Once you've lost someone precious, you'll realize this as well. What's left in your heart isn't a future where everyone holds hands-- only a revenge.

—Sakai Tokikaze kidnapping Hina from Licht, Parting (Chapter 40)

Sakai Tokikaze (坂井時風 Sakai Tokikaze), also known as "King of Abyss" (アビスの王 Abisu no Ō), is a character introduced in Plunderer series. He is Licht Bach's adoptive brother and Hina's biological father. Tokikaze is one of 7 Legendary Red Barons and he is also known as the "Blink Baron" (瞬撃の撃墜王 Shungeki no Gekitsui-ō, Funimation: Ace of Sudden Strikes).


Tokikaze has black hair with blue undertones and blue eyes. He is wearing a white coat and a black formal Japanese school uniform underneath.



Past EventEdit


Tokikaze meet his brother Rihito for the first time

During a rainy day, Tokikaze was called by his grandmother and was introduced to his new adopted brother to him, Sakai Rihito. Due to Rihito always causing trouble, he and Tokikaze were always being punished by their grandmother. A few years later, Tokikaze told Rihito that he wanted to become a soldier because the war was about to start.

When Tokikaze went to training school, he met Jail Murdoch, Pele Poporo, Lyne Mei and Hina, all of whom were sent to the past from the future by Nana. Tokikaze told Jail and the others to go back home as the soldier training and war isn't a child's game, which Jail disagreed and the two started fighting. Jail was easily defeated by Tokikaze with just one attack, Jail was surprised at how strong he was and wondered why he couldn't use his metal abilities. Tokikaze, once again warned them to go home as the war isn't a child's game. Tokikaze's fight with Jail was stopped by Alexandrov Grigorovich, the instructor of the training school. Alexandrov told them while they're allowed to fight, the enrollment ceremony was about to start so they had to stop their actions. Tokikaze stopped his fight against Jail and went inside the school.


Tokikaze saves Hina

Later, when Hina was almost killed by Alexandrov, Tokikaze went to save her from Alexandrov. He told Alexandrov that he shouldn't kill any person without a reason. Alexandrov then tell Tokikaze that's how soldiers used to be and kicked him. Then, Alexandrov then tried to kill Tokikaze as well, but before he could do so, he was stopped by Rihito who, during the confusion had managed to hold Schmelman Bach hostage with a pointed stick. Schmelman Bach informed him that he could not kill him that way and proceeded to instruct him on how to snap his neck, which Rihito refuses to do. When Schmelman decided to kill Rihito, Tokikaze told Rihito to run away before Schmelman kill him. Soon, Firenda showed up to stop Schmelman, she and Alexandrov revealed that it was just a prank and the bullets were actually paint. Alexandrov also revealed that the reason why they did that was because the newbies should not be scared at battlefield. Then, the instructors told the trainee soldiers it was time to eat lunch.

During lunch time, Tokikaze and Jail went to the same table by coincident. Tokikaze told Jail to leave but he stated Tokikaze should be the one to leave, which angered Tokikaze. Then, Alexandrov saw them and said that Tokikaze and Jail have become friends so quickly, which they disagreed with him. Later when the class started, Tokikaze wasn't happy due to him being in the same class with Jail and sat next to him. In his first day on training school, Tokikaze overheard Sonohara Mizuka's scream so he went to find her, he found Douan Taketora was also joined into the training school and bullying Mizuka. Tokikaze tried to told Taketora to stop his action, but he didn't listen and warned Tokikaze that if he kept opposed him he would kill his grandmother and kick her off from the dojo. Taketora also stated that if Tokikaze didn't want to see his grandmother getting hurt, he should give him his stars too so Tokikaze would expelled from training school. Tokikaze had no choice but gave his stars to Taketora. Right after he gave Taketora his stars, Jail went to face Taketora to return the stars back to Tokikaze, but he told Jail to stop as this is his personal issue.


