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I want to change... this me who's always running away... I'm sick of her. As a soldier of Non-Killing Army... as a member of Class A... as the Pursuit Baron... Sonohara Mizuka, I will now... counterattack.

—Sonohara Mizuka when she told her enemy about herself, Counterattack (Chapter 51)

Sonohara Mizuka (園原水花 Sonohara Mizuka) is a character introduced in Plunderer. She is one of the 7 Legendary Red Barons, known as the "Pursuit Baron" (追撃の撃墜王 Tsuigeki no Gekitsui-ō, Yen Press: Ace of Pursuit).


Mizuka has white skin with blue eyes (Red when she is controlled by bloodlust) and long black hair with a flower hair clip.

300 years ago, she is wearing a school uniform. However, even since the Abandonment War started, she is wearing a Special Service uniform.


Mizuka is a nice person and cares about others and would never resort to taking a life. She was disgusted by killing and even more disgusted by herself for killing others. She is also soft-spoken and will constantly say sorry, taking the simplest things, like the hands of Althing groping her, as punishment. This is especially shows 300 years ago, as she is still just as quiet and easily bullied, her main aggressor being Taketora. Mizuka believes that if she becomes a soldier it would allow her to still be near Licht and be protected by him from her bullies. This relationship is pointed out by Jail as being an "unhealthy dependence".

When Mizuka was consumed by bloodlust, she desire to fight and want to die by Licht's hands. She shows no remorse and is willing to kill women and children, even threatening to kill a young boy, so Licht would release his full power.

In the later story, Mizuka's character develops to have her own conviction thanks to Jail's words about how conviction can make someone become stronger. She is now willing to fight back instead of just simply run away and cries, which she claims she hate how she always acts like a weakling in the past, to the point where even the drugs from Special Service would no longer awoke her second personality anymore.


Past Events

Mizuka has always been bullied by everyone especially Douan Taketora even since elementary school; the only one who always comes up to help her was Sakai Rihito. Ironically, Taketora was Mizuka's childhood friend way back before they started enrolling at the same school. In order to become stronger, Mizuka decided to become a soldier so that she won't rely on Rihito for help.

Taketora bullies Mizuka

300 years ago, during her first day at training school, Mizuka was bullied by Taketora and he stole her stars. Soon, when Sakai Tokikaze said that he stole the stars from her, Taketora "asks" Mizuka to tell them that she indeed "willingly" gave her stars to Taketora without any violence, Mizuka had no choice but to follow what he "asked" her to do. As Taketora leaves, Jail Murdoch (who traveled back in time from the future) gave Mizuka a star in order to prevent her expulsion from the school.

A few months later, Taketora had once again stolen Mizuka's stars, which Rihito noticed it and told Taketora to return Mizuka's stars back. Taketora ignored what Rihito said, punched him and told him that he is an idiot for forming a "Non-Killing Army". Soon, Mizuka told Taketora to stop and steals Lyne Mei's stars instead. Then, Jail comes to stop her and tells her that stealing stars from other people has no value. Mizuka cried and begged Jail to give his stars to her so that she can work together with Rihito. Soon, Jail gives one of his stars to Mizuka and told her that she must have her own conviction, in order to become stronger. Then, Mizuka cried and stated she doesn't understand what conviction means. Later on, Mizuka started the sniping training while Taketora watches over her,

Later, after the Abandonment War begin earlier by the school took a surprise attack, Mizuka were so scared that she can't do anything. Taketora had no choice but took her gun to fight against the United Nations Force, while protecting her. As they had taken over the courtyard, the enemies toying Mizuka's hair around while punching Taketora's face. Both Mizuka and Taketora were later saved by Jail and the others.

Berserked Licht serves Mizuka's left arm

During the Abandonment War, along with other Class A students went to request the instructors for the surgery, so that Licht (Rihito's current name) won't handling the war all by himself. Mizuka was chosen to becomes the Red Baron. Although Mizuka became the Red Baron, she has never once join part into the battlefield as she was too scared to fight. Later on, when Licht went completely berserked, he severed Mizuka's left arm. Due to Mizuka lost her left arm, it was replaced by an artificial cybernetic left arm instead, and also traumatized by the war which result of her doesn't aware at the instructor used Ballots to create Althea. Once Althea were created, the Special Service gave Mizuka a lot of drugs to awaken her bloodlust genes, just so that she were unable to fight back against them.

