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Schmelman's Alternative Tales Chapter 1's CD

Schmelman's Alternative Tales (シュメルマン先生の異本むかしばなし Shumeruman-sensei no Ihon Mukashi-Banashi, lit. Shumerman-sensei's Strange Books) is a Drama CD featured on the Blu-Ray releases of Plunderer anime. It's contains 4 chapters in total.


Schmelman's Alternative Tales is mainly about Schmelman Bach reading his storybooks, while Licht Bach and the others preforming on the stage as the characters from the storybooks.

Chapter 1

Part 1: Cinderella

Part 2: Urashima Tarou

Chapter 2

Part 1: Hanasaka Jiisan

Part 2: Little Red Riding Hood

Chapter 3

Part 1: Monotarou

Part 2: Mercury and the Woodman

Chapter 4

Part 1: Kaguyahime

Part 2: The Three Little Pigs




  • Jail crossdressed as a women in the Drama CD may be a reference of his crossdressing at Chapter 37, where he and the others disguises themselves while attempt to enter Althea.