I want to change... this me who's always running away... I'm sick of her. As a soldier of Non-Killing Army... as a member of Class A... as the Pursuit Baron... Sonohara Mizuka, I will now... counterattack.

—Sonohara Mizuka when she told her enemy about herself, Counterattack (Chapter 51)

Sonohara Mizuka (園原水花 Sonohara Mizuka) is a character introduced in Plunderer. She is one of the 7 Legendary Red Baron, known as "The Pursuit Baron".


Mizuka has white skin with eyes blue and long black hair with a flower hair clip. In 300 years ago, she is wearing the school uniform. However, even since the Abandonment War started, she is wearing Special Service uniform.



Past EventsEdit

Mizuka has always been bullied by everyone especially Douan Taketora even since elementary school, the only one who always comes up to help her was Sakai Rihito. Ironically, Taketora was Mizuka's childhood friend way back before they started enrolling at the same school. In order to become stronger, Mizuka decided to become a solider so that she won't rely Rihito's for help.


Taketora bullies Mizuka

300 years ago, during her first day at training school, Mizuka was bullied by Taketora and he stole her stars. Soon, when Sakai Tokikaze said that he stole the stars from her, Taketora "asks" Mizuka to tell them that she indeed "willingly" gave her stars to Taketora without any violence, Mizuka had no choice but to follow what he "asked" her to do. As Taketora leaves, Jail Murdoch (who travelled back in time from the future) gave Mizuka a star in order to prevent her expulsion from the school.

A few months later, Taketora had once again stolen Mizuka's stars, which Rihito noticed it and told Taketora to return Mizuka's stars back. Taketora ignored what Rihito said, punched him and told him that he is an idiot for forming a "Non-Killing Army". Soon, Mizuka told Taketora to stop and steals Lyne Mei's stars instead. Then, Jail comes to stop her and tells her that stealing stars from other people have no any value. Mizuka cried and begged Jail to give his stars to her so that she can work together with Rihito. Soon, Jail gives one of his star to Mizuka and told her that she must have her own conviction, in order to become stronger. Then, Mizuka cried and stated she doeasn't understand what conviction means. Later on, Mizuka started the sniping training while Taketora watches over her,

Story EventsEdit

Abilities and PowerEdit


Mizuka's tracking bullets

Mizuka's initial count number is 16000, however when she takes on a whole different personality and draws the power from Schmelman's bloodlust genes, her count number doubles to 32000. Her count stands for persistence and her bullets will follow the target continuously and will not stop until the target has been hit.


  • Mizuka is the only Red Baron who can fly.


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