Story Events

Legendary Red Baron Arc

Mizuja introduces herself to the citizen

Mizuka first appeared at the end of Chapter 8, under her berserk state, she "killed" Jail and destroyed the helicopter. As the Hina and the others were confused, Mizuka introduced herself to them as the "Pursuit Baron". Soon, the Special Service appeared and killing the citizen. When Hina is almost killed by a spy of Special Service, she was saved by Licht. Then, Mizuka hugged Licht and said she is so happy to reunite with him. Licht asked Mizuka if those Special Service members that killing citizen were her subordinates, she replies with yes and thanked him for her to able to kill people at her "own" will. After hearing her words, Licht realized that Mizuka is currently in her berserk state and told her to stop, but she doesn't listen and keep killing, As a lot of citizen dying from Mizuka's bullets, Licht tries to fight against her but he was easily defeated due to her ability as a Baron. After Licht was defeated, along with Hina's group were all captured by the Special Service. Mizuka keep asking Licht to kill her but he keeps saying that he won't, so she decided to bring a kid around to shows him how the kid will die in front of him. Licht tried to tell that child that he would save him, but that child cries and said he wants to see her mother. Soon, a sound can be heard in front of everyone, Mizuka thought it's a gun's sound but it's actually Licht's killing sound in the speed of flash. Being angered, Licht saved Hina's group and the citizen from the hands of Special Service, claiming that he would surely kill Mizuka just as she wished. Nana tries to stop him but Licht told her to shut up, while his left eye showed the number code "001".

Mizuka returned to her real personality

After Licht revealed his true purpose, he went to face Mizuka and told her to wager her stars, so that the Startheft Bout can be started. After the declaration, his fight against Mizuka started. As Licht is still not able to beat Mizuka, he had no choice but to awaken his second personality in order to win. After Licht activated his bloodlust genes, his counts were increased to 57000, which impressed Mizuka as this is the captain that she's familiar with. When the fight continues, Mizuka's expression showed to be on fear due to his killing intent. Because of this, Mizuka is afraid at Licht and is soon to be easily defeated by him. After Mizuka regained her sanity, she started crying and scared, due to she killed a lot of innocent people with her own hands. Soon, berserked Licht told Mizuka to keep continue fighting and don't acts like a crybaby. With Mizuka crying, Licht claimed that she's a coward and tries to kill her. Hina tried to stop Licht but he went to kill her instead, although she's soon saved by Mizuka. Then, Licht thrown Hina away and continue his way to killing Mizuka. While Licht trying to kill Mizuka, she asked him if he still remember her or not. Mizuka also claims that it's okay for her dying since she and the other Barons has committed a lot of crimes back during the war, but she hope Licht will gently brush her hair for one last time before her death.

Jail saved Mizuka from berserked Licht

Soon, Jail showed up and saved Mizuka, Licht tries to attack Jail but he somehow blocked all of his attacks, although he shortly fall due to his injury received from Mizuka's gunshot earlier. When Licht tries to give Jail a finishing blow, Mizuka went to save him from Licht's attack. Mizuka apologies Jail for injured him while she being crying, which Jail stated that's why she don't need to join part into the fight. When Licht tries to hit Jail, Mizuka tried to protect him but Jail blocked Licht's attack with a small piece of metal. When Licht revealed his reason for battle, Mizuka is seen to be crying. After Jail defeated Licht, Mizuka thanks Jail for protecting her but he shortly fall into the ground afterward.

Return to the Past Arc

See Past Events

After the end of "Abyss Demon" incident, along with Licht's group were hiding somewhere in the forest. While hiding, Mizuka apologizing to everyone that the hands of Althing keep appearing from the group and sexual harassing the girls, as the Althing won't disappear unless both Licht and Mizuka settled their Startheft Bout battle. After Jail returned from the royal capital and tries to capture Licht, Mizuka tried to stop Jail but he used his ability to bind her instead. When Mizuka heard Nana Bassler's name, she is showed to be surprised as she knew about her and the fact she's also a Baron as well.

