's face slightly resembles Astraea from Minazuki Suu's previous works, Sora no Otoshimono. While her hairstyle is similar to Ikaros.
  • Lyne has romantic feelings for Licht, although it changed from Licht to Gespenst in later chapters.
  • Lyne's blood type is O[2].


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