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Ah... that's it... I will... become the wind... to be as nothing... just like the wind... Yet also like the wind... to be able to gently caress... someone's check... And then... this time, for sure... I will claim the Supreme Commander's seat... And this time, surely... there will be something... I can make... into my very... conviction...

—Robert revealed his conviction to Jail, Like the Wind (Chapter 60)

Robert Du Vanvich (ロべルー=ド=ヴァンヴィツヒ Roberū Do Vuanvuitsuhi, Funimation: Robert Du Vanvigh) is a character introduced in Plunderer. He is one of the Althea Royal Guard's Three Grand Generals, known as "Wind Emperor" (風帝 Fū Tei).


Robert has long blonde hair, he wears the standard military uniform. He mostly keeps his eyes closed.



Past Events

Robert was born in a noble family, Vanvich. As his father gave Robert a very rigorous training, he always afraid at his father. His father claims Robert doesn't fit to be part of Vanvich family for his cowardly and lack of talent.

Young Robert and Erin at their parent's funeral

After Robert's father and Erin's parents were killed by the Ballot Holder, he and Erin attended their parent's funeral. During the funeral. Alexandrov Grigorovich attended the funeral and asks Robert and Erin about what they want to do. Robert stated he doesn't know what would he do since he is a weakling who doesn't know how to fight, as claimed by his father. Then, Alexandrov told Robert to fight him with a sword. Soon, Robert was easily defeated by Alexandrov. He claims that while Robert is indeed weak, he can still improve his skills if he set his conviction and trains more. After the funeral, Robert went through his training to become a soldier.

Although Alexandrov didn't adopt Robert as his foster-child, Robert always seen Alexandrov as his real father, despite they're not blood-related.

Story Events

Special Service Arc

Robert first appeared at the end of Chapter 37, along with other two grand generals and Alexandrov, having a meeting with Charles De Bergt Althea The 11th, the King of Althea in the Castle. During the meeting, Charles asked the grand general's thought about giving three Ballots to Special Service. Robert said that he opposed this idea, because he believed it's Special Service's fault that they lost one of their Ballots. Yi Yan Xialou stated if they do, it would cause the war between Special Service and Althea Royal Guard. Robert then stated they should have no problem to fight against them, as long as Robert releases his army to fight. Freidkam Von Lightning said there's no way they were able to defeat Special Service as the Royal Guard's forces are too weak to fight against them. Soon, Robert called Freidkam and Xialou as cowards because they feared the Special Service, which angered them. When Alexandrov explained how wrong the creation of Althea was, Charles ordered Three Grand Generals to leave as she wanted to punish him.

Robert betrayed Althea Royal Guard

After Charles has killed by Nikola, Alexandrov called the Three Grand Generals to find the murderer who killed her. Soon, Robert "killed" the two other grand generals and betrayed Alexandrov. He revealed that he's actually a spy sent by the Special Service, in order to get rid of Alexandrov and took over the entire country. Robert also took over Alexandrov's commander position by making him look like the culprit who killed the King. Because of this, Robert became the Commander of Althea Royal Guard. Despite the king's death, the other two grand generals actually still alive and they were sent into the Abyss by Robert afterwards, as to not let the Special Service discover that he's a traitor.

After Sakai Tokikaze attacked Althea by using airplanes, Robert had a conversation with Erin about why Alexandrov and Schmelman Bach didn't took everything from the land and let its civilians died from salvation instead. Erin explained it's because they wanted to stop the Abandonment War and to save as many people as possible, although Robert didn't like how Erin called Alexandrov as the Supreme Commander instead of him. Erin also stated she would take part with Sakai Tokikaze and the Abyss to take Alexandrov's position back from him. When Tokikaze invaded Althea, Robert had no choice but watching him invading the city, since his counts and strength were too weak against him.

Last War Arc

Robert accepted Jail's challenge

Later, during Jail's fight against the Royal Guards, Robert was seen standing in the castle, observing Jail. When Jail arrived at the Commander's room, Robert stated that although he didn't expect Avsette's return and saved Jail from the Royal Guards, he claimed that Jail was a scum and he was no match against him, as he has only 1 count compared to Robert's, who possessed over 100000 counts. As the fight began, Robert thrown Charles' corpse at Jail and tried to destroy her corpse but Jail protected her. Robert was confused at why Jail defending Charles' corpse and he used his wind power to blow Jail away from the castle. However, Jail moved much faster than a wind which he dodged Robert's attack. When Jail almost landed his punch on Robert, a lightning suddenly striked down at Jail, which shocked him. Soon, Jail was also attacked by water waves as well.

