Listen, there's no time! Take this... and give it to one of the Legendary Red Barons... Give it... to... the Baron... Give it... to the Baron... that you choose...

—Tsukina's last words before she was absorbed into the Abyss in Hina's flashback, Promise (Chapter 35)

Tsukina Farrow (月菜=ファロウ Tsukina Farou) is a minor character introduced in Plunderer. She is Hina's mother and Sakai Tokikaze's wife.


Tsukina appears to look like her daughter. In the anime adaptation, she seems to have purple eyes with blue hair.




Berserked Licht "kills" Tsukina

Tsukina is a childhood friend of Licht Bach and Sakai Tokikaze.[1] According to Tokikaze, 300 years ago, pregnant Tsukina had tried to stop Licht's berserk state and the fight between the Sakai brothers. However, Tsukina failed to do so and received a fatal wound from Licht.[2] Though, Tsukina's body was recovered and her brain was kept alive for 300 years until they were able to resuscitate her. Once Tsukina was revived she stole one of the Special Service's Ballots and ran away.


Tsukina is about to taken into the Abyss

Tsukina first appeared in the beginning of Chapter 1, as she is absorbed into the Abyss. Before Tsukina is taken, she requested from her daughter Hina to find a Legendary Red Baron of her chosing and live together with him. Tsukina also gives Hina a Ballot before she is taken into the Abyss.


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