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This article is about the original person. For the clone created by Firenda, see Vier.

Sumiya Asumi[1][2] (住谷愛純 Sumiya Asumi) is a character introduced in Plunderer manga series. She is one of the 13th Special Military Forces School's Class A trainee soldier.


Asumi has long hair and wearing military uniform.



Past Events

In the original timeline, after the end of the Abandonment War, Class A, including Asumi herself, decided to commit suicide to support the children of the Abyss. Before they left, the Class A wrote a latter for unconscious Tokikaze that they will commit suicide so the children can fill their stomach, and that they need him to watch over the children once he finally awaken.

However, after Hina time travelled back to the past for one last time via Nana Bassler's ability, she changed the Class A's fate by having them eat the Red Baron's Drug so they won't commit suicide for the children and lived for over 300 years.

Story Events

Last War Arc

Due to Hina time travelled back to the past in attempt to change the future, along with the rest of original Class A were "revived".

When Firenda is about to kill everyone, along with other Class A students arrived at the battlefield to save Licht and the others from her finishing blow. After the Class A saved everyone, Licht thought he see the illusion of the Class A but Tokikaze stated they aren't illusion, he said that the Class A is actually still alive.

Abilities and Power

Asumi's count is 500000. Asumi was encouraged by Schmelman to learn how to use bow.

  • Pursuit (追撃 Tsuigeki): Similar to her clone and Mizuka, Asumi also possesses the same power of "Pursuit" after she ate the drug, which allows her to manipulate projectiles into tracking, chasing and following the designated target.
    • Arrow Manipulation: Asumi possesses her immense skills as an archer due to being trained directly under Schmelman Bach, with the usage of arrows in tandem with her "Pursuit" in order to send "Pursuers" after her targets that can then freely move and alter its trajectory in mid air in order avoid any physical barriers to successfully hit its targets.


  • Her name was not revealed in the series until the release of Plunderer Volume 12.
    • For her last name, it was revealed in Episode 12 of the anime adaptation instead.
  • Her school uniform in the anime adptation look similar to the one Sorami High School's female students wears.


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