Robert with Thunder and Water Emperor's abilities

This caused Jail wondered how did Freidkam and Xialou's abilities appear there. Robert explained that after he killed the other two grand generals, he took their Ballots and gained their abilities. When Jail was almost killed by Robert, he was saved by Alexandrov, who went to carry Charles' corpse along with Erin. Robert was surprised at Alexandrov's appearance and that he hasn't died from the Special Service's attacks earlier. Robert claimed that even with Alexandrov's help, Jail still has no chance to defeat him due to his count.

After Jail received Alexandrov's Ballot and increased his count, his fight against Robert continued, while Erin showed their fight to the Royal Guards with her communication ability. As the fight continue, Robert used his wind ability to move faster so Jail wouldn't be able to dodge his attack. However, Jail tanked Robert's wind attack. Due to this, Robert used the other two grand general's ability against him. Jail then tried to use Alexandrov's Ballot and his flame ability but it doesn't work, which caused Jail heavily injured instead. As Alexandrov wondered why Jail couldn't use his flame ability, Robert explained that the Ballot owned by the Barons couldn't be used by other people, because Firenda set a limiter at their Ballots for security reasons. Robert also laughed at how Alexandrov didn't know about it when he was one of the seven Legendary Red Baron.

Jail and Robert deals their finishing blows

As Alexandrov cried due to his mistake caused Jail's "death", Robert was suddenly attacked by Jail and the flame ability, which shocked him that Jail is still alive. He also confused as Jail was supposed to be able to use Baron's Ballot. Jail claimed that the reason he was able to use ALexandrov's Ballot is because of his conviction of wanting to become stronger than his foster-father. Robert was soon overwhelmed by Jail's flame attack and his iron devil's attack.

Robert's defeat

Soon, Jail told Robert to drop his Ballot and fight with his fists instead, which Robert agreed and stated he will win. As both of them launched their punches, Jail was shocked that Robert has much stronger conviction than him. Robert claimed that his reason of taking the Supreme Commander position is not only because of he was part of Special Service, but also because he wanted to change the future of the Royal Guards. Although Robert's left leg broke as he put more strength on his fist, which led him being defeated by Jail. After Robert broke his left leg, he reminded what Freidkam and Xialou said a long time ago, that they like him despite sometimes he was too straight and they would try their best together. After Robert was defeated, he regretted killing his best friends and started crying.

Robert reveals his conviction to Jail

After his defeat, Robert admitted that he killed the king to the Royal Guards and told Jail to kill him. However, instead of killing him, he asked Robert to join Gefängnis troop as he need someone to claim that troop down from their hunger of murder someone, and that his conviction were strong enough to join. Robert claims that it's ridiculous since it's impossible to wash his crimes and staying on the army. Then, Jail asks Robert about his conviction since he curious what does Robert means by change the future of the Royal Guard. Then, Robert revealed his past and his conviction about he wanted to become like a wind, where he try to made anyone forget about their hatred and to protect them, which surprised Alexandrov and Erin. Soon, Robert stated he agreed to join part with Gefängnis troop, although he stated he will still want to kill Jail after they deal with Special Service. After their conversation ended, along with Alexandrov congrats Jail has become the new commander of the Royal Guard. After Jail has done with his speeches, Robert immediately laughed at him and the way the Royal Guards were angered, which Alexandrov cried and wonder why did he laughed.

Few days after Jail became the Supreme Commander, he and Robert having a conversation about how to deal with Special Service in the upcoming war. During the conversation, Robert stated that he was worrying that the Royal Guards might lose; he explained while they have 19 millions more soldiers than their opponent, majority of the Royal Guard's soldiers didn't owns a Ballot so their chance of winning is below bottom. Jail suggested that giving everyone a Ballot would be the best choice, but Robert stated he wasn't sure who should they given Ballots to, as there's a sightly chance a spy from Special Service is still hiding around, just like Robert himself before he changed his side. Then, Jail told Robert to sit on the commander's chair, as his leg is still injured from his previous fight and that Jail himself don't want to sit on that chair. However, Robert kicked Jail off with his injured left leg, claims that Jail should have take his time talking with Nana Bassler, who has been standing outside the door for over few days. Once the conversation has done, Nana forced Robert to drink some alcohol together with her and Jail, in which Jail told Robert be prepared as the drinking with Nana would be a troublesome. As Robert goes together with them, he reminded his past together with Xialou and Freidkam, where Xialou stated that if Robert refused to lost anything he would never learn any new stuffs in his own. As Robert reminded Xialou's words, he smiled.