Tokikaze cries for not able to give his grandmother a happiest

While returning to the class, Tokikaze contemplated if he should steal stars from other students or not, but he kept telling himself not to do that as he didn't like violence. Then, Rihito told Tokikaze that he could just return home after this and staying with his grandmother. However, Tokikaze said he didn't want to and stated he must become a soldier, so that his grandmother can live peaceful without worrying him and Rihito. At 18:00 PM, Tokikaze just standing inside the class to see Taketora graduate. When Jail appeared in front of Taketora and discover he gave his star to Tokikaze, he cried and wonder why did Jail help him. After Rihito returned all the stars stolen by Taketora to other students, Tokikaze thanked Jail for helping him. Although Jail claimed he didn't help him but just simply couldn't stand Taketora's attitude, and told him he wasn't shown his full strength back in their first fight. Soon, Rihito told Tokikaze that they would stay in the training school together, as he believe doing so their grandmother can fill her stomach just fine.

Few weeks later, after Schmelman informs Class A about peeping incident, Tokikaze and Rihito having a conversation about it and said they have to capture the culprit first before the instructors did. Rihito stated he will soon peeping the woman's bath so he leaves the room. While Tokikaze told him to be careful, he just confused and realized that Rihito is the culprit, Then, Rihito told Tokikaze that he wasn't the culprit but he will disguises as one, so their classmate won't be sacrifice by the instructors. Tokikaze, in order to protect Rihito, he stated he will do that job instead so he claims himself is the culprit instead. Then, Alexandrov overheard Tokikaze's words and mistakenly thought he is the real culprit so he captured him. Later, after Alexandrov captured Jail and Rihito as well, the Class A was to join responsibility for receiving a punishment from peeping woman's bath. During the punishment, Tokikaze think that running for punishment is so much better than listening Schmelman's storybooks. Due to this, Jail told Rihito to peeping woman's bath again tonight, although Tokikaze and other students claims this is a bad idea.


Class A students as they heard Schmelman said the "Non-Killing Army"

Few weeks after the culprit was revealed to be Rihito and the class receives a punishment, the Class A is still doing their punishment due to Rihito keep peeping the woman's bath. Because of this, Alexandrov stated he will give them a "prize" for doing their punishment everyday, which soon revealed to be Forest Survival trip. Later when Ichinose Saki stated they must kills their enemies in order to become soldier, Schmelman appeared and said that they can forms the "Non-Killing Army" while they can still become a soldier. While the Class A was happy, Tokikaze told Rihito that he will forms the "Non-Killing Army" together with him and other students. With this, Class A decided to forms the "Non-Killing Army" under Schmelman's suggestion.

After the Forest Survival trip has ended, Class A's training is finally started. Schmelman stated that he won't train them as hard as Alexandrov. After the explanation, Schmelman told Class A try to hit him in a training battle. Although nobody except Lyne able to hit him, the training has begun. Tokikaze was told by Schmelman to draw his sword much father than a light.


Tokikaze saves the girls from United Nations Forces

Tokikaze and other students keep doing their training for a few months, until Davi was killed by the terrorists. In the next day, Class A received news about Rihito will receives a surgery to gains superhuman strength. Tokikaze is shocked at this news and worries about Rihito, because if the surgery failed he will die. After Schmelman's genes successful injected into Rihito's body, the Class A students was glad that the surgery went well. Soon, the training school received a surprise attack from United Nations Forces. With this, Alexandrov told everyone to hiding inside the school. With the enemies still launch their attacks, Alexandrov told the remaining survivors to leave the school as soon as possible. After Jail and the others went to switch on the backup electrical, Tokikaze tried to stop them but the entrance was blocked. Seeing that the enemies had taken over the courtyard, Tokikaze has no choice but to faces United Nations Forces while gives other students a chance to run away. Before they could do so, Saki was captured by the enemy sergeant. Because of this, Tokikaze and the others was all captured by the enemies as well.

When the sergeant almost killed Akui Genji, Rihito has awaken from the surgery and went to saves the others. As Rihito fight against the enemies, Tokikaze gives Saki clothes to cover her body and said Rihito's speed move as fast as a flash, which him and the others called him the "Flash Baron". After Rihito defeated the United Nations Forces, the enemies stand up and drops their clothes, which revealed they have explosives covering their body but Rihito destroyed the controller. Then, the enemy sergeant stated that they had placed a nuclear bomb in somewhere in the school (Although later it's revealed to be a lie). After the enemy sergeant finished the war teaching for the Class A, he stated he will activate the nuclear bomb in 10 seconds. Seeing how hopeless the situation was, Tokikaze decided to kill the soldiers by himself, but due to his grandmother's promise, Rihito stopped him and he killed the soldiers instead. As Rihito run away, Jail and the others told Class A that it's time for them go back to their future and disappeared.

