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  • We mainly perfers Fallen Angels' fan translation and official English names from Japan. Any other translations, such as Renzokusei's fan translation, Yen Press and Funimation's official translations, will be considered as the alternative names instead.
  • Please respect other editors and remain neutral. Don't write subjective content.
  • Do not vandalize current articles. Continued vandalism will result in a block.
  • Do not add any new categories and sections on the articles at will (For example: Relationship section). If you insist of adding those, please discuss with the local admins first and wait for the approval.
  • No offensive content with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks. The same goes for images.
  • Do not make pointless articles and fan-made contents. If you see one, mark it for deletion with the {{Delete}} template.
  • Talk pages of articles were used to discuss an article about the page, for example like Talk:Licht Bach used for discussions about Licht Bach.
  • Please don't start edit wars. If you and another user can't agree on a point, take it into their talk page. If an edit war continues, there's a high chance the page will be protected.
  • Do not post speculation of certain characters or other articles.
  • If you have references - use them!

Please respect these rules when editing. If you spot a vandalized page, please revert it.
Please read all the rules pages before editing, just reading one doesn't cut it.

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