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Once you've lost someone precious, you'll realize this as well. What's left in your heart isn't a future where everyone holds hands-- only a revenge.

—Sakai Tokikaze kidnapping Hina from Licht, Parting (Chapter 40)

Sakai Tokikaze (坂井時風 Sakai Tokikaze), also known as "King of Abyss" (アビスの王 Abisu no Ō), is a character introduced in Plunderer series. He is Licht Bach's adoptive brother and Hina's biological father. Tokikaze is one of 7 Legendary Red Barons and he is also known as the "Blink Baron" (瞬撃の撃墜王 Shungeki no Gekitsui-ō, Yen Press: Ace of Swift Strikes, Funimation: Ace of Sudden Strikes).


Tokikaze has black hair with blue undertones and blue eyes. He is wearing a white coat and a black formal Japanese school uniform underneath.



For his story events, see Sakai Tokikaze/Plots.

Appearance in Other Media


Blink Mask in the "world of darkness"

In the last episode of Plunderer anime, after Licht was absorbed into the black hole created by Taketora, seven Baron's masks was shows to be floating in the "world of darkness" and surrounding Licht. Tokikaze's mask is titled as the Blink Mask (瞬撃面 Shungeki-men, Funimation: Mask of Sudden Strikes).

The Baron's masks tries to convinces Licht to give up

Along with the other masks, the Blink Mask tries to criticize Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. However, after he remembered his promise with Hina and the others, Licht destroys all of the masks and successfully escape by splits the "world of darkness".

Abilities and Power

Tokikaze's count is 507025. His count stands for how many loved one he has killed. Later when Tokikaze's bloodlust gene awakens, his count increases to 3042150. During the final war between Althea Royal Guard and Special Service, as Tokikaze has been completely loses his sanity, his count increases to 5246639.

Tokikaze's blink attack

  • Blink Strike (瞬撃 Shungeki): This is Tokikaze's ability as a Baron, his body has been enhanced to be able to use special abilities.
    • Speed Cutting: The resulting power Tokikaze obtained after going through the Baron Sugery is seemingly a more combat oriented version of his adoptive brother Licht's speed of flash, where instead of of being able to move faster than the speed of light, Tokikaze can draw his sword and attack in the speed of light. And after training and improving his ability for the next 300 years in the Abyss, Tokikaze is seen having achieved a speed surpassing Licht's "Flash", as seen where he managed to easily overpower Licht with his sword strikes despite him being initially slower than him.
    • Dimensional Slicing: During Tokikaze's "reunion" with Licht, it was shown that Tokikaze has now achieved a speed that even allows him to cut through space and even other dimensions, as seen where he was able to easily kill a powerful Special Service agent despite him then hiding himself within his own Ballot created dimension.
    • Master Swordsmanship: Tokikaze was known to have been already a formidable swordsman prior to the beginning of the Abandonment War and having trained himself in the sword style of Iaido and later upon joining the 13th Special Military Forces School and being placed into Class A under Schmelman Bach and being personally trained under him, Tokikaze's swordsmanship increased exponentially. Later Tokikaze is shown to have further mastered the sword via further training during the next 300 years after the war in the Abyss.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Tokikaze possesses the ability to increase his count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However, the higher the count, the higher chance he would lose his sanity, Bloodlust grants Tokikaze the ability to have invulnerability to radiation caused by high speeds.
    • Omnicidal Slashing: Upon being forcibly put under Nikola's control using the Schmelman's gene drug, Tokikaze's count skyrocketed as his bloodlust took over and he began to slash and cut everything around him indiscriminately, seemingly reducing the entire forest area around him into a giant desert in a blink of an eye, It also has the ability to launch omnidirectional slices which then take on an Omnipresent effect.
    • Slashing Aura: When Tokikaze completely lost his sanity, he generates a field that slashes everything inside of it in the speed of flash.
  • Flight: In the flashback, it's shown that Tokikaze can fly via in jet boots.


  • "Toki" means "time", while "kaze" means "wind" in Japanese.
  • Tokikaze's blade is named "Hina", which is also the name of his daughter.
  • Tokikaze shares the "Blinking" power with Fünf of the New Class A, who is the clone of his once close friend Kyouka.