Red Baron's Drug (撃墜王の薬 Gekitsui-ō no Kusuri, lit. "Aerial Ace's Medicine"), usually refers as "New Medicine", is a special drug created by Tsukina Farrow and Firenda in 300 years ago, it can transforms anyone into Red Baron without injecting Schmelman Bach's genes. Those who ate the drug will be refers as the New Generation Red Baron. The real name of the drug is currently unknown.


According to Tsukina, anyone who ate the drug can becomes the Red Baron and they could receives strong power or abilities that's even more powerful than original seven Red Barons. However, unlike original Barons, those New Generation Red Baron's count can only increased to 500000 at maximum and will never increases to much higher counts. The New Generation Red Baron is also not able to rely on bloodlust genes to increases their counts like the original Baron does.


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