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I wonder what kind of person will be given to me... but it's a stubborn-looking bespectacled guy? What bad taste my future self has... I am... a test subject, Test Subject No.7. Alias: Nana. That's what I'm called. The one sent by my future self is you, right?

—Young Nana Bassler reveals herself to Jail, The Promised War (Chapter 19)

Nana Bassler (ナナ=バスーラ Nana Basūra) is a character introduced in Plunderer. She is an owner of a mobile tavern, and one of the 7 Legendary Red Barons, known as the "Insight Baron" (識撃の撃墜王 Shikigeki no Gekitsui-ō, Yen Press: Ace of Conscious Strikes, Funimation: Ace of Knowing).


Nana is a beautiful tan-skinned woman with silver hair that has bangs hanging on the left side, purple eyes with a mole underneath her left eye and large breasts.

As a child, Nana wore her hair in braids and used a bunny and turtle band to tie her hair. The turtle and bunny tie might have something to do with Schmelman's stories as this was one of the recurring stories he told, or it may have something to do with Licht's ability. She liked cute things, which was evident in her room. Nana decorated her room with stuffed animals and dolls of her future comrades.

As she grew older, her tastes in attire matured as well. She now has shorter hair and she wears revealing clothing. She wears a gold bangles at her neck, wrists and ankles. Her shirt is a simple white button down that she leaves open to expose a black strapless bra. A black belt with a gold buckle accentuates her hips before descending into an open skirt that has a slit over one leg. Under one of her knees is a simple black cuff and she boosts her height a bit with black, Mary-Jane style kitten heels. Stuffed into her belt is a pair of shackles to dangle at her hips.

The count 77 can be seen on her left breast, which is fake, as she has the original one on her left cheek, under her eye. In her original count's absence, a beauty mark is more prominent than before.


Nana is a kind woman, but it is not her defining trait as she is visibly stern and unafraid of holding her own via carrying herself with respect and dignity. She is more well rounded than those around her, making her to appear seemingly ordinary and more relatable.

Her class and knowledgeable attitude is more than what a mobile bar owner leads onto be.


Past Events

Before the instructors "took" Nana into 13th Special Military Forces School, she was once a street child from a unknown town. After they kidnapped Nana into the school, along with six other street children involved into the "Aerial Ace Project". Out of all seven children, Nana is the only one who survived from the experimental. While the surgery was successful, the operation was still imperfect and thus using her ability will cost Nana her count.

After the surgery, Nana kept staying inside her room on the factory. One day, Nana received a letter from her future self written that she will send people from the future into the past, and that she need her past self to guide them about the stuff they need to do to change Licht Bach's future.

When Jail is almost caught by Alexandrov Grigorovich from overheard he and other instructor's conversation, Nana saved Jail by telling him to hide in her room. As Jail is hiding at her room, Nana told him to stay in her room until 7 minutes and 12 seconds later. Jail was confused and asked her about her identity, Nana revealed that she is the younger version of herself from the future, which also known as the "Test Subject No. 7". After she revealed her identity, she said she can't believe her future self would send a weirdo like Jail into the past, which annoyed him. She revealed that her future self requested her to help Jail by reveal some information he wants to know. Jail said he wants to know everything about Nana's mystery and the "Aerial Ace Project", Nana then said he's so greedy and kept throwing her dolls at him. For Jail's first question, Nana explained that she is the first Baron created from the project, however, her surgery is incomplete due to the fact her ability has several limitations. She also explained that unlike people from the future, Schmelman Bach and the Barons obtained their abilities without the need of Ballots, as they were able to draw the powers from Althing. For Jail's second question, Nana explained the instructors always went to kidnap the children and forced them to do the surgery, and they never stop doing so until Nana became a Baron and Schmelman fired other scientists that involved into the project.

Jail and young Nana made a promise

After she answered Jail's questions, Nana is having "fun" with Jail while asking him if he know about the bloodlust genes. Jail answered with yes and asked her about who's the next person to have the surgery, Nana answered that Licht, also known as "Nii-Nii" by her future self is the next person. Nana explained that Licht and other five Baron's surgery were also successful as well. Jail was confused at this as Licht was not able to form the "Non-Killing Army" despite his superhuman powers. Nana doesn't know the reason behind that as she will fall asleep later on until sometime after the end of Abandonment War, and that when she awakes Licht will have already killed countless people in the war. After all questions has been answered, Nana asked Jail to stay here longer and play with her, the clock alarmed as it's about time for Jail to leave safely. Before Jail leaves, Nana gave him a memory card which contains the main reason why he and the others was sent into the past. As Jail leaves the factory, he asked Nana to leave together but she said she can't as she is afraid the future would change too much. Soon, Jail made a promise with Nana that after they returned to the future, he will play together with her as long as she want, which Nana smile and agreed.