During the Abandonment War, along with other Class A students went to request the instructors for the surgery, so that Licht (Rihito's current name) won't handling the war all by himself. Tokikaze was chosen to becomes the Red Baron. Although Tokikaze became the Red Baron, Licht has never once bring him into the battlefield due to their grandmother's promise that she doesn't want to see Tokikaze kills people. Later when Licht's went completely berserk, at sometimes, Tokikaze went to see him and hoping he can regain his sanity. At that time, Licht briefly regained his sanity and told Tokikaze uses Ballots to ban nuclear weapons. Licht stated that as long as the nuclear weapons was banned, he don't care if he will forever lost his sanity and emotions. Tokikaze cries and follow Licht's advise to ban nuclear weapons.


Berserked Licht "kills" Tsukina

Sometimes during the war, berserked Licht went to fight against Tokikaze. Tokikaze's wife, Tsukina Farrow, in order to stop the fight between the Sakai brothers, she went to face Licht and stop him. However, Tsukina failed to do so and received a fatal wound from Licht. Tokikaze believes Tsukina was dead and she has been killed by Licht, but he never blame him for this happening. In the last day of the war, after the barons collected all seven Ballots, the instructors used the barons to ban the nuclear weapons and created a sky island named Althea.

Licht "kills" Tokikaze

Knowing the instructor's true intention, Tokikaze steals a Ballot from them and finds the Class A to inform them what's happening. Soon, the instructors sent Licht to kill Tokikaze and take back the Ballot. As Licht killed Tokikaze, he regained his sanity and feel despair, due to the fact he killed his adoptive brother by his own hands.

Although Tokikaze received a fatal wound, he is still alive and he has been left unconscious for 2 years long. When Tokikaze finally awaken, he saw a letter about the Class A will commit suicide so the children can fill their stomach. Tokikaze went to find them and only discovered they already committed suicide in a volcano. After he discovered this, he started crying for a while. After that day, Tokikaze became the King of Abyss and ruling the country for 300 years long.

Story EventEdit


Tokikaze returns

Tokikaze returned from the Abyss at the end of Chapter 39, which surprised Licht and he started crying. After Licht called Tokikaze's name, he suddenly killed the spy that injured Hina, taking the phone and having a conversation with Schmelman that he will let him taste the same despair as him and the people who live inside Abyss. Soon, Tokikaze attacked Licht for revenge and brought Hina away together with him and back to the Abyss.

After bringing Hina into the Abyss, Tokikaze try to heal her wound and stated he feel sorry to her that he brought her into the Abyss. When Tokikaze seen Hina playing with the children, he thanks her for doing so due to those children who don't have a mother.


Tokikaze uses Althing

Later, Tokikaze found Hina's ballot and tried to use it along with the other three ballots stolen from Licht, to end Schmelman's "garden" land so Althea will fall down to the ground. During the Althing, Schmelman pointed that the reason why Tokikaze wanted to do these is due to unfair treatment they got, so he will create a house with a bunch of foods in somewhere at Althea for him and the children. Tokikaze, angered at this, due to he no longer able to trust his words anymore and about to launch rocket missiles. Before Tokikaze can press the button, Hina stops him for doing so by calling him "father" and reveals that Tsukina is her mother. Tokikaze, while being calm, he stated that he knew Hina's true identity and pressed the button. After the rocket missiles launched at the sky and exploded, Tokikaze stopped the Althing and announced that he and his children will begin their invasion at Althea tomorrow.


Hina take back her Ballot

After the announcement, Tokikaze tells Hina that she can now leave the Abyss and go back to find Licht. Then, Hina comes in front of Tokikaze and take back her ballot. Tokikaze told Hina to return her ballot but she won't, he asked her that where is Tsukina and she replies her mother was already absorbed into the world of abyss 5 years ago. Tokikaze then believed that she is already dead, Hina mentioned that how she feels lonely and how she wanted to know who is her father prior to 5 years, but she keep hiding her feeling so she won't feel more sadness. Hina then told Tokikaze that he can take her ballot, but in return he must reunite and work together with Licht, as what he actually wanted is have Licht feels the same pain as his so that he can sympathize with him and helps to fight against Schmelman. Tokikaze then, didn't take Hina's ballot and leave her alone. Soon, Tokikaze informs the children that they will have invasion on Althea, so they can eat food as much as they want. The children noticed something is wrong with Tokikaze, he takes his mask out and stated nothing happen, while he begins crying.

