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Warning: This article covers information concerning the character's story events under his fake identity. For information concerning his true identity, see here. Due to major spoilers, information about his true identity is restricted to that page only.

Nikola (ニコラ Nikora) is a character in Plunderer, introduced as a subordinate of Davi. In fact, he is Althea Royal Guard's soldier and the second lieutenant of Special Service




Legendary Red Baron Arc

Nikola informs his real commander about the Flash Baron

Nikola first appeared in Chapter 1, along with his sergeant Davi, they went to meet Hina. Later after Hina was rescued by Licht Bach, who is the real Legendary Red Baron, Nikola and the others were scared of him and ran away. After Davi was defeated, he returned to meet Hina again and told her that the Althea Royal Guard would capture the Flash Baron soon.

After the "Abyss Demon" attacked Linden, Nikola (while disguised as a different soldier with his ability) told Jail Murdoch and Lyne Mei about what's happened in that town and that they would all be killed by that "demon" soon. Later after Sonohara Mizuka's defeat, Nikola went to see Schmelman Bach and informed him about Licht.

Special Service Arc

Nikola is prepared to kill the King of Althea

Nikola later reappeared in Chapter 38, he killed Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, the King of Althea, together with Robert Du Vanvich, who was also a spy. Nikola appeared again in Chapter 45, fully introducing himself as the second lieutenant of Special Service to Lyne and Gespenst Zerlegen, although Hina didn't know yet that Nikola is a spy though she had meet him once before. Under Herz Vaalheit's order, Nikola gave Licht his original Ballot back and asked him to check if it's real or not, Licht said he didn't need to as he was afraid he would destroy the entire base. Soon after Licht realized there's a traitor in Special Service, he looked at Nikola and discovered he's a traitor. Before Licht could attack Nikola, his Ballot was dissipated as the blade was fake. After their mission of approval of banning nuclear weapons, Nikola asked Gespenst about how would they deal with Sakai Tokikaze and his soldiers, in which Gespenst responds with releasing air forces.

Right after Erin disconnected her communication ability, Nikola appeared in front of Tokikaze and brainwashed him by injecting a drug in him, so that his bloodlust gene awakened and fight against Licht for a second time.

Last War Arc

Three months later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun, with Nikola leading most of the Special Service troop against Jail.

Abilities and Power

Nikola's count is 47, although it's most likely fake since most of Special Service members' count are around 10000 or higher.

Nikola changing his face back to original

  • Illusion Manipulation: Although still unclear, Nikola has shown to have some illusionary abilities.
    • Face Alteration: Nikola has an ability to freely change his face: as shown when he disguises himself as a different soldier and as Tsukina Farrow.
    • Illusionary Environment: The power to change the appearance of one's environment via illusions. Nikola does this when he "sent" Tokikaze into his memory world.
  • Master Spy: Being a long-time spy, Nikola is undoubtedly skilled with the art of espionage.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Nikola does this when he dodges Tokikaze's blink attack.