Pelmo (ぺルモ Perumo) is a character introduced in Plunderer.


Pelmo has long red hair that is tied up in a pony tie reaches her leg and golded eyes. She is wearing a yellow blouse jeans cut in to shorts and boots.




Pelmo showing her "steel bird" to Licht and Hina

Pelmo first appeared in Chapter 6, she was harassed by a man with 656 counts who forced her to marry him. As that man forcing Pelmo, she was saved by Hina and Licht Bach. Pelmo thanked them and asked Licht if he could fly while touching his body. Soon, she revealed to them that she has been doing the aviation research since childhood. While her research always failed, she didn't give up her hope and kept on creating more "steel birds" until her research succeeded.


Pelmo's count dropped to zero

She later experimented her airplane, but was stopped by that man and the Althea Royal Guards. Before they arrived, Licht destroyed Pelmo's airplane so they couldn't find any evidence that she's doing the aviation research. After the soldiers left, Pelmo's count was dropped to zero and sent into the Abyss. Before Pelmo is taken, she told Licht and Hina that she will be fine and she predicted that she would surely meet them again in the future.

It's later revealed that Pelmo is still alive and she has created her airplane in the Abyss. Pelmo sent Hina back to Althea during Licht fight against the Special Service.

Abilities and PowerEdit

Pelmo's count is 10, although her count was dropped to zero after her airplanes were destroyed. Her count stands for how many times her dreams come true.



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