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  • Unused images will likely be deleted.
  • Non-Plunderer images are not accepted, except if they are used by a user page or blog. They are preferred to be kept to a minimum.
  • Duplicated images will be deleted. Always check if the picture hasn't been uploaded first.
  • Only official pictures are allowed on mainspace content. Any fan-art or fan-colored images will be deleted.
  • All Plunderer manga images should have their speech bubbles cleared of their text as they are meant to serve as illustrations in the articles.
  • Rename the file to the proper name first (so no gibberish) before you upload it.
  • Every images should be inserted into respective character's image galleries in chronological order. The only exception of this was the merged and promotional images (For example: File:Gefangnis.png).
  • Files are preferred to be in PNG-format, this is the best format for high-quality pictures. GIF and JPG are the alternatives.
  • Always remember that all images should be added to Category:Images.

We will check the gallery from time to time.
If images do not meet these requirements, they will most likely be deleted.

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