In the next day, along with Erin and the children was begin their invasion at Althea. The soldiers and spy are trying their best to stop Tokikaze but they're either easily defeated or feel fear due to his high counts. As seeing the children eating the foods, Tokikaze smiled at them.


Tokikaze discovered Licht uses Althing

Later when Tokikaze checking how many spies of the Special Service remain, he noticed the Althing was show up and informed Erin to uses her communication ability, only to discovered that Licht is in charge with the Althing. Tokikaze was shocked and angered at Licht wearing Special Service clothes and helping them. During the Athing, Licht said that all Tokikaze is doing now is only repeating the abandoning war. Tokikaze, at first, doesn't wants to listen Licht's words, but after he pointed out that will the Class A really happy at this or not, Tokikaze changed his mind and supports Licht's suggestion of abandon the nuclear weapons. This only lead to the victory of hidden faction, White Special Service, and the second betray. Tokikaze started worrying at Licht and wonders what's happening, he stated this is all caused by the seventh baron. Before Tokikaze could say something, the communication was turned off and realized that the White Special Service also captured Erin and the children.

Later when Erin reactivate her communication ability, it's shown Nikola and Schmelman on the screen. Tokikaze thought Schmelman uses the children as hostage, he threw his Ballot and told Schmelman to spare the children while take his life instead. However, Schmelman stated he won't spare the children's life and this is just a "special-event" made just for Tokikaze. As Tokikaze saw the children being toying by the spy of White Special Service, he started crying and told them to stop. Then, Schmelman said it's Tokikaze's fault that the children will be all killed. Tokikaze then stated Schmelman is the one who started all these in the first place and hoping he can become a kind person again. Schmelman, being annoyed and ordered the spy to kill all the children at once. Tokikaze was shocked and felt despair. Soon, Erin turned her communication ability again as she don't want him to see the spy killing children. Tokikaze wonders why the communication went off, Nikola appeared in front of him and told him all children has been killed. This angered Tokikaze and tried to attack him, but Nikola easily dodged his blink attack.


Nikola injects Tokikaze a drug

Nikola then touches Tokikaze's head to created a illusion world, which he claims this is Tokikaze's memory. In the illusion world, it's shown Tokikaze's fight against berserked Licht and Tsukina's "death". When Tsukina was stabbed by Licht, she asks Tokikaze if he still remember when did he became all alone in 300 years ago. Tsukina claims the moment when he did isn't when Class A students committed suicide or when the children are all killed, but when Licht "killed" her and steals everything from him. Tokikaze deny this and stated it was when all children were killed. Tsukina doesn't believe his words and asks him one more question, about if he really happy when he spent his time with the children for 300 years. She claims that he didn't because no matter how much Tokikaze loves the children, he will always ends up killing them once they've fully grown as a adult and only made him feel even more sadness. Then, Tsukina said she doesn't want to see Tokikaze suffering now so she will give him a "helping hand", which revealed that Tsukina is actually Nikola in disguise and injects a drug on him. Tokikaze was shocked and asks Nikola what kind of drug he injected, and Nikola explains it's same drug the Special Service used on Licht at 300 years ago.


Tokikaze being brainwashed by Nikola and went berserk

While Tokikaze started went berserk, Nikola informs him the drug are 300 times much concentrated than before and he will never free from brainwashing on his own. Tokikaze realized they wanted him went berserk and uses him to kill Licht, although Nikola stated the person precious to him was not Licht but his daughter, Hina. Soon, Nikola asks Tokikaze if he wanted to kill his own daughter or to become Schmelman's lapdog, Tokikaze has no choice but to join the Special Service once again. As Tokikaze's count increasing due to his bloodlust genes, he apologies Hina for not being honest and Licht for his action during their reunion earlier. He also hoping Licht to kills him while protecting Hina from his hands. After Tokikaze's counts increased to 3042150, he lost his sanity and fully brainwashed by the Special Service.