After the conversation with Jail, Nana has been recorded countless videos and saved into her memory card, under the suggestion from her future self to keep the history same as original timeline. In those videos, Nana revealed that she fell in-love with Licht and she wants to marry him, and she also stated that she can't make him happy due to she believed she is one of the "culprit" from the war as well. In one of those video, Nana revealed that she learned about the creation of Althea and how she wanted Hina and the others save Licht from living on despair, as she can no longer see him suffering and cried.

After Nana learned about the creation of Althea, along with Licht, she runs away from the Special Service and hiding themselves for 300 years long.

Story Events

Legendary Red Baron Arc

Nana first appeared in Chapter 1, as she discovered Licht keep following Hina, she stops Licht by slapping him from Hina. Nana wants to apologize for his behavior, Licht interrupts Nana asking about the food. Nana asks him where's the money she gave him to run errands and he doesn’t answer.

Nana as she's talking with Hina

Both Nana and Hina introduces themselves, which Nana was surprised as she finds it rare that someone has a Japanese name and that it's written in kanji. She also stated she is searching for someone, under her mother's request who died five years ago. Nana soon realized that her mother fallen into the Abyss. Hina was confused at Nana's words and asks her about the Abyss, which makes Nana surprised as she can't believe Hina doesn't know anything about the count. Nana explained that everyone in Althea has their own count since birth and it's the life system to keep them alive. While Hina talking with Nana, Licht tried to sneak food for himself but he was punched by Nana instead. Hina reveals her count, Licht appears in front of her, trying to see her panties. Nana orders Licht to handstand until he dies, as an example of how count works in this world. Hina asks about the "Legendary Red Baron", Nana asks Licht that if he knew anything, but he was quick to shake his head.

After Hina was invited by the "Legendary Red Baron", Nana asks Licht that if he really doesn't know about the Baron. He then said that there's someone who tries to impersonating the "Legendary Red Baron" to swindle people and doing awful things to girls. Hearing this, Nana immediately realized that Davi's count is lower than Hina's and started to worries at her.

Later, Hina returned to Nana's mobile tavern and informs her about what happened after Davi invited her. Nana holding the doll Licht gave to Hina and discovers that her Ballot is hiding inside that doll. Hina wonder why is the Ballot inside the doll, and Nana explain that's how Licht's personality were. She explains to Hina that the reason Licht does this is because owning a Ballot is a crime, so he has to make an excuse to prevent Hina getting killed by the soldiers.

Jail destroys Nana's mobile tavern

After the fake Baron incident, Nana is staying in the same city while working at her tavern. As Hina asking Nana when will they start finding Licht, Jail and the Althea Royal Guards appeared in the tavern. While Nana trying to pretend she doesn't know Licht's whereabouts, Jail warmed her to not lying and locked her legs with his metal ability. Then, Nana stated that all she knows is that Licht went to East. Soon, Jail orders his army go to the west and destroys Nana's mobile tavern. After the Royal Guards left the tavern, Hina asked what's happened here and why does Jail can create metal, Nana explains that Jail is a Ballot Holder and his ability is obtained from his Ballot.

As the Royal Guards in their way goes to Hoemmh, both Hina and Nana eventually started to finds Licht. However, due to Jail destroyed Nana's tavern earlier, she had to repair the tavern first before finding Licht, so she told Hina to stays on a greenland and wait until the tavern were repaired. After a while, Nana and Hina has found Licht and went to Anesis.

When Licht and Hina returned to the tavern, Nana is showed to be annoyed due to Jail and Lyne Mei is also present on the tavern as well, which shocks them. As Licht and Jail having their drinking competition, Nana drinks the entire bottle in front of Hina and Lyne, as to shows them how the adult drink alcohol. Soon, Nana interrupted both Licht and Jail and forced them to drink even more alcohols. As everyone having fun around, a earthquake suddenly happened and discovered there's a black hole looked similar to the one from Linden.

