Special Service (特務部隊 Tokumu Butai, lit. "Special Duty Unit", Yen Press: Special Service Unit), shortened to SSU by Funimation in their English subtitles, is a spy faction formed by Schmelman Bach during the Abandonment War 300 years ago. Only the Red Barons, King of Athea and the highest rank Althea Royal Guard soldiers know of its existence.


The Special Services was founded and created by the seventh Legendary Red Baron, Gespenst Zerlegen 300 years ago during the Abandonment War to specifically handle missions and assignments from the shadows, in polar opposite from the other six Red Barons, who were all primarily sent to the front lines of battle.

During this time, the Special Services handled various missions pertaining to assassination of enemy leaders, espionage and spying on enemy activities and the gathering of insider information on the enemy operation and movements, all done directly under Schmelman Bach, who had been the main benefactor of the organization since its founding.

And eventually upon the War finally reaching its end when Althea and the Abyss were created, the Special Services continued to do its shadow operations and began focusing its efforts in maintaining the new "Utopia" of Althea, directly under the supposed guidance and orders of the newly minted Althean royal family, but its been implied that they themselves had little control over the Special Services actions or even possessed any reliable information on their activities. Furthermore, despite the mistrust between the two factions, the Special Services became the primary keepers of at least four of the Original Ballots while the Althea Royal Guard/Family kept the other three and only brought them together to make the vote to maintain Althea.

Eventually during the course of Althea's 300 years of history, only the Special Services remained aware of Althea's true origins and state as a floating land mass and the Abyss' true nature and became the primary faction in charge of maintaining the secrecy of both the country and the Abyss' true nature from the general public and the majority of the Althea Royal Guard, as seen where they primarily maintained the secrecy of the Abyss' true nature and massacred entire towns and villages when the local populace see anything revealing the true nature of the "Abyss".

Scientific ResearchEdit

The Special Services are also the only faction in Althea who still held information and knowledge on the advanced technology and science from the modern age prior to the Abandonment War and Althea's creation and have continued to study methods on how to restore the surface of the planet in order to solve the severe lack of resources that is causing the main tension and war between Althea and the Abyss.

Another one of their project was the successful creation of the Red Baron's Drug by the joint efforts of Firenda and Tsukina Farrow, that successfully grants anyone who drinks the pills into a Red Baron and automatically gives them a massive count of 50000 by default, granting whoever takes the pills immense power.

It also noted that the Special Services is one of the two factions capable of freely giving Ballot Replicas to their personnel, hinting that they are capable of mass producing these Ballots for their agents personal use.

Recruitment Edit

The overall recruitment and background of the Special Service agents seems to fall under two categories; either they were recruited from Althea Royal Guard and scouted out due to one of their loved ones being sent to the Abyss or they were originally raised up and conditioned to join the Special Services by being raised in one of the many orphanages owned,staffed and maintained by the organization used to cultivate its future, possible recruits.



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