Tokikaze and the Class A "reunion"

After Tokikaze was brainwashed, he went to Special Service headquarter to meet Schmelman. As he arrived on Ende, he saw the clones and mistakenly thought they're the real Class A students. Because of this, Tokikaze hugs Eins and said he can't believe Class A students is still alive. Before Eins could say she's a clone of Saki, it's interrupted by Schmelman telling Tokikaze that the Special Service are not his enemy. Tokikaze stated he will surely kill Licht and anyone who dare to steal everything from him again.


Tokikaze saves Eins from Schmelman's hand

Later, during Jail fight against Robert Du Vanvich, Tokikaze is shown to be watching the fight. Two months later, Tokikaze is still giving the clones some onigiri to eat, but Eins stopped him and explained they're not his real friends from 300 years ago. When Eins is almost killed by Schmelman, Tokikaze went to save her but he was easily defeated by him with just a single slash. While Schmelman felt disgusted at Tokikaze's action, he ordered Eins to brought him to the medical room. After Eins brought Tokikaze to the medical room, she claimed his action was foolish and wondered why did he saved her. Soon, Tokikaze went to the kitchen and brought his onigiri to Eins again. While Eins was angered at him, Tokikaze stated that he already knew the clones are not his real friends. Despite knowing Eins just merely a clone of Saki, he still wanted to save her from Schmelman's hands. As Tokikaze started crying,

Tokikaze vs. Licht Round 2

he stated he was traumatized by original Class A's death for over 300 years long, and that he doesn't want to see any more people die in front of him. He also apologized Eins for mistaken her for Saki and hugged her. Then, Eins asked Tokikaze if he really gone berserked or not. Tokikaze said that he do went berserked but he can still keep some of his sanity around. Soon, Eins asked Tokikaze which person he want to kill, he only stated that Licht is not the person he wanted to kill.

One month later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun, Along with the clones, Tokikaze went to fight against Licht's group.

Abilities and PowerEdit

Tokikaze's count is 507025. His count stands for how many loved one he has killed. Later when Tokikaze's bloodlust gene awakens, his count increases to 3042150.


Tokikaze's blink attack

  • Blink Strike (瞬撃 Shungeki): This is Tokikaze's ability as a Baron, his body has been enhanced to be able to use special abilities.
    • Speed Cutting: The resulting power Tokikaze obtained after going through the Baron Sugery is seemingly a more combat oriented version of his foster brother's Licht's speed of flash, where instead of of being able to move faster than the speed of light, Tokikaze can draw his sword and attack in the speed of light. And after training and improving his ability for the next 300 years in the Abyss, Tokikaze is seen having achieved a speed surpassing Licht's "Flash", as seen where he managed to easily overpower Licht with his sword strikes despite him being initially slower than him.
    • Dimensional Slicing: During Tokikaze's "reunion" with Licht, it was shown that Tokikaze has now achieved a speed that even allows him to cut through space and even other dimensions, as seen where he was able to easily kill a powerful Special Service agent despite him then hiding himself within his own Ballot created dimension.
    • Master Swordsmanship: Tokikaze was known to have been already a formidable swordsman prior to the beginning of the Abandonment War and having trained himself in the sword style of Laido and later upon joining the 13th Special Military Forces School and being placed into Class A under Schmelman Bach and being personally trained under him,Tokikaze's swordsmanship increased exponentially. Later Tokikaze is shown to have further mastered the sword via further training during the next 300 years after the war in the Abyss.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Tokikaze possesses the ability to increase his count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However, the more higher the count, the higher chance he would lose his sanity.
    • Omnicidal Slashing: Upon being forcibly put under Nikola's control using the Schmelman's gene drug, Tokikaze's count skyrocketed as his bloodlust took over and he began to slash and cut everything around him indiscriminately, seemingly reducing the entire forest area around him into a giant desert in a blink of an eye.
  • Flight: In the flashback, it's shown that Tokikaze can fly via in jet boots.


  • "Toki" means "time", while "kaze" means "wind" in Japanese.
  • Tokikaze's blade is named "Hina", which is also the name of his daughter.
  • Tokikaze shares the "Blinking" power with Fünf of the New Class A, who is the clone of his once close friend Kyouka.


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