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This article is about the original person. For the clone created by Firenda, see Sumiya Asumi (Clone).

Sumiya Asumi[1][2] (住谷愛純 Sumiya Asumi) is a character introduced in Plunderer manga series. She is one of the 13th Special Military Forces School's Class A trainee soldier.


Asumi has long hair and wearing military uniform.



Abilities and PowerEdit

Asumi was encouraged by Schmelman to learn how to use bow.

  • Archery Proficiency: The ability to possess great skill in the use of bow and arrow.


  • Manga
  • Anime


  • Her name was not revealed in the series until the release of Plunderer Volume 12.
    • For her last name, it was revealed in Episode 12 of the anime adaptation instead.
  • Her school uniform in the anime adptation look similar to the one Sorami High School's female students wears.


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