When the "Abyss Demon" appeared, along with the rest of the citizen were confused at it. When the helicopter launch it's attack, Jail create a huge iron wall to block the attack. Later after Sonohara Mizuka and the Special Service appeared, along with the rest of the citizens were captured by them. After a while, Licht was angered at Mizuka and he saved Hina's group and the citizen from the hands of Special Service. Licht claims that he would surely kill Mizuka just as she wished, Nana tries to stop him but Licht told her to shut up, while his left eye showed the code "001" which terrified her. When Hina's group wonder what's Licht doing, Nana explained that this is how the Barons originally looked like. Nana stated that he was trying to activate his bloodlust side, which is known as "Schmelman's bloodlust", this would allow Licht to increase his counts rapidly but the cost is that he would lost his sanity. Nana also explained that Mizuka's current personality is created from her bloodlust genes as, so when she returned to her original personality her count would heavily reduced. Soon, Nana stated that these was all Special Service's fault that both Licht and Mizuka became the killing machines. Later, after Jail defeated Licht and his original personality returned, Hina and the others showed to be happy and glad the battle is finally over.

Return to the Past Arc

Special Service Arc

Last War Arc


Three years after the final war, Jail and Nana was married and she became the queen of Althea. In the day where Hina give birth of her child, Jail is informed by his henchmen that Nana had once again opened a drinking party and forced every soldiers to drink liquor with her, which makes him angered and tried to stop her but she didn't listen. Nana then ask Jail that if he don't want her to drink more alcohols, will he try to do something's "amazing" at night while shown him her bra, Jail can't answer her question and fainted afterwards. Soon, Nana informed Jail that it's about time for him to fulfill his promise with Licht.

Appearance in Other Media


Insight Mask in the "world of darkness"

In the last episode of Plunderer anime, after Licht was absorbed into the black hole created by Taketora, seven Baron's masks was shows to be floating in the "world of darkness" and surrounding Licht. Nana's mask is titled as the Insight Mask (識撃面 Shikigeki-men, Funimation: Mask of Knowing).

The Baron's masks tries to convinces Licht to give up

Along with the other masks, the Insight Mask tries to criticize Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. However, after he remembered his promise with Hina and the others, Licht destroys all of the masks and successfully escape by splits the "world of darkness".

Special Booklet

Nana appeared in the special booklets that's released together with the anime's Blu-ray.

During the Abandonment War, Nana's count was 32.

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Nana appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

In Cinderella part, Nana portrayed as the Fairy Godmother.

Abilities and Power

300 years ago, Nana's count is 56. Her count later reduced to only 2 because she used her ability to send Hina, Pele, Lyne, and Jail back to the past. Nana's count supposedly stands for the number of customers who have said her food is delicious; however, this was stated prior to her true number being revealed and is not confirmed to be true or not. Nana's current count is 1, after she sent Hina back to the past for one last time during the fight against Firenda and berserked clones.

Nana sending Hina back to the past

  • Conscious Strike (識撃 Shikigeki): Upon being given the incomplete Baron Surgery as a child and surviving, Nana successfully obtained her own unique supernatural power as a result. However due to her operation only being experimental and incomplete, Nana was noted to not possess the same combat prowess the other Red Barons obtained after their own surgeries and her own ability having the severe limitation of her losing her Count whenever she uses certain powers.
    • Time Travel: After going through her psuedo Baron Operation, Nana was noted to have successfully obtained the ability to send either herself or others through time, as seen where she sent Jail, Hina, Pele and Lyne 300 years ago prior to the Abandonment War and again retrieve them and transport them back to the present with little effort. However a major drawback to this power is the fact that every time Nana uses this particular power her count decreases, making multiple trips through the past or future impossible due to her steadily decreasing count. After Nana sent Hina back to the past, she has lost the ability to time travel due to her count had only 1 left.
    • Future Vision: The second ability and main ability primarily used by Nana that garnered her title as the "Insight Baron". Unlike her power to travel through time, its been shown that Nana can make free use of this particular ability without losing her count, as seen during her childhood where Nana made several incredibly accurate predictions of future events and predict every single detail of what might occur down to particular seconds and minutes of that event, as seen during her first meeting with Jail as a child. Eventually Nana's ability of "Insight" gave her a position of something akin to a military adviser and her ability to see into future events made her a vital resource during the Abandonment War. Nana has also displayed that she can also have prophetic dreams of future events when she sleeps, as seen where she saw repeated visions of Douan Taketora's attack on Licht and their group.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Nana is presumed to possess the ability to increase her count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However, it's not known if Nana really can activate her bloodlust genes like other Barons, as her Baron surgery was done in an incomplete state.


  • Nana was the first Legendary Red Baron to be created using an incomplete surgery. Due to this Nana was considered the "prototype" for the other six.
  • She can hold her liquor more than her comrades.
    • At one time, Robert claims Nana's drinking skill is almost comparable to Yi Yan Xialou's.
  • Nana has a love interest for Licht, as shown during Jail and the others watching her videos in the computer room.