Later, after Hina's group returned to the present time from the past, Mizuka immediately hiding herself from everyone, due to the hands of Althing is still appearing from the ground. While she watching Hina and the others, Lyne tries to find Mizuka and request her to wear a swimsuit, as to proving her point that every girls was fat just like her. When Mizuka wear her swimsuit, Lyne was disappointed and finally accepted the fact that herself is fat.

Special Service Arc

Mizuka's bloodlust awaken once again

After everyone were captured by the Special Service, Mizuka went to check Licht's corpse while hiding herself from them. Once she has done checking, Mizuka went to save Hina's group and told them to awake Licht, as she found his corpse "odd" since it never rot even after his "death". However, Taketora forced Mizuka to inject the drug to awake her bloodlust genes again. Once her bloodlust genes awaken, Gespenst Zerlegen told Lyne to run as soon as possible. Soon, Lyne were injured by Mizuka's "Pursuit "bullet shoots. After Lyne successfully leave Abandoned Capital Hoffnung, Mizuka forced Hina's group to play Russian Roulette. As Nana were scared, Hina took Mizuka's gun and shoot at her head instead, which annoyed Mizuka and told Hina to continue until she dies.

Jail saves Hina from berserked Mizuka

When Hina almost killed from the game, she was saved by Jail by threw the gun away. Being angered, Mizuka tries to kill Jail but he deflects her bullets due to her lack of conviction. Jail slowly walks into the front of her, he asked Mizuka if she still remember the things Jail told her in 300 years ago. Soon, Mizuka regained her sanity and revealed her conviction is that she won't kill Jail, while being crying. When Licht arrived and was fighting against Taketora, along with the others were watching their fight. After Taketora's defeat and revealed the information about the "Wall of Paradise", along with the others were shocked as they can't believe the Class A is still alive.

After Licht defeated Taketora, Mizuka is presumed to be staying at Hoffnung to protect injured Lyne and Gespenst. Later after Tokikaze's sudden return and injured Licht, Mizuka was captured by the Special Service and went berserked once again. When Licht fight against Herz Vaalheit and the Special Service, Mizuka appeared behind Licht while holding her gun, Licht was annoyed and asked her how many drugs does she wants until she's satisfied, in which Mizuka replies that she loves drugs. Soon, Mizuka went to shooting Licht with her ability, Licht tried his best to block the bullets but he can't block all bullets due to his injury received from Tokikaze's attack earlier. Once Hina returned to Althea thanks to Pelmo, she requested Mizuka to stop their fight, and Mizuka agreed her request.

Later, after Schmelman discovered that Gespenst betrayed him, he secretly ordered Mizuka to kill him. However, when Mizuka pulled the trigger, her bullet went towards Schmelman himself instead of Gespenst. This action revealed that Mizuka knew Gespenst's plan from the beginning and she is merely just acting around, as she has never been controlled by her bloodlust when Special Service captured her. As Schmelman freezes her bullet, Mizuka thrown a stun granade at him and run away, while trying to bring Licht's original Ballot back to him. Schmelman was shocked and wonder how did Mizuka able to free herself from the drugs, and Gespenst explained that the drugs won't works at her anymore due to her conviction that's taught by Jail.

"Old" Baron vs "New" Baron

As Mizuka is in her own way to return the Ballot, she was interrupted by Eins who went to cease after her. After Mizuka took the surprise attack, she has to make sure that her flight harness wasn't damaged or else she won't able to fly again. Eins tried to attack Mizuka but she stopped her by shoot her bullets, in which Eins was surprised. Eins wonder how is this possible when Mizuka has been claimed to be the most useless Baron ever, Mizuka explained that she is indeed useless, but after Jail taught her about the conviction she decided that she won't run away anymore and now she's prepared to counterattack.

Mizuka is defeated by the clones

Under the "Pursuit" ability, Mizuka fires several gunshots at Eins in which she has a hard time to dodge. When Eins is almost defeated by Mizuka, she was saved by Zwei who had just arrived, which Mizuka surprised. Mizuka tried to fires Zwei but it's showed that he's immune to the bullets. Once the other clones arrived, they all defeated Mizuka and ripped out her clothes, as they wanted to have some "fun".