Robert saves the Abyss children

Three months later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun. As the war begin, Robert informs Erin that he won't join part with Jail because his left leg is still injured from previous fight. Later, when Tokimune and the other Abyss children were almost killed by the Special Service's Three Grand Generals, the children was saved by Robert who just kicks them with his injured left leg. After Eterno was kicked, Robert explained that he knew the Special Service would uses it's time to using Abyss children as hostages, as he is once a evil person before he was defeated by Jail three months ago. Soon, the fight between Robert and Special Service's Three Grand Generals has begun.

Robert released Tokimune from the Special Service's hands and told him to leave along with the rest of the children. At first, Tokimune stated he want to help Robert but he force him to leave with his sword, as he doesn't want Tokimune to following the same path as him. After the children left the Abyss, Robert uses his lightning and water abilities against the Special Service and defeated them. While majority were defeated, it's showed that his attacks doesn't works against the Three Grand Generals. Sumeragi insulted Robert that he's a weakling who doesn't know how to uses his powers properly. Robert told Sumeragi to shut up and tried to attack her again with all of his elemental abilities but it still doesn't work. Sumeragi explained that she obtained the ability to immune to all supernatural attacks since she was born. After Sumeragi was done "playing nice", she told Eterno and Luine that they can kill Robert now, which soon revealed that Eterno is immortal while Luine's blood contains poison. Robert is soon defeated by the Three Grand Generals. When they're trying to kill him, Robert stated that even if he lost his arms and legs he will never allow them to hurts Jail, Nana and those people precious to him.

Robert's old friends arrived

As Sumeragi giving Robert her finishing blow, he was saved by Freidkam and Xialou who just got their Ballots back from him, which Robert was shocked at their arrival. Xialou stated that if both her and Freidkam knew what Robert actually felt when he wanted some helps, their friendship may won't ended up being broken and none of them would suffering so much pains. Xialou also stated she hope Robert will take his responsibility towards her, which he was confused at her words and asking her why. Then, Freidkam explained that Xialou actually loves Robert all these time and she has been worrying him ever since they were sent into the Abyss, in which she was embarrassed and said she will kill Freidkam. Soon, Friedkam told the Specail Service that he won't forgive anyone who tries to hurt Robert and Xialou and that he will kill all of them. The fight continues in three versus three fight, with Freidkam fight against Eterno while Xialou against Luine and Robert against Sumeragi. As they were fighting, Robert imagines about how Freidkam and Xialou would acts when they discovered Jail defeated him earlier and how they wanted to punish him for that, while laughing and drinking alcohols together in a bar.

Abilities and Power

Robert's count is 130268, his count stand for the number of times he single-mindedly pursued his goal. It's stated by Jail that Robert is one of the strongest Althea soldiers along with Alexandrov and other two grand generals. After Robert killed other two Grand Generals and took their Ballots, his count temporarily increased to 418151 until the stolen Ballots were returned to their original owners. Robert's current count is 140284[2].

Robert create the wind

  • Aerokinesis: As the Wind Emperor, Robert's Ballot Replica gave him the ability to manipulate wind.
    • Aerokinetic Attacks: Robert has a ability to release or use wind to various attacks.
    • Aero-Telekinesis: Robert can manipulate matter using the wind.
    • Tornado Creation: Robert can create tornadoes, whirlwinds and similar forms of wind storms.
  • Master Swordsmanship: Robert had been personally trained and taken in by the Blast Baron, Alexandrov Grigorovich since early childhood and as such was trained by him on the usage of Saber's. Eventually rising up and becoming one of the most powerful soldiers of the Althea Royal Guard and one of its primary leaders.
  • Electrokinesis: After Robert killed Freidkam, he took his Ballot Replica for his own personal use, obtaining his ability to create and control lightning. Robert lost this ability after Freidkam took his Ballot back from him.
    • Thunder Control: Robert can manipulate the shockwaves caused by lightning during a storm.
  • Hydrokinesis: After Robert killed Xialou, he took her Ballot Replica for his own personal use, obtaining her ability to create and control water. Robert lost this ability after Xialou took her Ballot back from him.
    • Tidal Wave Generation: Robert can call forth huge water waves to crash down at their targets, washing everything away in a powerful torrent.
    • Drowning: Robert can drown an entire object or person with extreme amounts of water pressure.
  • Elemental Attacks: After Robert took two other Grand General's Ballot Replica for his own personal use, he temporarily obtained the ability to combining three elemental attacks (Wind, lightning and water) into one and release to various attacks.
  • Enhanced Muscle Access: When Robert and Jail gave their finishing blow against each other, Robert's muscle become bigger and his strength become stronger.



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