Taketora saves Mizuka

After Mizuka's defeat, she tried to told the clones to stop ripping her clothes but they won't listen. Vier said she wants to know how baby were born so she decided to rape Mizuka, in which Mizuka terrified at her words. After Sechs read Mizuka's memories, she stated that rape is unnecessary as Mizuka is nothing more than a dog, while she make a holographic projection of Mizuka's memories showing her being bullied. As Mizuka watching her own memories, she started crying and told the clones to stop. After they finished watching Mizuka's memories, Vier stated she changed her mind that she will now adopt Mizuka as her dog while smash her head. As Muzuka confused, Vier said that Mizuka should be barking instead of speaking. Soon, Vier put Mizuka underwater and told her that she must barks or she will kill her. When Mizuka was almost killed by Vier, Taketora went to saves her by smashing Vier's head. He told her to gives Licht's Ballot back to him and he will fight against the clones all by himself. Mizuka said she also wanted to fight too but Taketora said no because she's too weak to join into the battlefield. As Mizuka leaves, she said she hate Taketora so much.

Mizuka assists Taketora with "Pursuit" ability

After Mizuka success to return Licht's Ballot back, she saved Taketora from Vier's arrows by her "Pursuit" ability. Both Hina and Herz tried to told Mizuka to wear some clothes to cover her body first but she didn't listen. As Mizuka protecting Taketora, she stated that she hate Taketora was not because he keep bullying her, but because he keep pretending himself to be a bully while protecting her. Mizuka also hate Taketora at the fact he never called her by first name again. Soon, Mizuka claimed Taketora is the worst person she has ever befriended with.

Last War Arc

After Licht and Taketora defeated the clones, Taketora made a flower wreath for Mizuka to wear, as a apologize for his actions against her, in which Mizuka smiled. Mizuka is later told to do some training from Taketora to makes herself become stronger, as part of Gespenst's plan to defeat Special Service.

Mizuka appeared behind Taketora and Hina

One month later, the final battle between Royal Guard and Special Service has finally begun. Along with Licht's group, Mizuka went to fight against Tokikaze and the clones. During Licht's fight against Tokikaze, Mizuka noticed something's odd from Licht so she went to ask Taketora for confirmation, while risking herself from being killed. Soon, Mizuka appears behind Taketora and Hina while being injured by the Sakai brothers. Hina tried to heal Mizuka but she stated this isn't the right time for doing so and asked Taketora that if Licht really using his full strength or not. Taketora soon realized that Licht was holding back during the fight, so Mizuka said that there's still a way to stop the fight between Sakai brothers. When both Jail and Alexandrov arrived in the forest, they stated they agreed with what Mizuka said so they tries to stop the fight. Soon, Alexandrov orders Erin and Gespenst to let everyone in the battlefield to reads Licht and Tokikaze's minds, in which they saw Licht and Tokikaze's past before they met each other. While reading their minds, Mizuka is shown to be sad. Later, when Gespenst realized that it's impossible to reaches the Sakai brothers due to their immense speed, he told Taketora that they had no choice but to let Tokikaze died on Licht's hands, but Mizuna insisted to told them not to kill Tokikaze. Mizuka stated that no matter the cost they must had Hina reached the Sakai brothers, as she's the only way to make them return their sanity back to normal.

Later after Firenda revealed herself and defeated everyone, she tried to kill Lyne but it was stopped by Licht. As Firenda was confused at how did he able to free from her freezing, Mizuka shoots a bullet at her and tells her that an heartless person like her would never able to defeat Licht, as he has a certain thing that she can't be messed with, although Firenda doesn't understand what Mizuka is talking about.

When Firenda realized Licht's potential as a soldier, Mizuka explains the certain thing she's referring earlier, was Licht's kindness. Because Licht doesn't like war and hurt anyone, he would always holding his strength back while fight against his enemies even when there might be a chance that he could die, the only exception where Licht doesn't hesitate to hurt people was when he fight against Jail for the first time back in Hoemmh. Even when Licht was forced to kill his enemies, he would always cut their heads off quickly just to make sure they won't die painfully. What Mizuka is trying to said is that Firenda messed with Licht's emotions earlier when she killed Clone Schmelman, so he won't forgive her and he will kill her in the most painful way as possible with his anger.

Mizuka, Taketora and Jail protects Nana for achieve their last hope of victory

Later, after the clones has gone berserked, everyone was struggled to fight against them due to their powers has been increased rapidity. When Hina requested Nana to sent her back to the past, along with Jail and Taketora stated that they will protect Nana until Hina's plan become success. While protecting Nana, Taketora said that he will also protect Mizuka as well, but she said that she felt annoyed at his overprotective attitude and claims that she can protect herself just fine.

When Hina's last hope seemly failed and Licht has been defeated, Firenda decided to kill everyone around the field along with the entire Earth. Just as Mizuka and the others were about to be killed, they were saved by original Class A who has just "revived".

Appearance in Other Media


Pursuit Mask in the "world of darkness"

In the last episode of Plunderer anime, after Licht was absorbed into the black hole created by Taketora, seven Baron's masks was shows to be floating in the "world of darkness" and surrounding Licht. Mizuka's mask is titled as the Pursuit Mask (追撃面 Tsuigeki-men, Funimation: Mask of Pursuit).

The Baron's masks tries to convinces Licht to give up

Along with the other masks, the Pursuit Mask tries to criticize Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. However, after he remembered his promise with Hina and the others, Licht destroys all of the masks and successfully escape by splits the "world of darkness".

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Mizuka appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

Abilities and Power

Mizuka's initial count number is 16000; however, when she takes on a whole different personality and draws the power from Schmelman's bloodlust genes, her count number doubles to 32000. Her count stands for persistence.

Mizuka's Ballot takes the shape of her artificial cybernetic left arm, that seemingly replaced her original arm after it was cut of by Licht during his destructive rampages. The armm itself is much longer than her original right arm that seemingly improves her firing skills and proficiency with guns. In combat, Mizuka out of all seven Barons, she is shown to have the most equipment and weapons that she uses during battle.

Mizuka's bullets moving on it's own

  • Pursuit (追撃 Tsuigeki): This is Mizuka's ability as a Red Baron, her body has been enhanced to be able to use special abilities.
    • Bullet Manipulation: Mizuka's bullets are able to follow the target continuously and will not stop until they hit the target.
    • Expert Marksman: Since Mizuka mainly uses guns on battle, her shooting ability has been enhanced to be highly proficient when handling a gun.
    • Guns: In order to use her ability of "Pursuit" to its maximum effect, Mizuka is seen using several different guns during combat in order to have multiple "pursuers" tracking her opponents.
      • Six Shooter: Mizuka is seen owning a single handed six shooter pistol. She prefers this weapon when she is not serious in battle or simply when she decides to "play" with her opponents when under the effects of Schmelman's Bloodthirst, as seen when she playfully allowed Lyne and Hina access to her gun when she forced them into a game of Russian Roulette while overwhelmed by her bloodlust.
      • Dual SMG: During actual combat when she's "serious", Mizuka mainly uses dual SMG machine guns in battle in order to fully maximize her abilities and place multiple "Pursuers" against her opponent and rain down a hail of bullets against them in order to fully exploit her abilities and the advantages of her ability to fly. The Rounds of her Machine Guns are shown to be heavy and powerful enough to pierce right through solid steel armor and thick concrete.
      • High Caliber Sniper Riffle: Mizuka's most destructive weapon by far is her Sniper Rifle, whose rounds are shown to be incredibly powerful and are much heavier than the rounds of her SMG's, that once shot not even Eins of the New Class A who was suppose to have superior power compared to the original Red Barons couldn't have any hope of blocking or deflecting its rounds once shot at her.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Mizuka possesses the ability to increase her count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However, the more higher the count, the higher chance she would lose her sanity.
  • Flight: Mizuka is mostly seen utilizing a unique flight harness strapped into her back that possess six miniature thrusters on it that then creates six light blue colored flame "Wings", having been shown mostly utilizing it in order to not only grant her immense aerial superiority in battle but grant her a birds eye view of her opponents in order to further place her in an advantage as a gunner and sniper.


  • "Sonohara" means "garden, park, plantation" (園) (sono) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
    • "Mizuka" means "water" (水) (mizu) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
  • Mizuka is the only Red Baron who can fly.
  • Mizuka shares the ability of "Pursuit" with the New Class A member Vier, who is a clone of her once close friend Asumi of the original Class A.